Color Profile : Red

Ever wonder where flowers got their “meanings”?

Color psychologist don’t. And they have loads of studies backing up their theories. The general model of color psychology relies on six basic principles:

  1. Color can carry specific meaning.
  2. Color meaning is either based in learned meaning or biologically innate meaning.
  3. The perception of a color causes evaluation automatically by the person perceiving.
  4. The evaluation process forces color motivated behavior.
  5. Color usually exerts its influence automatically.
  6. Color meaning and effect has to do with context as well.[1]

Over at Starbright Floral Design, we get to work with lots of colors everyday and all of us have our favorites. But why are they our favorites and what does that say? Up this week :


Red is for Romance
Roses, amaryllis, orchids, hypericomb berries and autumn leaves

Did you know that red is the most common color used on national flags?  Or that red is generally considered to be a good luck color in Asia? Or that red is the traditional color for 40th anniversaries?

What makes red so special?

Red is the color of extremes. It is a warm color with a lot of energy. It is the second most visible color to the eye, though about 8% of the male population cannot see it. Many people think of red as the color of action. To the ancient Greeks, red was the color of super-human heroism. And while we’re certainly not going to knock that association, it’s also worth mentioning the color’s current day connection – romance.


For Someone Special
roses are red
Roses are red

“As it happens, red is an exquisite ambassador for love, and in more ways than people may realize. Not only is red the color of the blood that flushes the face and swells the pelvis and that one swears one would spill to save the beloved’s prized hide. It is also a fine metaphoric mate for the complexity and contrariness of love. In red we see shades of life, death, fury, shame, courage, anguish, pride and the occasional overuse of exfoliants designed to combat signs of aging. Red is bright and bold and has a big lipsticked mouth, through which it happily speaks out of all sides at once. Yoo-hoo! yodels red, come close, have a look. Stop right there, red amends, one false move and you’re dead.”


If you’re not convinced, check out this article, “Red Alert: Science Discovers The Color of Sexual Attraction”  from Psychology Today. It’s action packed with useful information.

For the Home


Decorating a home means balancing style and utility, favorite colors and what’s available, space and lack of space. Red is one of the top two most popular colors, but many people stay far away from it when picking their color schemes. Contrary to popular belief, red is a great color to bring into your space. Whether your looking to add feelings of warmth and comfort or richness and luxury, red is a favorite of feng shui experts and interior designers alike. Known for increasing appetites, red details are especially great for the kitchen and dinning areas as well as the bedroom. But be careful to use reds in moderation – too much red can be over stimulating and cause restlessness.


For Body, Mind, and Soul
Starbright Arrangment
Inspire Me

Dealing with life can require an extra kick sometimes. If you’re not a big coffee drinker, consider adding a bit of red to the area. Physically, red can cause a bump to your blood pressure, speed up your heart rate, and motivate you to action. Red flowers can also increase the sensitivity of your senses and lend feelings of boldness, courage and action.

If red is your favorite color, you might be a strong person who craves independence. And if you have a particular aversion to the color red, it could mean you tend to be impulsive and could use some calming influences. Mixing reds with teals, blues, and greens (as in the arrangement above from StarbrightNYC) can balance strong red shades enough for even the strongest red-dissenter.


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Making the most of your consultation

As seen on Edge!

Weddings are tough.  Want to look as happy as these guys? This month, Eric Strauss, a long time friend of Starbright, shares his memories of getting ready for the big day. Check out the post on Edge on the Net: Conversation Counts – Making the most of your floral consultation.  


Eric and Jasen
White men CAN jump – arm and arm (into the future). Congratulations, guys!
Eric and Jasen
Eric and Jasen
Eric&Jasen Wedding Party
Look at all the ladies in white!


Jasen's boutonniere
Jasen’s boutonniere


Eric & Jasen
Eric & Jasen


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A Hand Picked Romance

At Starbright Floral Design in New York City we’re inspired by the stories clients share with us. Roughly one out of every fifteen weddings we get to participate in decorating this season are for same-sex couples. Each one comes with a unique pair of individuals, with love in their eyes and a desire to give their family and friends an event to remember. We’re excited to share their experiences, and how those experiences have inspired us as we continue through the seasons.

As seen on The Edge, Boston 

Floral centerpieces
Centerpiece with late Summer garden flowers


A Hand-Picked Romance

“My partner and I have been dreaming about getting married for fifteen years. Being a same sex couple, I thought it would remain but a dream. When New York gave us the right to make it official we jumped at the chance. We booked a restaurant downtown for an intimate celebration with thirty or so friends. The floral designs were wildflower themed. I told Starbright I wanted it to look like I picked the flowers out of my garden. What they came up with from such limited direction was incredible. We got married in New York, with friends around us, with good food, surrounded by beautiful flowers. It was a dream come true. Starbright’s help in making this dream a reality can’t be overstated.”

– Shared by Jonathan V.

Jonathan and his partner’s earnestness inspired the Starbright team to craft arrangements that would imbue the atmosphere with the same sweet, everyday hopefulness that goes along with a bouquet of wildflowers.

Working With Wildflowers


The trick to successfully using wildflowers for wedding decor is to know which varieties are in season. From early Spring to late Summer, new bloom varieties appear in the shop each week. Some of our favorites re-appear only briefly before they disappear again until next year. In Spring, blooms such as the lace-like aster, sweet smelling lilies of the valley, and the many petaled ranunculus are popular for weddings because they remind us of new beginnings and softer feelings. Late Summer wildflowers are a whole different ballgame. Be ready for bright colors, lots of texture and a trip to the wild side.

Late summer wildflowers tend to be wind-swept-and-wild. The colors, shapes, and textures are a great way to add a twist to standard floral fare. During this time of year, herbaceous florals begin to fill the Starbright Floral Design cooler; small, untraditional blooms stand out amongst twisted stems in shades of green. Great for adding dimension, texture, and scent, herbs first became popular in wedding arrangements during the Victorian era when they were used to also convey specific meanings. For the traditionalists, our favorite herbs to include are lavender for luck and devotion, rosemary to remember friends and family who cannot attend, and sage for a long life together. And for the bride or groom with stage fright, thyme or mint in the boutonnière is a must – the scents will help keep you calm and collected.

Unlike many popular wedding flowers, wildflower arrangements actually look better when they aren’t meant to be identical! The wild nature and shape of these flowers keeps them unified and also unique, just like the couple saying “I do.”

Today, weddings don’t have to mean what they used to. Mix it up! Define what’s right for you and then explore it. When it comes to the flowers, we’re here to help. From all of us at Starbright Floral Design, congratulations AND best wishes to all the happy couples!


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A bouquet En Plein-Air

Karl Albert Buehr - The Parasol
Karl Albert Buehr – The Parasol

Karl Albert Beuher was one of the early Chicago painters to adopt Impressionism. He joined other American artists in Giverny, France, to paint en plein-air in the commune established by Claude Monet. These impressionists developed a style that required quickness in order to finish a piece before the sun moved and the light changed. They wanted to capture their subjects, which were generally natural scenes, as the eye might see them. Instead of hard lines and lots of detail, Bueher’s brush delivered bursts of color and light that seem to illustrate a fleeting moment in time. He wants us to see ripples in the leaves instead of the angles in the bark. He wants us to see a sea of long grasses and field flowers instead of individual blades of grass and carefully represented blooms.

The art of floral arrangement is as varied as any art form. Last week, we showed you our Georgia O’Keefe inspired arrangements and how color and line can be used to suggest energy and emotions. This week we’re looking at another bouquet – this one designed on the same principles as Bueher’s  early works.

Wedding bouquets

We’re focusing on the impression of these flowers as a whole, instead of on any one individual “wow” flower.  There is a lightness represented in Beuher’s work that we wanted to capture. In regards to the design above, we wanted to create something genuine, unfettered, and at one with the scene. Something that would be memorable for the occasion, but serve to enhance the impression of the overall, rather than draw attention to itself.

Take a look at Beuher’s painting below and the flowers we selected to make up this arrangement. For our “plein-air” bouquet, we want to create a light and feathery texture similar to that of Beuher’s brush strokes. The vibrance of the colors in the artwork are also important. We love how shadows are created with vibrant shades of green and the pink – they create contrast we might describe as “lightness” instead of “brightness”.


Flowers used in bouquet


Each flower was carefully selected for it’s size, color, and texture. Our wind-swept bouquet of wildflowers is purely fantastical – few of these flowers are native to any one common region. Luckily, here at Starbright, we had no problem getting the flowers we wanted. Our selection included :
1/ Dusty Miller – The quaint name isn’t the only thing we love about this hardy foliage. With it’s silver-white color and soft texture, this leaf adds a wistful element to any arrangement.
2/ Stock – Noted for it’s heady, clove-like scent. This example of the variety, with double flowers, adds texture to our arrangement. Stock also is a symbol of a happy life and a contented existence.
3/ Astilbe – These remind us of wildflowers. The feathery stalks seem to float in this arrangement.
4/ Lisianthus – Native to equatorial areas of the American continents. This delicate, long-lasting, prairie flower has ruffled petals. They represent warmth and geniality.
5/ Dahlia – Sometimes called the “Queen of the Autumn Garden”, the dahlia belongs to the Asteraceae family which is noted for their star-shaped blooms and includes flowers lie the daisy and sunflower. Traditionally these flowers symbolize hope for an everlasting union.
6/ Freesia – Sweetly, citrus-scented and long-lasting, these graceful flowers are perfect for a bouquet. Each wiry stem can have up to 10 flowers.
7/ Ranunculus – The fine layers of petals give this weighty flower a delicate appearance.
8/ Muscari – Small and fragrant, the shape of these flowers is reminiscent of little bells.

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Georgia O’Keeffe and a Colorful Bouquet

Georia O'Keeffe inspired bouquet


Georgia O’Keeffe was inspired by what she saw in nature – over here at Starbright, we’re inspired by her perception and the images she shared.

The painting above is Ms. O’Keeffe’s Music, Pink and Blue No. 2. This abstract expression of music has an informal balance that gently flows across the canvas to create a soothing rhythm. The pattern, created by repeating circular lines and colors creates the impression of layers. Even the color harmonies mimic music.  The deep pools of concentrated color create a base (or bass!) for the sweeping mid-values to stand out against. The orange and white splashes, which are only partially visible in the above image, add focus – like lyrics, they sit slightly towards the foreground of the painting and give the eye something to pivot around.

Armed with inspiration, it’s easy to interpret O’Keeffe’s interpretation back into the natural.  The medium – flowers.

The bouquet in the above image was composed of the following flowers:



1/ Ranunculus : These bright orange flowers have crepe-paper thin petals. We’re reminded of the layered feel of the pattern in Music. The bright color is creating bright points of focus in these arrangements. Ranunculus come in a brilliant variety of colors. Giving a ranunculus says “I am dazzled by your charms”.

2/ Calla Lily : These undeniably elegant flowers mimic the central shape in Music. The washed pink color also reminds us of the calming shades of pink in the painting. These flowers represent abundance and beauty. 

3/ Sweet Pea : These richly colored, sweet-smelling flowers come in a variety of colors and represent blissful pleasure. The flowers themselves are about one inch big and resemble butterflies with folded wings. We chose a purple shade.

4/ Rose : This rose variety has a color gradation effect in its petals – the outer petals are light pink and get darker near the center.  According to The Language of Flowers, a pink rose represents perfect happiness. 

5/ Cornflower : These brilliant blue flowers are often called bachelor’s buttons.  The name comes from an old folk tradition that claims if worn by a young man in love the flower can divine the feelings of his beloved.  Because of this tradition, the cornflower has come to represent hope in love.  We’re going to use these in the groom’s boutonniere. 

6/ Hypericum Berries : These smooth peach colored berries add another texture to our arrangement.  We especially like how clean they look against all the ruffled petals. 

7/ Thistle : Ok, these are a little out there for the inspiration, but the rich blue/purple color and spiky prickles add great color and texture.  The thistle is also a Scottish symbol of noble character – which we think is pretty fitting for a wedding.  

The inspiration can be seen throughout the bridal parties pieces.  Below is the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

Georgia O'Keefe inspired Boutineers

We had a lot of fun making these colorful pieces!

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!


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NYC Summer Flowers Series: Gladiolus

NYC Summer Flowers:Gladiolus
NYC Summer Flowers:Gladiolus


Gladiolus is the August birth flower.  It has been dubbed the flower of the Gladiators and a much-loved flower in NYC.   It represents strength of character, sincerity, generosity.  In the Victorian age with its secret language of flowers it was said to represent “love at first sight”. Gladiolus derives its name from the Latin word for sword and is sometimes called the sword lily.  As a member of the iris family it contains about 260 species.   Only about 10 are native to Europe the rest are native to southern Africa.  The species vary from very small to the spectacular giant flower spikes you see in floral designs. The flower stalk of the Gladiolus contains an extended row of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers, all of which face in one direction. Their colors include pink to reddish or light purple with white, contrasting markings, or white to cream or orange to red.

For some great ideas on summer flowers in NYC please visit our website at and take complete advantage of all the great flowers that the season has to offer!

Hope you are staying cool and are surrounded by the splendor and beauty of Gladiolas!


Nicodemus Faitos and The Team at Starbright Floral

The Dahlia…Official Flower of Summertime Fun!

Beautiful Dahlias available for NYC flower delivery
Summer Dahlia Flowers in NYC


Back to school sales are in full swing.  Don’t miss out on Dahlias, Summer’s signature flowers. This spectacular flower comes in a range of colors matched only by the iconic rose.  My favorite is the deep burgundy Dahlia which can appear almost black.  Each color variety, whether it be white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and red has its fair share of fans. Whether implemented in a wedding, summer party, or something more formal and sophisticated, the dahlia is a sure winner for summer.



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Spring has Sprung-Springtime Flowers in NYC by Starbright Floral Design NYC

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Tulips are at that peak of their season. The Dutch varieties come in amazing colors!

New Yorkers it is time to rejoice. Spring flowers are here to whisk away the winter blues. Bright colored blossoms a plenty.  A plethora of flowers to choose from. Where do I start?  A good place would be with perhaps the most symbolic and popular images of spring; the Dutch Tulip.

Originally a wildflower growing in Central Asia, the Tulip was introduced in Europe and the Netherlands in the 17th century.  Colors, textures and shapes never seen before contributed to the Tulip’s meteoric rise in popularity amongst Europe’s elite.

Today they are commercially available all year long but their vibrancy and quality are peaking in springtime.

Starbright is fortunate to be situated in New York’s Flower Market making every variety and color Tulip available to our clientele.  Let Starbright Floral NYC help liberate those spring smiles from the winter blues with flower delivery in NYC.  Choose from a vast array of springtime NYC flowers from Starbright’s Springtime Collection.

For pictures follow this link.  Click here for another blog entry on Dutch Tulips!

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Valentine’s Day- “NYC Flower Me with Your Love” subscription flower service by Starbright NYC

Vanda Orchids
Starbright Floral Design – Midnight Sky

It has become common place to give or receive flowers on V-Day.  Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a floral gift on Valentine’s Day.  What if you want to wow your love and go above and beyond?   What if one day is not enough to express the depth of your affections?  What if you want an innovative way of expressing your love on V-day that will have the effect of reinforcing your feelings well beyond February 14th?  Starbright’s “Flower me with Your Love” subscription flower service is meant for you.

Starbright’s “NYC Flower Me with Your Love” flower subscription service is completely customizable and able to serve an incredible range of clients for budgets large or small. Whether you are interested in a large, elaborate flower arrangement designed to make a NYC statement or something more modest the program will work for you.  Our clients love how quickly and simply they’re able to arrange for weekly, monthly or quarterly fresh flower delivery in NYC. Setup your delivery once and on the agreed upon dates a beautifully designed floral arrangement will be delivered in NYC by Starbright Floral Design. 

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Celebrating the Cymbidium Orchid…

Green Cymbidium Orchids floating atop polished river stones.

From time to time a flower variety comes around that earns the top spot at Starbright Floral Design as the gold-standard in most of our floral compositions.  Orchids have earned their rightful place in the sun at Starbright and you can expect to see one of the many varieties of orchids in pretty much every flower display that we create.  There are more varieties of orchids in our world than one can even imagine.  The cymbidium orchid is prominently featured throughout the year in many of our flower centerpieces for event and in floral arrangements that are sent as gifts. This orchid rightly deserves its position in the forefront of floral design, for it is beautiful, versatile and comes in a wide array of colors.

Cymbidiums grow from a large plant with enough long, slender leaves that it often looks bushy. A single stem will show anywhere from seven to fifteen flowers. On its own, a single stem makes quite a statement, especially when used in a very simple arrangement. For some clients, we will occasionally place polished river stones at the base of the vase, maybe a swirl of lily grass atop those, and then the cymbidium fills the rest of the vase. Outside of the vase, a cymbidium will hold its own when placed simply with some curly willow branches or a broad tropical leaf.  Entire stems of cymbidium can also be used in taller arrangements, usually of the scale and type that would be appropriate for a corporate event or large celebration.  In these instances, cymbidiums ramp up the sumptuousness of the arrangement.

Additionally, the individual blooms of a cymbidium can be cut from the main stem and put in water tubes, to then be used in a medium or short arrangement, or even in bouquets. Often Starbright has used white, cream or green cymbidiums in traditional bridal bouquets. Cymbidium blooms are a favorite for corsages and boutonnieres, for they are simultaneously delicate and bold enough to make a statement. Using cymbidiums for personal flowers-to-wear has an extra benefit, as cymbidium have one of the most delicious, clean scents of any flower. The individual blooms can also be used for a simple, quick accent decor which we loosely refer to as a “floaty.” This involves a small, short vase, probably no more than four or five inches in diameter and four inches tall, with a half-inch of water at the bottom in which the cymbidium rests. Stones, gems, sand and a variety of other materials can be placed under the cymbidium for additional color or texture.

A full cymbidium orchid stem inside a vase with polished river stones and willow branches as an accent.

Cymbidium orchids are a flower which has been prized for a long time. In ancient Greece, they were a symbol of beauty and strength. It was believed that if a man ate large cymbidium tubers, he would have a boy, and if he ate small shoots, he and his wife would have a girl. In Victorian times, cymbidiums came to symbolize luxury. The star-shaped flower, whether used as a whole stem or an individual bloom, certainly adds elegance to any arrangement.

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