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Viburnums bloom in green, shades of light pink, and white in the last part of April through early May. Viburnums vary in their height, spread, and style of flower. While most flowers are unscented, those that are fragrant are wonderfully so.

This species’ small, tubular white blooms grow in dense clusters up to 4 inches in diameter on leafy stems. The spherical mounds garner this species the common name of “snowball.” 

Growth Notes /

The flowers are produced in corymbs 5–15 cm across, each flower white to cream or pink, small, 3–5 mm across, with five petals, strongly fragrant in some species.  




The leaves are opposite, simple, and entire, toothed or lobed; cool temperate species aredeciduous, while most of the warm temperate species are evergreen. Some species are densely hairy on the shoots and leaves, with star-shaped hairs.

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