NYC Centerpieces That Won’t Break The Budget

Cymbidium centerpiece
White cymbidium orchid with silver sprayed curly willow

Planning a wedding reception on a budget can be disheartening. But it doesn’t have to be! There are a host of options for couples with refined taste and a restricted budget. One area of the budget that can grow quickly is the tabletop centerpiece. These pieces come in all shapes and varieties and are generally placed at the center of each dinning table. The best centerpieces are designed to coordinate with the rest of the events décor; appropriate centerpieces will help your event’s theme suffuse the space and fill your guests with festive feelings.   Many floral centerpieces are selected for their color, texture, or the time of year. They sometimes include decorative items like colored wire, glass beads, or river stones. The size and shape is also variable and sometimes an event may include a number of sizes to represent the guest’s status; the wedding party and family tables are pretty much always identifiable based on the size of the centerpiece.

Starbright Floral Design suggests following a few simple steps to create a stunning tabletop without breaking the budget.

Consider the size of your container

Think about Goldilocks when selecting the size of the floral container. Too small and the flowers may feel insignificant, too big and the flowers will just get in the way. Not sure what size you need? Ask you florist! Starbright’s design consultants and client satisfaction representatives will help guide you to success. Many styles and concepts can be scaled easily to just the size you’re looking for. One such arrangement from Starbright is Give Me Tomorrow. This arrangement features roses cut to fit and fill a square container.

Rose centerpieces
Cut roses look good in any size container!

Consider the flowers

Centerpieces should mimic the overall floral direction. A great way to maximize the consistency is to select one standout bloom from the arrangements that captures the color and feel of the rest of the floral styling. Some of our favorite blooms for this purpose include cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and amaryllis.

Green cymbidium  centerpiece
Green cymbidium orchid in small glass cube.

Or, for the adventurous and openminded, consider the unexpectedness of carnations. For outside weddings with a lot of green, one of our favorite potential centerpieces is this guy:

Green Trick
Green Trick makes for an unexpected twist on the classic centerpiece

Consider the style

Another way to keep your centerpieces elegant, on-theme, and within a budget is to consider modern styles; modern arrangements often have a clean look and fewer blooms than traditionally lush arrangements. These pieces can be soft and romantic…

Calla lilies
Clean looking callas arranged to fit a small round container.

…or edgy and directional.

Boys like flowers too
Apple Lime Ice from Starbright Floral Design

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NYC Valentine’s Day Weddings

Planning Florals for a Valentine’s Day Wedding in NYC

Roses and Valentine's Day are like Peanut Butter and Jelly
Roses and Valentine’s Day are like Peanut Butter and Jelly
Is there anything more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding in NYC?
The story of St. Valentine is one of hopeful love. During the time that he lived, soldiers weren’t allowed to marry under Roman law. That wasn’t acceptable for ol’ Val who (as we like to think) believed that if any two people wanted to get married, they should have the right to do so. He married many soldiers despite the harsh laws and harsher punishment – it was the right thing to do – but ultimately, for this practice, he was executed.
It’s been an exciting few years, but just because we all can get married in many states doesn’t mean everyone can get married everywhere yet. This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be looking to St. Valentine as an inspiration because we know there’s nothing more inspiring than watching two individuals embark on a lifelong journey of love and partnership.
So, flowers. Here’s the thing about Valentines Day and flowers – flower shops are pretty-much going to be jam-packed with roses – and sometimes, very little else. If you’re having an an event on Valentine’s Day and you don’t want roses, you need to let your florist know a few weeks in advance. Valentines Day is a bit of a stress on the gears that keep the industry moving – for about 96 hours, all anybody is going to want when they call up the shop is a dozen (or more) roses. All these roses get the shelf space that usually goes to the rest of the inventory – while other flowers are around, they’re in a bit of a short supply compared to the rest of the year. Flower biz is like any other biz – if you let your vendors know what you want with as much “time to go” as possible, you’ll get the flowers you want without any stress.
But, this is Valentine’s Day – you probably totally do want roses. They’re a great choice – your grandma and aunt will think they’re lovely, they’ll smell nice but not too strong, and when the event is done you’ll have a whooooooole bunch of rose petals to strew about everywhere. When you’re designing your rose centerpiece, keep in mind that roses come in lots of lengths, some on very long stems – this is great for creating arrangements with with a lot of height variance. Roses also come in many, many colors – it doesn’t have to be all red and white! You’ll find oranges, pinks, purples and yellows – again, just make sure to mention this to your florist a few weeks before Valentine’s, so they can order what they’ll need and schedule your event into their busiest time.
Composite Rose
Composite Rose bouquet by Sokratis
One of Starbright Floral’s amazing designers, put together this composite bouquet to match the latest floral trends walking down the runways. This is a carefully crafted piece made by wiring individual rose petals and arranging them into one giant rose. It’s high on impact, but deceptively low on fuss (in actuality, this takes a long, long time!). While this would make an amazing centerpiece, the time it takes may be prohibitive to the budget. For an alternative rose centerpiece, these pave styles are flawlessly refined.
Pave Roses
Pave roses sparkle as a centerpiece
Whatever is in your centerpiece should also be in your boutonniere (you can read all about boutonnieres here). If you’ve got a wedding party, make sure the folk getting wedded are in a different boutonniere from the folk standing up with the couple.

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A bouquet En Plein-Air

Karl Albert Buehr - The Parasol
Karl Albert Buehr – The Parasol

Karl Albert Beuher was one of the early Chicago painters to adopt Impressionism. He joined other American artists in Giverny, France, to paint en plein-air in the commune established by Claude Monet. These impressionists developed a style that required quickness in order to finish a piece before the sun moved and the light changed. They wanted to capture their subjects, which were generally natural scenes, as the eye might see them. Instead of hard lines and lots of detail, Bueher’s brush delivered bursts of color and light that seem to illustrate a fleeting moment in time. He wants us to see ripples in the leaves instead of the angles in the bark. He wants us to see a sea of long grasses and field flowers instead of individual blades of grass and carefully represented blooms.

The art of floral arrangement is as varied as any art form. Last week, we showed you our Georgia O’Keefe inspired arrangements and how color and line can be used to suggest energy and emotions. This week we’re looking at another bouquet – this one designed on the same principles as Bueher’s  early works.

Wedding bouquets

We’re focusing on the impression of these flowers as a whole, instead of on any one individual “wow” flower.  There is a lightness represented in Beuher’s work that we wanted to capture. In regards to the design above, we wanted to create something genuine, unfettered, and at one with the scene. Something that would be memorable for the occasion, but serve to enhance the impression of the overall, rather than draw attention to itself.

Take a look at Beuher’s painting below and the flowers we selected to make up this arrangement. For our “plein-air” bouquet, we want to create a light and feathery texture similar to that of Beuher’s brush strokes. The vibrance of the colors in the artwork are also important. We love how shadows are created with vibrant shades of green and the pink – they create contrast we might describe as “lightness” instead of “brightness”.


Flowers used in bouquet


Each flower was carefully selected for it’s size, color, and texture. Our wind-swept bouquet of wildflowers is purely fantastical – few of these flowers are native to any one common region. Luckily, here at Starbright, we had no problem getting the flowers we wanted. Our selection included :
1/ Dusty Miller – The quaint name isn’t the only thing we love about this hardy foliage. With it’s silver-white color and soft texture, this leaf adds a wistful element to any arrangement.
2/ Stock – Noted for it’s heady, clove-like scent. This example of the variety, with double flowers, adds texture to our arrangement. Stock also is a symbol of a happy life and a contented existence.
3/ Astilbe – These remind us of wildflowers. The feathery stalks seem to float in this arrangement.
4/ Lisianthus – Native to equatorial areas of the American continents. This delicate, long-lasting, prairie flower has ruffled petals. They represent warmth and geniality.
5/ Dahlia – Sometimes called the “Queen of the Autumn Garden”, the dahlia belongs to the Asteraceae family which is noted for their star-shaped blooms and includes flowers lie the daisy and sunflower. Traditionally these flowers symbolize hope for an everlasting union.
6/ Freesia – Sweetly, citrus-scented and long-lasting, these graceful flowers are perfect for a bouquet. Each wiry stem can have up to 10 flowers.
7/ Ranunculus – The fine layers of petals give this weighty flower a delicate appearance.
8/ Muscari – Small and fragrant, the shape of these flowers is reminiscent of little bells.

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The One Year Anniversary of Same Sex Marriage in New York City

The Mayor’s Press Conference. Nic Faitos, Senior Partner at Starbright Floral Design is about to be introduced and will speak about the effect this law has had on local businesses.

On the one-year anniversary of the Marriage Equality Act, Starbright’s senior partner, Nic Faitos, was invited to speak on behalf of New York City’s business community about the Act’s positive impact on the floral business and the city in general. As part of NYC & Company’s participating wedding services, Starbright has had a finger on the pulse of the city’s weddings, which have certainly increased in the past year. A year ago New York joined the other states that endorse same-sex marriage. An increase in the number of marriages occurring in New York means many things. The fact is, the city has felt the recession which has gripped the nation for the past several years, so its leaders cannot help but be enthusiastic about anything which boosts the economy. As an epicenter of the U.S., anything which boosts New York City will hopefully help encourage the national economy as well. New York has attracted many non-residents to marry within our state, which brings in additional revenue. More weddings undoubtedly also mean more work for those who offer goods and services in the wedding industry. But the most important ramification of all is the increase in the amount of joy felt and shared amongst all involved in a wedding.

Every wedding is a happy occasion. Despite the often stressful number of details which go into planning a wedding, when the day itself arrives, there is no bride or groom who isn’t overcome with happiness, smiling ear to ear as their lives are joined with the recognition and blessings of their loved ones. How much more poignant must such a union be for a couple whose relationship could not have publicly been thus consecrated, up until a year ago. The details of such major life events are what add up to give us the feel of the whole, and flowers have always been an integral part of weddings. The more traditional aspects of a marriage that are employed in same-sex marriages, or any marriages, for that matter, the more universal of a declaration those weddings are to their witnesses. Starbright has and will proudly offer our floral design services to all those couples who would like to declare their devotion to each other in front of others, regardless of sexual orientation. We’re just glad the rest of New York can now officially participate.

Flower Power: Making My Job As A NYC Floral Designer A Labor Of Love

I tell all my wedding floral clients time and again that I am honored to be a part of their big day.  It’s likely that they get sick of hearing me repeat it!  However, I am truly being honest.  I find it to be a privilege to work with people on what is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives.  Customers often tell me how much they envy my job and the fact that I am constantly surrounded by beautiful botanicals.  My standard response usually involves complaining about my sore feet, dirty clothes and dry, cracked hands.  In my heart, I know they are right to be envious…  I am a lucky guy.

                When a bride sees her bridal bouquet for the first time, and all the months of planning and coordinating the flowers comes to fruition, I take pride in my role.  Sometimes tears, usually a hug and always gratitude are the rewards for my labor.  A bridal bouquet is a painstaking creation that often involves wiring and taping individual blooms.  It is the most personal and the most photographed element of the all the wedding flowers.  Each bride chooses the flowers for her bouquet carefully and most have given it a lot of thought.  Many brides tell me that they have dreamed of carrying a specific bloom.  I get to make their dreams come true!  How cool is that! 

                Romance and flowers go hand in hand.  Floral designers constantly get to play cupid.  Last Valentine’s Day, Starbright made over a thousand deliveries throughout the city.  That is a lot of love being distributed!  As a designer, I literally create a manifest and tangible representation of a person’s love for another.  Not only can I help a person with the art of seduction but I can help smooth over a lover’s spat or even aide in the celebration of a new life!  Whether it’s an engagement, birth, graduation, promotion, or retirement, flowers are always welcome.  The truth is, when people are at their happiest, flowers are often on hand. 

 I could go on and on about the joy flowers bring to world.  The colors, the fragrance, the shapes and the textures offer me inspiration and provide our customers with a gift that can help change the course of their days and sometimes lives.  My job is to make people happy using delicate, unique and perishable materials.  The art I am responsible for creating ultimately ends up in the compost heap!  That’s what makes flowers special.  Flowers don’t last forever; they are fleeting.  However, the joy the flowers bring is lasting and the gratitude I receive is palpable.  I truly spend my days doing what I love and that for which I have a passion.  Jealous?  You should be.  

This scribe is brought to you by Tom Sebenius.  Tom is Starbright Floral Design’s Creative Director and has been a part of the Starbright team for most of the modern history of our company. Tom has made countless brides happy with his wedding flower designs in NYC and beyond. Tom is our most published contributor to floral industry publications and probably the most reviewed floral stylist on all the major online review sites.  We consistently earn five-star reviews on the likes of Citysearch mainly through Tom’s insistence on quality and attention to detail.  A proud member of our team and a true artist. 

Starbright Floral Design is located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District.  Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Manhattan and throughout New York City have been creatively designed by Starbright since our inception in 1994.  We are privileged to be the florist of choice for many NYC wedding venues for their wedding flower arrangements and wedding floral décor.

 To learn more about our organization and the work that we do, we would like to invite you to visit our website at or you may call us at 800.520.8999.  Either way, we will be thrilled to hear from you and to be of service.

Wishing you a wonderful  day!

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NYC Wedding Flower Arrangements: Diverse as our Great City

Flowers have long been regarded as art created by Mother Nature. Just as art’s beauty is open for interpretation by the individual, so too are wedding floral arrangements. NYC wedding preparation season is upon us. Whether preparing for an intimate NYC destination wedding or a New York City wedding florals extravaganza, some preparation is necessary. To that end we bring you an article originally published by Creative Director of Starbright Floral Design, Tom Sebenius, Enjoy…

To be bold or subdued; bright or muted; classic or trendy… should the colors complement the venue or your complexions? Does my mother have to wear a matching dress? Invitations, bridesmaid dresses, table linens, vests and neckties and of course the flowers are just a sample of items affected by the color scheme a couple chooses for their wedding. Since color can set the tone, it is best to choose wisely. Through my years as a designer, I’ve seen some fun combinations. Some color schemes have been more successful than others. Over time, I’ve developed some dos and don’ts that I have shared with countless couples. Although I contend that there are no rules when planning a wedding, I’m always willing to share my opinion on choosing a winning color combination.

Don’t Go for Complements:
Most brides and grooms are familiar with the idea of complementary colors. The three primary colors of red, blue and yellow are placed opposite their corresponding complementary color on the color wheel. Blue is paired with orange, yellow with purple and red with green. You will notice that the primary color is paired with the secondary color that is made by mixed the other two primaries. This creates a bold and loud contrast between the colors. These color combinations are often used for things like gas-station logos, or sports team uniforms. The contrast between the colors catches the eye and forces the viewer to take notice. When trying to use these colors together in floral design, it’s very difficult to fight off thoughts of the Mets or the Lakers. Red and green together also bring their own unique challenge of constantly conjuring thoughts of Christmas for many of us. For these reasons, I suggest trying to avoid using complementary colors as the basis for wedding décor.

 Do Go for A Bold Statement:

While complementary colors may be too bold a choice for most, it is a great idea to choose at least one bold color to inform the design. Purple, fuchsia and orange seem to be the go-to colors these days for couples looking for a pop of color. Vibrant and rich tones such as these can provide a warmth and personality to the occasion without detracting from the proceedings. When choosing a bold pop, I suggest limiting the palette to just one bright tone. This brings me to my next tip.

Do Go Green:
Green is your friend. I frequently suggest adding lime green to the floral arrangements we make for weddings. If a bride or groom favors a brilliant tone such as purple or orange, adding a touch of green into the mix tends to heighten and embolden the arrangements. Green is a neutral color and is found in abundance in nature. Green “goes” with everything! (Although it’s good to keep in mind the challenges when pairing red and green, Jingle Bells…) It’s soothing and calming qualities pair beautifully with the lush colors found in the floral world.

Don’t Count out the Classic:
A white wedding seems to have become a less popular choice these days. Perhaps with all the fantastic color options found both in fabrics and flowers, couples would rather have more fun with the color palette. This is understandable, however white has been the traditional wedding color because it’s clean, pure, and simple and it allows for the couple to be the stars of the day. There are also so many flowers available in white; it’s easy to make arrangements interesting by using different textures, shapes and scales. This is another instance when lime green can be helpful. It’s also a good idea to choose one color to add into the mix of white. One of my favorite weddings used all white flowers with accents of huge and lush coral colored peonies. Simple and chic, this color scheme still resonates with me all these years later. It was unique and yet remains a classic and elegant choice.

Don’t Tempt the Humor Gods:
If you’ve never seen your color combination used at a wedding, there might be a reason. Sometimes when a couple chooses to be unique, it can backfire. I’ve had to explain to a bride and groom why yellow and brown is not a great choice for a color scheme. Without going into the specifics of why, (think about it people, yellow and brown… really?) certain color combinations elicit subconscious responses or connotations. It’s the same reason why yellow and black can be difficult to use together; taxi cabs and bumble bees! Yellow and red always makes me think of Ronald McDonald and ketchup and mustard. These are not thoughts I want to have at your wedding!

Don’t Over Indulge:
No matter what colors are finally chosen, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everything has to be covered in these tones. You don’t have to dye your Maltese puppy to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. It will be just fine. Choose key locations and items for the colors to be used. You don’t want your guests to feel like they just stepped into a Pepto-Bismol bottle if your color happens to be pink. Touches here and there will suffice. Also, everything doesn’t have to be the exact same shade or hue. I have learned to beware of the bride who carries the Pantone chip! Relax!

Do Listen to Our Advice but…:
We have seen it all… or close to it anyway. Your vendors have been involved with hundreds of events and weddings. Most of the time, our advice is free and is often given weather you ask or not. We will tell you if your colors won’t work or if they should be rethought. Although we can offer some sage wisdom, remember that it’s your day and your decision should be the final word. You write the check so ultimately you must be happy with the colors you chose. Maybe you are both huge Lakers fans. So go for it! Don’t let us get in your way.

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Starbright Floral Design: Our Press Kit

Hot off the press this is our updated Press Kit.  It will be distributed to all our friends, corporate clients and to all who consider us as  their florist in the years to come.  To share with our readers and to give everyone an idea of what the Starbright brand stands for, the accomplishments of our team and to let everyone know what we have been up to, we are posting our corporate resume on Blooming Thoughts…. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful seventeen years!

We raise our glass to everyone that helped us get here and contributed so much along the way.  Our clients, the concierges at the hotels we serve, the venues, the event planners, our corporate clients, those who have trusted us with sending flowers to your loved ones… AND of course the entire Starbright Team.  Everyone who has passed through our doors has left their mark.  Thank you for all you  taught us and the footprint you left behind.  Here is to a bright future to everyone we know… Thank you!

Nic Faitos, Senior Partner – Starbright Floral Design

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“Located in the Heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District”

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Starbright was founded in 1994 as a corporate and institutional florist in New York City with a mission to serve the non-walk-in and non-retail trades.  The focus has always been to serve the corporate floral and decorating needs of our clients.

We occupy production and administration space in a loft on 28th street in the center of the wholesale flower market.  Starbright is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

In the past sixteen plus years we have had the opportunity to develop relationships and execute events at the most known venues throughout Manhattan including most hoteliers and restaurateurs.  In excess of two-hundred of the city’s top concierges at the leading hotels of Manhattan use us as their go-to florist.

Today Starbright is positioned to execute its plans for growth into the future with exemplary customer service and a quality product at a fair price.  Protecting the standard of quality and service that we have set over the years is our priority.  We will always be known as a supplier that offers a customer experience that earns five stars at every level; from the first encounter on the telephone to the execution of our client requests.

‘’When the history books write the Starbright Story, we will be judged kindly if we remembered to always do our best, give everyone we meet a smile and lead our industry with innovation, creativity, quality and service.’’

Statement of Mission, Starbright Floral Design, 14 September 1994.







Sending Flowers Anywhere – Through our private network of florists we are able to send exquisite floral gifts (as well as gourmet baskets and plants) anywhere around the world.  From our own store we can deliver anywhere in Manhattan even if the order comes in late in the afternoon.  With about three or four hours notice we can send flowers anywhere in the USA during local business hours.

Weekly Flowers – Seasonal flower varieties in a vase that will alter in style from time to time. The floral varieties will vary with the season and in no two weeks will either the flowers or the design be identical.  The designs will be sculpted to blend seamlessly and complement your décor and replenished weekly.

Event Décor – No event is too big or too small to receive the personalized service and expertise of an experience Starbright representative.  From holiday parties, client hospitality events as well as events at any venue in New York City (or beyond) we can provide consulting services and decorations at any level. Most of the recognized venues in New York City are familiar with Starbright Floral Design as we have decorated at most places on multiple occasions (Ellis Island, Madison Square Garden, The Plaza Hotel, and many others). We welcome you to review a sampling of our work at

Human Resources and Client Gifting – We are fully capable of delivering a gift of flowers, plant or fruit and gourmet baskets anywhere in the United States on a same day basis and with 48 hours notice worldwide. At any budget that you may have, we will be happy to provide gift flora at anytime and anywhere. As part of our commitment to HR we can either help implement or follow existing flower policies set by our clients.

Plant Maintenance – To many of our clients we provide lush phalaenopsis orchid plants for a pre-set monthly fee and we arrive at the office once weekly to take care of all the orchid plants. When the orchids are fully bloomed and start to drop their flowers we replace the plants with new ones (once about every six weeks) at no additional cost to our client.

Employee Discounts – We offer our services at a discounted rate to the employees of all the companies that we work with. Once our relationship is established, employee who calls upon us and identifies his/her affiliation will receive a discount on any floral (or related) gift that they send at anytime, anywhere to anyone. This is a benefit that they can use repeatedly and has virtually no limitations beyond a low minimum of $35.

We are also involved with many clients and PR firms to create a variety of Co-Branding, Continuity and Cross-Promotional Programs.



  • We are open and delivering seven days per week.
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Starbright Floral Design is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • NYC & Company – the tourism marketing arm of New York City. We have donated for all their events (including Annual Meetings, Galas, POW WOW, etc) since 1994.
  • Society of American Florists – This is the lobbying body for all florists and cut flower growers in Washington DC. Nic Faitos (our Senior Partner) has been an invited speaker on a variety of subjects with the organization’s conferences, annual meetings, etc.  Additionally, Starbright is regularly quoted in SAF’s industry magazine, Floral Management.
  • HSMAI – The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.
  • Chamber of Commerce – New York City
  • Teleflora – a recognized leader in flower-by-wire services throughout the world. Starbright Floral Design ranks in the top 50 members in an organization of over 20,000 members worldwide.


Recognitions and Awards:

  • The highest rated and most reviewed florist based on user reviews online (five stars across the board) on sites such as Citysearch, Google, Yelp and the like.
  • Was awarded “Best of” by Citysearch users.
  • Selected as “best florist” for weddings by The Knot.



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