Hyacinth on the Starbright design table


Quick Notes /

This flower has trumpet like blooms that grow in a cluster up a hollo stalk. The flowers in the photo above haven’t opened yet and, with the right care, the blooms will last at least a week after they’re delivered. Hyacinth are available in a number of colors including purple, blue, pink, and white.

the name is derived from the name of a beautiful Spartan youth, accidentally killed by Apollo, the sun god, while playing quoits; from his blood, sprang the beautiful flower- hyacinth. Whilst this flower is found in an assortment of hues, from the tragic tale of its name, the purple hyacinth stands as a symbol of sorrow, a request for forgiveness. According to another legend, the wind god Zephyr, out of jealousy, blew the discus to kill Hyacinth. From his blood sprang a flower, which was named for him.

Growth Notes /

Hyacinthus grows from bulbs, each producing around four to six linear leaves and one to three spikes (racemes) of flowers. In the wild species, the flowers are widely spaced, with as few as two per raceme in H. litwinovii and typically six to eight in H. orientalis, which grows to a height of 15–20 cm                  (6–8 in).Cultivars of H. orientalis have much denser flower spikes and are generally more robust.

Flower History/

Inside Info /

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