NYC Centerpieces That Won’t Break The Budget

Cymbidium centerpiece
White cymbidium orchid with silver sprayed curly willow

Planning a wedding reception on a budget can be disheartening. But it doesn’t have to be! There are a host of options for couples with refined taste and a restricted budget. One area of the budget that can grow quickly is the tabletop centerpiece. These pieces come in all shapes and varieties and are generally placed at the center of each dinning table. The best centerpieces are designed to coordinate with the rest of the events décor; appropriate centerpieces will help your event’s theme suffuse the space and fill your guests with festive feelings.   Many floral centerpieces are selected for their color, texture, or the time of year. They sometimes include decorative items like colored wire, glass beads, or river stones. The size and shape is also variable and sometimes an event may include a number of sizes to represent the guest’s status; the wedding party and family tables are pretty much always identifiable based on the size of the centerpiece.

Starbright Floral Design suggests following a few simple steps to create a stunning tabletop without breaking the budget.

Consider the size of your container

Think about Goldilocks when selecting the size of the floral container. Too small and the flowers may feel insignificant, too big and the flowers will just get in the way. Not sure what size you need? Ask you florist! Starbright’s design consultants and client satisfaction representatives will help guide you to success. Many styles and concepts can be scaled easily to just the size you’re looking for. One such arrangement from Starbright is Give Me Tomorrow. This arrangement features roses cut to fit and fill a square container.

Rose centerpieces
Cut roses look good in any size container!

Consider the flowers

Centerpieces should mimic the overall floral direction. A great way to maximize the consistency is to select one standout bloom from the arrangements that captures the color and feel of the rest of the floral styling. Some of our favorite blooms for this purpose include cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and amaryllis.

Green cymbidium  centerpiece
Green cymbidium orchid in small glass cube.

Or, for the adventurous and openminded, consider the unexpectedness of carnations. For outside weddings with a lot of green, one of our favorite potential centerpieces is this guy:

Green Trick
Green Trick makes for an unexpected twist on the classic centerpiece

Consider the style

Another way to keep your centerpieces elegant, on-theme, and within a budget is to consider modern styles; modern arrangements often have a clean look and fewer blooms than traditionally lush arrangements. These pieces can be soft and romantic…

Calla lilies
Clean looking callas arranged to fit a small round container.

…or edgy and directional.

Boys like flowers too
Apple Lime Ice from Starbright Floral Design

If you’re planning an event or wedding and thinking about centerpieces, give us a call today!   Starbright Logo       Looking for flowers in New York City? Visit our Event Gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily selection at

Making the most of your consultation

As seen on Edge!

Weddings are tough.  Want to look as happy as these guys? This month, Eric Strauss, a long time friend of Starbright, shares his memories of getting ready for the big day. Check out the post on Edge on the Net: Conversation Counts – Making the most of your floral consultation.  


Eric and Jasen
White men CAN jump – arm and arm (into the future). Congratulations, guys!
Eric and Jasen
Eric and Jasen
Eric&Jasen Wedding Party
Look at all the ladies in white!


Jasen's boutonniere
Jasen’s boutonniere


Eric & Jasen
Eric & Jasen


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Looking for flowers in New York City? Visit our Event Gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily selection at

Weddings! Destination NYC….


A Bouquet for a UK Bride...

At Starbright we are involved with many destination weddings for brides from all over the world.  It is amazing how many folks come to New York City for their special day… One such bride wrote us a note of thanks for our assistance on their wedding day.  Included with the note was the above photo of the bouquet we created and the note in part read:

Hello Nic, I am a month overdue on this but I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us on our very special and first visit to New York.  Arranging the flowers for my friend was such a joy and came with such ease and I must thank you for that.  You and your team greeted me with such professionalism.  The flowers were perfect and we could not have asked for more.  I’m not sure how often you get to see your creations in action so I thought I would share a couple of pics with you.

Thank you again for the great service!

Cheers, Dena


Whether you are coming to New York City for your wedding day, or if you are a native New Yorker, we will always look forward to hearing from you and assisting in every way possible…

For more information on our organization visit our website or give us a call at 800.520.8999.  You can always send an email directly to me as well…at

With my warmest regards,


Nic (The Official Florist)



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