Celebrating the Cymbidium Orchid…

Green Cymbidium Orchids floating atop polished river stones.

From time to time a flower variety comes around that earns the top spot at Starbright Floral Design as the gold-standard in most of our floral compositions.  Orchids have earned their rightful place in the sun at Starbright and you can expect to see one of the many varieties of orchids in pretty much every flower display that we create.  There are more varieties of orchids in our world than one can even imagine.  The cymbidium orchid is prominently featured throughout the year in many of our flower centerpieces for event and in floral arrangements that are sent as gifts. This orchid rightly deserves its position in the forefront of floral design, for it is beautiful, versatile and comes in a wide array of colors.

Cymbidiums grow from a large plant with enough long, slender leaves that it often looks bushy. A single stem will show anywhere from seven to fifteen flowers. On its own, a single stem makes quite a statement, especially when used in a very simple arrangement. For some clients, we will occasionally place polished river stones at the base of the vase, maybe a swirl of lily grass atop those, and then the cymbidium fills the rest of the vase. Outside of the vase, a cymbidium will hold its own when placed simply with some curly willow branches or a broad tropical leaf.  Entire stems of cymbidium can also be used in taller arrangements, usually of the scale and type that would be appropriate for a corporate event or large celebration.  In these instances, cymbidiums ramp up the sumptuousness of the arrangement.

Additionally, the individual blooms of a cymbidium can be cut from the main stem and put in water tubes, to then be used in a medium or short arrangement, or even in bouquets. Often Starbright has used white, cream or green cymbidiums in traditional bridal bouquets. Cymbidium blooms are a favorite for corsages and boutonnieres, for they are simultaneously delicate and bold enough to make a statement. Using cymbidiums for personal flowers-to-wear has an extra benefit, as cymbidium have one of the most delicious, clean scents of any flower. The individual blooms can also be used for a simple, quick accent decor which we loosely refer to as a “floaty.” This involves a small, short vase, probably no more than four or five inches in diameter and four inches tall, with a half-inch of water at the bottom in which the cymbidium rests. Stones, gems, sand and a variety of other materials can be placed under the cymbidium for additional color or texture.

A full cymbidium orchid stem inside a vase with polished river stones and willow branches as an accent.

Cymbidium orchids are a flower which has been prized for a long time. In ancient Greece, they were a symbol of beauty and strength. It was believed that if a man ate large cymbidium tubers, he would have a boy, and if he ate small shoots, he and his wife would have a girl. In Victorian times, cymbidiums came to symbolize luxury. The star-shaped flower, whether used as a whole stem or an individual bloom, certainly adds elegance to any arrangement.

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