Bidding Adieu to Valentine’s…for now!

You’ll forgive us, dear reader (we hope!) if we linger on the holiday of love for just a bit longer…

We admit, at Starbright there’s nothing like the language of love expressed through perfectly curated blooms and Valentine’s Day is one of our most favorite times of year in New York City. The love! The passion! The artful ways lovers choose to celebrate their special union. At Starbright, our hearts are set aflutter just reminiscing about all the wonderful touches our romantic Romeos — and Juliets — added to their bouquets to express their adoration this year in New York City.


InStyle magazine was on-hand at Starbright’s NYC flower and plant emporium for this year’s Valentine’s Day to chat with some of the gentlemen who came to pay us a call. Terming them “hot guys” — and who are we to argue — InStyle captured the bouquets these intrepid New Yorkers had crafted for their love, along with the story on why those particular flowers were chosen. Ranging from decadent red roses to intricate wildflowers and lilies, there was a huge variety of flowers that these New York men chose, but no matter the request, Starbright was ready to fulfill their floral dreams.

InStyle said, "Alex (24) who gets flowers for his lady once a week got a large bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day. He says getting flowers for her is a fresh display of his love for her." -- photo by
InStyle said, “Alex (24) who gets flowers for his lady once a week got a large bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day. He says getting flowers for her is a fresh display of his love for her.” — photo by

Starbright had some bashful and some proud gentlemen having beautiful bouquets crafted for their loves in NYC, all doubtlessly tickled to be identified as a “hot guy” by the discerning and distinguished InStyle “hot guy” judge. Of course, Starbright was only too happy to provide the background in New York City for the sweet interviews and hope to see these gentlemen callers again soon.


At Starbright, we were thrilled to see that CBS was airing information on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to flowers. It can sometimes be confusing to figure out how to make the biggest statement with flowers in New York City, but with this segment airing all over the country, everyone at Starbright is hopeful that the viewers were able to capitalize on the tricks and tips that CBS offered to get the best bouquet of flowers possible, while staying in budget.

Starbright's Be Still My Heart bouquet is composed of lush roses and lilies that would make anyone swoon.
Starbright’s Be Still My Heart bouquet is composed of lush roses and lilies that would make anyone swoon.

In prior years, Starbright has been honored to be visited by CBS to talk about flowers for Valentine’s Day in NYC. It is one of Starbright’s great delights to help our New York City friends and clients convey their sentiments through flowers and we strive to always surpass expectations. Talking with news outlets like CBS helps Starbright spread our message of how wonderfully flowers can convey every sentiment, no matter how big or small a budget might be.

Starbright's Breathtaking Beauty is three dozen long stemmed roses; there's nothing more romantic.
Starbright’s Breathtaking Beauty is three dozen long stemmed roses; there’s nothing more romantic.

Although it is great regret that we say adieu to Valentine’s Day 2017, it does mean that the calendar is filled with upcoming holidays and celebrations all throughout New York City. Everyone at Starbright is ready to beflower all of Manhattan. With St. Patty’s Day on the horizon and the delicious color of Greenery being selected by Pantone for color of the year, Starbright’s brilliant designers are already dreaming of the masterpieces they can create. If we didn’t see you for Valentine’s Day, we missed you and do hope that you’ll stop by soon!

The Language of Love

Showering your love with flowers in New York City is a tradition that stretches back through time. Flowers can express loyalty, devotion, love, adoration and so much more, which makes Valentine’s Day one of the holidays that everyone at Starbright looks forward to with great joy. A day filled with flowers is Starbright’s kind of celebration, and we relish our small part in bringing lovers together in NYC as they enjoy this wonderful day.

So how to best tell your love with flowers, “I adore thee,”? Everyone at Starbright always makes sure to suggest the following, before venturing toward other flowers: if your amour has a favorite flower, go with that! There is nothing more romantic than showing your love that you listen to him or her throughout the year and know precious details about them. So whether it’s pansies or tulips, sunflowers or succulents, everyone at Starbright is ready to make your love’s dream in flowers come true.

Romance is in the tiny details of life.
Romance is in the tiny details of life.

But fear not, brave Valentine! If you haven’t yet learned the flower that sets your love’s heart aflutter in Manhattan, the brilliant Starbright artisan florists can make some flowery magic for you. After over two decades in New York City, we have developed a few suggestions on what flowers perfectly convey the language of love on Valentine’s Day.

“A rose by another other name would smell as sweet,” Juliet murmured in regard to her star-crossed love, Romeo — and she’s right! The name of the rose does not create the splendor of the scent, but it does evoke for everyone in New York City a classic beauty that always delights. There’s no better time of year for Starbright’s Love and Devotion bouquet of two dozen red roses. Richly colored and at the height of ripeness, these two dozen roses are a decadent Valentine’s Day treat for your sweetheart.

Starbright’s Love and Devotion bouquet make a stunning statement.
Starbright’s Love and Devotion bouquet make a stunning statement.

If roses are red and violets are blue, we’d bet that orchids will delight you, too! Starbright’s NYC Orchid Passion marries the vibrancy of fresh orchids with the soft allure of beautiful hydrangea, coupled with darts of pure tulip glory. This gorgeous composition created by Starbright’s floral artists in Manhattan is an excellent choice for a discerning special somebody who is looking for some variety in their blooms. Available for local delivery in New York City, Starbright’s NYC Orchid Passion may end up becoming yours!

Orchids made a bold statement of adoration.
Orchids made a bold statement of adoration.

Luscious white flowers are another exquisite choice for your Valentine. The snowy pearlescence of Starbright’s miniature, languid calla lilies look lovely in their crystal vase. Nestled on a throne of glassy pebbles, Starbright’s Blanco Calla Tango combines these features into an enchanted floral composition that is sure to thrill your Valentine.

Starbright's Blaco Calla Tango will send your love over the moon!
Starbright’s Blaco Calla Tango will send your love over the moon!

As fun as flowers are, everyone at Starbright knows that the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is letting your Valentine know just how much you adore them. So whether through flowers or poems written on napkins in coffee shops in NYC, we hope you and your Valentine have a fabulous time…being together. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Starbright!

Starbright Floral Design is a full-service florist located in Midtown NYC that has been brightening New York City for over two decades with flowers, plants and more.

It is our distinct pleasure to be of service to you in creating stunning floral compositions that will make you smile.

We are delighted to be able to carefully deliver each creation through our fleet of dedicated floral concierges in Manhattan, all of New York City and beyond.

In NYC, where anything is possible, we offer same-day delivery for our friends and clients to ensure that when want to send your wishes with flowers, orchids, plants and so much more, we are there to answer the call.

We invite you to visit us online or in our store, which you will find is bursting with flowers and delight in being of service to you. We would be thrilled to make your floral dreams come true!

Warm regards from all of us at Starbright, “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”.

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations – It is what we do!

Starbright Floral Design

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Starbright Prepares For 21st Valentine’s Day in NYC!

We’re up to our noses in flowers!

Flower Power
Emilio in the cooler at Starbright Floral Design


There’s no shortage of Romance in NYC this week! With Valentine’s Day 2015 just around the corner, New York City is abuzz with a Valentine’s Day glow that can just give you goose-bumps. The romance is so heavy in the air it’s practically steaming, just like the vapors of the Nuts’4’Nuts cart. Strolling through New York City you can almost hear St.Valentine himself, banging on the lid of a taxi as he crosses 6th avenue, yelling “I’m walking here!” as he scopes out another love-lorn hopeful with his old buddy Cupid. Whether you’ve got a special someone, several special someones, or several special cats there’s only good things about February 14th. There’s no end of things to do in the city – you can take in a Broadway show, go eat a romantically-lit dinner from anywhere in the world or see some hot jazz in a cool club.

If you’re in the mood to cheer on another couple’s real life love-story head over to Times Square. Nine happy couples will be getting married there this Saturday in front of the Times Square Valentine Heart Design winner, “Heartbeat,” by Brooklyn-based outfit Stereotank. This interactive beating-heart drum reacts to sound and movement and it’s pretty impressive (check it out on Bustler here).

Here at Starbright Floral Design, we’re pretty obsessed with Valentine’s Day too. It’s a great time in the shop; the floral coolers are full, most of the staff is smiling on-site and energy levels are high. To kick off the season right, the Starbright designers each created custom heart-shaped arrangements for our V-Day 2015 Heart Collection. These unique arrangements all represent the personalized style of our design team and pack a whole bunch of extra love. We’re also excited to be creating arrangements from the “helpfully” romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers Collection.


Every Valentine’s day serves up it’s own set of unique challenges. Last year, despite a foot of snow, Starbright was able to send out over 2,000 orders for Valentine’s Day. So how did we manage?

Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day


It all starts in the back. After unpacking, washing and shelving A LOT of vases, the guys begin adding greens for storage.


Greening Vases
Greening Vases

Vases aren’t the only thing getting prepared. Antonio works on planting orchids for clients looking for something that will looking for a lasting gift. Orchids are great for brightening up apartments or office spaces and they are pretty easy to take care of – here’s some tips for taking care of an orchid plant.

Orchid Preperation
Antonio preps an orchid for planting.

We have a couple first-timers at Starbright this Valentine’s Day. Emilia, one of Starbright’s designers, is excited for the days ahead.

Valentine's Day Smiles
Nothing to worry about here – Emilia is ready for the big day!

Byron checks some details in Starbright’s large catalogue of styles.

Byron checks an order at the front desk

Did we mention that Byron made the arrangements for the front table?

Lord Byron's Flowers
Pretty, huh?

To make sure you get the most from your Valentine’s Day flowers, check out this post for taking care of cut flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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Valentine’s Day- “NYC Flower Me with Your Love” subscription flower service by Starbright NYC

Vanda Orchids
Starbright Floral Design – Midnight Sky

It has become common place to give or receive flowers on V-Day.  Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a floral gift on Valentine’s Day.  What if you want to wow your love and go above and beyond?   What if one day is not enough to express the depth of your affections?  What if you want an innovative way of expressing your love on V-day that will have the effect of reinforcing your feelings well beyond February 14th?  Starbright’s “Flower me with Your Love” subscription flower service is meant for you.

Starbright’s “NYC Flower Me with Your Love” flower subscription service is completely customizable and able to serve an incredible range of clients for budgets large or small. Whether you are interested in a large, elaborate flower arrangement designed to make a NYC statement or something more modest the program will work for you.  Our clients love how quickly and simply they’re able to arrange for weekly, monthly or quarterly fresh flower delivery in NYC. Setup your delivery once and on the agreed upon dates a beautifully designed floral arrangement will be delivered in NYC by Starbright Floral Design. 

If you’re interested in Starbright’s NYC “Flower me with Your Love” subscription flower service, simply email me at for the personal service you deserve.

 Starbright Floral Design is located in the heart of New York City’s historic flower district in a second floor loft at 150 West 28th Street. Our services include local, national and worldwide flower delivery as well as consultation and execution of social and corporate events. To learn more about us and the type of work that we do, please visit our website at You may also go directly to our online portal for ordering gifts at or to our Event Gallery to see thousands of photographs from our recent work. You may also call us at 1.800.520.8999. We are always thrilled to hear from you and to be of service in every way possible….

Starbright’s Frequent Flower Program Unveiled

01 21 2013

Attention Starbright Fans:

Starbright Floral Design is proud to introduce the NYC Frequent Flower program.    Starbright has always rewarded its clients with one of a kind service and incredible floral designs of unequaled value.  Now Starbright has found a way of making sure its loyal customers are rewarded in a money-wise manner and it’s hassle-free!

Here’s how it works.  Create a secure account in a matter seconds. You can start using your account immediately or the next time you send flowers.  Each time you sign in to your secure account, your order will be credited towards your reward gift voucher.  Upon spending $200 on flowers you will automatically receive a gift voucher for $25.  You have full management of your account, including express checkout options, order history, address book, cancellation and even important date reminders.  There is no time limit within which you have to accumulate your $200. Think about it… This is a really cool and effortless way to save or send someone lots more smiles.

Sign up now at:

If you have any questions about our program, please contact us at

Teleflora’s Super Bowl Spokesperson Exposed!

Starbright is a proud NYC president’s club member of Teleflora. Accordingly, we are privy to certain information not available to the general public. Every year millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl. Many viewers have little or no interest in the game. Rather, their sole interest lies in finding out who the new spokesperson will be on Teleflora’s Super Bowl Ads. This has been a guarded state secret, until now! We can no longer sit silent and watch our fans and patrons suffer through another Super Bowl just to watch a commercial. Accordingly we have decided to make this announcement: The new Teleflora spokesperson is super-model Adriana Lima.

Shop the new Adriana Lima inspired Teleflora NYC Valentine’s Day Collection here or our full range of Teleflora and Starbright’s NYC floral arrangements.

This has been public service memo brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, voted “The Best Florist of New York City”. Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers. Starbright delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.
Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of NYC” and most of the time we deliver flowers, love, passion and hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.
Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in! We would love to meet you….
Passionately yours,

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NYC Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gifts: A New Yorker’s Survival Guide

Roses, chocolates, gourmet baskets and mixed flower arrangements by Starbright in NYC and throughout the world will clearly deliver the desired message to a loved one on Valentine’s Day.   Flowers in concert with Godiva or Baci chocolate is a safe bet.  Even better, for the person who believes “one day is not enough to display my love for you”, is a blooming orchid plant guaranteed to excite for weeks to come.  For the person who believes “one day is not enough and I missed my chance to declare my love by jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch”, is a standing order of flowers to be delivered weekly or monthly (contact us for more details).

Tips on what not to do; the no-nos of valentine’s day gift giving.  Do not send a gift containing a thinly veiled message of “you’re fat”.  Examples of these are edible arrangements, gym membership or gift certificate to diet centers. Do not send a gift of flowers that travel in a box across the country.  Imagine how you would look and feel after a long airplane ride followed by a holdover in a warehouse, followed by handling by a freight operator working a double shift on a holiday somewhere.  The same holds true for those flowers.  Instead of delivering a smile and message of love, they deliver a lesson in mortality.  The number one no-no for Valentine’s day is to forget about it all together.  Avoid this tragic mistake by ordering your gifts from Starbright early and painlessly.

This public service memo is brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, voted “The Best Florist of New York City”.  Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers.  Starbright delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.

Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and most of the time we deliver flowers, love, passion and hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Sometimes we deliver yellow carnations.

Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….

Passionately yours,

The Official Florist

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BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS: A Neophyte Florist’s Timeline Diary of Valentine’s Day

We asked one of the members of our team that was with us for his first Valentine’s season in the flower business to chronicle his experiences through the week.  Filled with humor and an appropriate dose of sarcasm we learned more  about ourselves and what we do than we ever really expected to….  Step into our world for a behind the scenes look at the single craziest day of the year.  Accountants call it April 15th, farmers have harvest time, to the florist it is Valentine’s Day…. “Thank you for calling Starbright, can I help you?”

Our Design Team
St. Valentine was a martyr... May love and passion live forever!

-February 7th : One full week before Valentine ’s Day.  All I’ve heard since I began work here at Starbright Floral Design, was the nightmare that is Valentine’s Day.  I am a skeptic by nature and brimming with confidence that I can handle whatever challenges presented.  I dismiss my coworkers’ warnings as tall tales and nothing to fear.  Here we are 8:30 A.M. one full week before V-day and the sky is blue, the earth is still spinning on its axis, all is well. 9:00 A.M. I arrive to the scene of impending DOOM, Starbright Floral Design, 28th street, the flower district.  The store is abuzz.  Orders are coming in rapidly both telephonically and through the internet.  10:00 A.M. Staff meeting held discussing potential delivery problems.  Plans are in the works to start delivering to accepting businesses, such as hotels, at 4:00 A.M.  I spontaneously erupted in laughter.  My laughter was not reciprocated nor well received.  Is it possible this was not a joke?  Four A.M.?  The theme from the twilight zone is now deafening.  Day ends without further incident.  A busy day, but nothing too atypical.  Can’t wait for relaxing carefree night at home.

-February 10th : A few days have passed since my last entry.  Work has kept me busy.  Orders are now appearing on my desk magically.  The machine they call the Dove keeps printing what seems to be a copy of the Iliad.  A continuous flow of paper is fed into the machine printing order after order.  10:30 A.M.  Our purchasing department arguing over facts, figures and projections.   The consensus is that this is going to be a big one.   Fear and panic is abound.  Last minute orders are frantically placed to suppliers in Holland and other flower growers throughout the world.

-February 12th : 9:00 A.M. Fearful of poor customer service as a result of  taking orders beyond capacity has led to the decision to shut down the Dove.  I come from a business background.  The notion of turning away good and profitable orders was foreign to me.  When I questioned the move my coworkers’ glares were like weaponized lasers.  Management wasn’t as irritated by my inquiry.  It was explained that the floral industry is customer service driven.  Taking in orders that couldn’t be adequately serviced would result in unhappy customers.  Accordingly, the net effect on the business, long term, would be negative.  I understand the principle, but still believed it to be a  premature and perhaps  panic driven decision. 05:00 P.M.  My coworkers are looking increasingly weary and disheveled.  Some have clearly forgotten that personal hygiene is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy work environment.  Shaving appears to be a lost art to the men in the office (probably the women as well).

-February 13th:  8:00 A.M.  The place is a flurry of activity.  Hasn’t taken long to realize my Saturday night exploits were ill timed and will be regretted.  Word to the wise, don’t drink and floral design on Valentine’s day weekend.  I am unable to recover or catch my breath.  11:30A.M. Designers as far as the eye can see are preparing pre-Valentine’s day orders.  Nerves are frayed. Niceties such as “Good Morning” or “Hello” fall upon deaf ears or are responded to with a grumble.  Each designer appears to be genetically transforming into a snapping turtle. The phones are ringing incessantly with an ear piercing buzzing.  Never realized how annoying the phone ring was until now. 4:30 P.M. the order goes out for all available hands to start cleaning roses.  I had developed a case of laryngitis from the endless hours of phone calls rendering it painful to speak.  I need to conserve my voice for V-Day.  Accordingly I volunteer for the simple, mundane task involving a knife and thorny long stems.  6:15 P.M.  The monotonous task coupled with exhaustion has led to blood shed.  Several fingers have become victims of errant knife shavings.  Several other fingers suffered from thorn inflicted wounds rendering their use painful.  Luckily my middle digit was immune from injury and thus I was able to adequately express my feelings to my coworkers without the need for speech.    9:00 P.M. End of day staff meeting.    Nic Faitos, President of Starbright and our valiant leader begins a pep talk to the staff that would hopefully last through the following day –V-Day.  “Guys and gals, you are about to embark upon a great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. Your task will not be an easy one.  I have full confidence in your devotion to impeccable floral design and customer service. We will accept nothing less than the full satisfaction of our customers.  Let us all beseech the blessings of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.  Good Luck and I’ll see you at 5:00 A.M.”  I was inspired by his eloquent words and eager to meet the challenges of the following day.

-February 14th:  0500 hours V-Day.  Proper preparation has made the beginning of the day a time to strategize and ready ourselves for the coming battle.  I felt confident and prepared.  0530 hours –the first two delivery trucks are on the road.  With any luck we’ll have them back and reloading by 0900.    01000 hours, the phones are unleashing an endless barrage of sound blasts.  Oh the noise noise, noise!  Everyone is working at a fever pace.  There is no room for dilly or dally today.  01200 hours,  the lunch crowd is now filing in.  I think to myself, how much more can a person handle?  It is not long before I get my answer.  Several of the designers, both men and women, have been broken.  Tears are streaming down their faces.  I want to console them but don’t have the time, the energy or the empathy.  I have to commit all my energy to the common goal.  The flowers must be delivered and they must be beautiful!   01500 On a normal day I would be busy making dinner plans.  Today I have been recruited to insure that our all business deliveries are made before 01700.  The pressure is unrelenting.  I have broken into a cold flu like sweat and have trouble focusing.  The enormity of this logistics task quickly overwhelms me.  Near tears myself, I call for backup personnel.  01800 hours, the corporate deliveries have been made.  The second phase, home deliveries, is now well underway.   The last minute business crowd is now filing in.  I ponder if any of these last minute shoppers understood how challenging it was to give them that appreciative smile demanded of a Starbright employee.  02100 The day of days is coming to an end.  I have travelled through the valley of blood, sweat and tears and come out the other side smelling like roses.  I have a deep sense of accomplishment and pride.  I can’t believe I doubted the enormity of the task.  Twelve hundred deliveries in one day, made with grace, will not be forgotten soon.  I guess the day is best summed up by the immortal words of Davy Jones: “now I’m a believer.”

Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and most of the time we deliver flowers, love, passion and hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Sometimes we deliver yellow carnations.

Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….

Passionately yours,

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The Secret is Out! The History of Valentine’s Day (who created it and why)

For the endless romantic in all of us...
Valentine's Day.... Monday 14 February 2011

Those in the know claim that Valentine’s Day holiday celebrations are derived from Roman tradition. Many pagan traditions, such as Holloween, were adopted in some form by Christianity.  One legend has it derived from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalis.  The festival involved the young women of Rome placing their names in an urn.  The young men would then draw a name of a woman who would be their sexual companion for the year.  In 496 AD the Pope in Rome declared it a Christian holiday to be observed on February 14 in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who died in the third century.  The Roman Emperor Claudius II issued an edict forbidding marriage for young men.  Marriage made men emotionally attached to their family, therefore weak soldiers.  It is said Valentine was a Roman priest who was murdered because he held secret marriages in opposition to the emperor’s edict. Thus 14th of February became a day for all lovers and Valentine became its Patron Saint.

England climbed aboard the love train by the 18th century.  Gift-giving and exchanging hand-made cards on Valentine’s Day had become common. Hand-made valentine cards made of lace, ribbons, and featuring cupids and hearts became popular and handed to one’s love interest.  The tradition spread to the American colonies.  However, it wasn’t until the 1840’s when greeting cards were commercially produced that the holiday really caught on in the United States.  The first mass producer of the card were the brain child of Esther A. Howland.  The conspiracy theorist in me finds it extremely peculiar that the first mass marketer of Valentine’s Day, in an age when women’s rights were reserved to the right to keep quiet, was a woman.

Is it possible that Valentine’s Day was created by the sisterhood of women for the benefit of women for generations to come?  Here are some statistics:

85% of Valentine’s Day greetings cards are purchased by women-average price $1.99

75% of Valentine’s Day flowers are purchased by men-average price $85

75% of Valentine’s Day chocolates are purchased by men-average price $25

72% of Women polled would break up with their love interest if no gift is given on Valentine’s Day (the other 28% would accept a gift the day before or day after instead).

8% of men polled do not celebrate Valentine’s Day (100% of those men are alone)

Conclusion:  Valentine’s Day, from Roman times to today, created by women for women.  For that florists throughout say THANKS!

This scribe is brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps”.  Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers.  Starbright delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.

Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and most of the time we deliver flowers, love, passion and hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Sometimes we deliver yellow carnations.

Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….

Passionately yours,

The Official Florist

Starbright Floral Design

Located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District

150 West 28th Street, Studio 201.

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Sending Flowers – How a Romantic Man Should…

Lavish her with flowers  of the season...
It is amazing how you will be remembered by the flowers you send!

Well this is the second time I am writing on this subject as the first article that was written and met an overwhelmingly positive response.  Ka-billions of folks read it.  So without trying to rewrite the same article over again, I wanted to offer up a different perspective.

GUYS – your interest in a woman should be shown on many different levels.  Women notice little things and they will catch not only your little mistakes but also the little things that you do right.  So make your flower purchases part of what you do right.  Blow her away with the unexpected!

Here are some ideas to think about (I called them “rules” and then changed to “ideas” because there really are no “rules”):

Don’t send flowers only on the typical flower holidays (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, etc.).  If you limit your flower sending to just those types of days, you look predictable.  You appear as though you only send flowers because you could not figure out what else to do.  I am not saying NOT to send flowers on those occasions, but mix it up.  “Just because” is the BEST reason to send flowers of all.  If you do not have the budget to send flowers on the special days and on the non-special ones, then skip the birthday (do something else) and send flowers on one beautiful August morning with a note that says “I love you” or “Cannot stop thinking of you”!  It will mean a lot more because it is so unexpected and who does not want to be surprised?

Secondly, FORGET the dozen roses!  Again, roses make you look predictable (“ah just send her a dozen roses, all women love roses”… yada, yada).  Be a flower connoisseur (or at least look like one).   What is her favorite color?  Purple?  Then make her a bouquet of “everything purple” and so on.  Spend time with your florist in person or on the phone.  If your florist is unwilling to educate you and won’t spend time with you to share his love of flowers, then find a different florist.  Certainly if you come to Starbright ( we would love to share our passion with you and you will walk away with a Bachelor’s in Romance!  Learn the names of flowers, learn how long they last, what is in season, and so on.

You want to keep things interesting.  Imagine that if you send her peonies or hydrangea she will for the rest of her life remember only you when she sees this flower.  If you send roses (I hate to say this) but how many men do you think will come to mind?  Do you stand a chance of standing out?  Send interesting and unusual flowers!  There are enough varieties and colors for you to select from that you will never have to send the same flowers twice even if you send flowers ever week for an entire year.  Invest a little bit of time and your education will more than pay off.

Lastly, all these e-romance websites can claim all they want about having the best track record for bringing people together, making the most compatible matches and so on… While I cannot statistically prove this, I will claim that the following is true:

Send flowers to someone you love and the scent of the flowers will remind them of you for a very long time.  Flowers do keep romances alive, they make men sensitive and keep couples in love.  Make flowers your secret weapon and the special person in your life will be there forever.

Falling in love, Starbright Style is a truly unique experience.  We deliver fresh flowers daily anywhere in Manhattan or around the world.  Starbright is a full service florist and flower delivery service located on 28th Street in New York City in the heart of “New York City’s Historic Flower District.  Visit us at 150 West 28th Street (2nd floor), call us at 800.520.8999 or you can visit our website at to gain a much broader perspective on the work that we do.

Starbright Floral Design is the most reviewed and highest rated florist in Manhattan (by Citysearch) and also was voted the Best Florist in our area for your wedding as voted by The Knot (dot com).

“The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps” is also “The Official Florist of Romance”.

With love,

The Official Florist

Starbright Floral Design

150 West 28th Street, Studio 201, New York City.

Telephone: 800.520.8999

WEB address:

E-Commerce Portal:

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