Spring has Sprung-Springtime Flowers in NYC by Starbright Floral Design NYC

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Tulips are at that peak of their season. The Dutch varieties come in amazing colors!

New Yorkers it is time to rejoice. Spring flowers are here to whisk away the winter blues. Bright colored blossoms a plenty.  A plethora of flowers to choose from. Where do I start?  A good place would be with perhaps the most symbolic and popular images of spring; the Dutch Tulip.

Originally a wildflower growing in Central Asia, the Tulip was introduced in Europe and the Netherlands in the 17th century.  Colors, textures and shapes never seen before contributed to the Tulip’s meteoric rise in popularity amongst Europe’s elite.

Today they are commercially available all year long but their vibrancy and quality are peaking in springtime.

Starbright is fortunate to be situated in New York’s Flower Market making every variety and color Tulip available to our clientele.  Let Starbright Floral NYC help liberate those spring smiles from the winter blues with flower delivery in NYC.  Choose from a vast array of springtime NYC flowers from Starbright’s Springtime Collection.

For pictures follow this link.  Click here for another blog entry on Dutch Tulips!

This scribe is brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, NYC, Voted NYC’s “Best” florist.  Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers.  Starbright NYC delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.

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