At Starbright Floral Design, we’ve recently seen a huge increase in the popularity of succulent plants and gardens.

Succulent Garden
Succulent Garden from Starbright Floral Design

Succulents are notable for their appearance; their leaves or other parts tend to be broad and fleshy so that they can absorb and store water in dry environments. Some well-known succulents include cactus and aloe, but this unique type of plant goes well beyond those household names. From colorful echeveria to hardy sedum, there is a wide range of beautiful and versatile succulent plants that are getting lots of attention from gardeners, landscape architects, and wedding planners. As Pacific Horticulture states:

Succulents are hot! Landscape professionals and home gardeners…are expanding their plant palettes to include these uniquely functional plants. Over the last couple of years, landscape architects and designers have reported…that many clients are asking specifically for a custom-designed succulent garden. This is a big moment for succulents.

Of course, Starbright has some great options to get you started with your very own urban succulent garden. This Succulent Zen Garden comes in a handsome wooden container and would look absolutely wonderful on any mantle. Meanwhile, our Succulent Glass Menagerie would make the perfect centerpiece for a living room table. Whether you choose one of these or another beautiful succulent arrangements from our site, you’ll to know how to care for your new indoor garden. Here are some tips for keeping your succulents healthy and happy.

Succulent Garden
Succulent Garden from Starbright Floral Design

Tip #1: Water only when the soil has fully dried

Because succulents are made for retaining water, you can water them less than you would other indoor plants. Wait until the soil in which they’re planted is completely dry before you add any more water. In a humid climate like New York City’s in the summer, watering once every few days should suffice. Keep an eye out for overwatering by watching out for the stems constricting and turning black.

Tip #2: Give them light—but not direct midday sun

While it can be difficult in an indoor setting, it’s important to give your succulent garden natural light. But be careful: succulents prefer indirect light to direct, so a spot in a nice, bright room away from direct rays should be perfect. Tabletops and bookshelves can often be great spots for this. Some succulents will do well on brighter windowsills, but always be sure to check them for any signs of scorching.

Tip #3: Re-pot your succulents every year

Like many plants, succulents will do better if they are re-potted occasionally—once a year should be perfect. This allows them to continue growing without sacrificing the root structure. As for how to re-pot, Uncommon Goods has some advice:

Before introducing your plants to their new home give the bottom of the existing dirts/roots a bit of a scrunch. Flare the root structure out a bit. This will help it transition better into its new/bigger/better environment. This is something good to remember when planting anything anywhere. If you don’t break up the bundle they are used to having in their temporary store shells, they might be a little too shy to branch out (pun intended) into their new world.

Tip #4: Don’t worry too much about temperature!

Many people think that it’s important to keep succulents in constantly hot temperatures, but in fact, they can withstand cool temperatures above freezing. Since their native desert environments often grow cold at night, your indoor succulent garden should be more than able to survive both during hot summers and during the winter and at evening, when your indoor temperature may drop a bit.

Succulents are a great choice for adding a fresh look to your apartment, deck, or backyard. Nothing brightes up a space like a bit of living color.  Over at Starbright Floral Design will be more than happy to work with you on creating a great succulent arrangement that you can care for easily. 

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December Birth Flower: Poinsettia

Poinsettias and Christmas seem to go together like peas and carrots.  This association hasn’t always been the case.  Its roots stem from Mexican legend.  As legend has it, a child who could not afford a proper gift to offer the Christ child on Christmas Eve was left to pick weeds from the roadside. The child was told that any gift given in earnest and with love is valued in God’s eyes. When the child placed the weeds onto the church altar, they miraculously bloomed into a poinsettia with its bright red flowers.

Poinsettias are native to southern Mexico and Central America, where they may reach heights of sixteen feet. They are named after the first United States ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett.  A physician, politician and an avid amateur botanist, Dr. Poinsett sent samples of the plants to the U.S. in 1825 and by 1836 the plant had become commonly known as the poinsettia.

The Aztec Indians prized poinsettias (pronounced oohahargh-do in their native tongue) and considered them a symbol of purity because of their brilliant red color.  The Aztecs made a reddish dye from the flowers of the poinsettia.  They also made a medicine said to fight  fevers from the sap of the plant.  One common myth of the plant is that its sap is poisonous.  Although not tasty, it has not been found to be poisonous.

Today every festive holiday party is sure to contain the popular plant.  Its brilliant colors are sure to brighten any venue.

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This scribe is brought to you from all of us at Starbright Floral Design.  We are big supporters of all things to eradicate Leukemia.  We hope that you will join us in contributing to this fight.

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November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemums, flower with an identity crisis…

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb in the 15th Century BC.  The flower was brought to Japan in the 8th Century and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal.  The flower was brought to Europe in the 17th Century and named from the Greek for “Gold Flower”, a reflection of its original color.

The Chrysanthemum - November Flower....

These days the flowers come in various forms and can be daisy-like, decorative pompons, or buttons.  In addition to the traditional yellow, other colors are available such as white, purple and red.

In the United States, Chrysanthemums are identified as cheerful holiday flowers.  Fall arrangements and Thanksgiving Day Flowers in NYC and throughout the country incorporate Chrysanthemums in their decor.  However, many European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Croatia) have identified Chrysanthemums with death.  Accordingly, their use in floral arrangements is limited to funerals or on graves.

Other Uses:

Be sure to bring Chrysanthemums with you when taking a walk in the jungle.  The flower is considered a natural source as an insect repellent.  The Pyrethins when extracted and applied on the skin in an oil suspension or as a powder can be lethal to insects such as mosquitoes.  The Chinese have used the flower for its antiseptic and antibiotic qualities for centuries.

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At Finovate: A Starbright Demo

Exciting times at Starbright Floral Design!  We have been honored to be a part of the Finovate Conference at Pier 92 on Wednesday the 21st of September.  Our Senior Partner (Nic Faitos) will be available to the press during the conference.  We are excited  to be a part of this program and to be involved in new and creative ways to bring our services in front of millions of loyal customers across a variety of platforms.   Read on for some thoughts and ideas of what lies ahead!

We’re excited to announce that Starbright will be featured in a live demonstration in front of nearly 1,000 top banking executives at a conference called Finovate (meaning innovation in financial services).  Why would a florist be shown in a demonstration to bankers?  Because we just began a new marketing program designed to reward our best customers with offers linked to the debit or credit cards from their banks or card issuers.  It’s called a card-linked offer.  The company we partner with to create card-linked offers is Cartera Commerce, who is demonstrating its solution at Finovate, and asked Starbright to participate.

So what exactly is a card-linked offer?  Well, it’s very similar to another type of offer most consumers are familiar with: the Daily Deal.  Every day, many of us get emails from companies like Groupon or Living Social with discounts on products and services from local merchants.  While Daily Deals can help a local merchant get a lot of publicity and drive one-time sales, they aren’t very good at helping merchants reward their best, most loyal customers for their patronage.  That’s where card-linked offers come in.

As a business that focuses on building lasting relationships with our customers, Starbright sees value in programs that “thank” our loyal customers for shopping with us.  Card-linked offers are the latest and most innovative way to do that.  Why?  Because the offers are linked to the cards consumers already have and value.  So instead of having to pay up front for a Daily Deal and print out a voucher that may expire, card-linked offers reward our customers after they buy flowers in a currency they value – whether it’s cash back, points or frequent flier miles – right back on the card they used!

For example, American Airlines customers can now register a credit card, use it when they purchase flowers from Starbright, and earn frequent flier miles.  Imagine that – buying flowers to fly!   Our offer is also available to Priority Club™ rewards cardholders from Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), who can register a credit card, use it with Starbright, and earn bonus rewards points to use for free stays at a Holiday Inn or Crown Plaza Hotel.

Starbright Floral Design is located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District.  We are in a second floor loft space from where our customer’s orders get dispatched.  To learn more about our organization and the work that we do, we would like to invite you to visit our website at or you may call us at 800.520.8999.  Either way, we will be thrilled to hear from you and to be of service.

Starbright delivers flowers in Manhattan (our home city) as well as world-wide.  In addition to flowers, plants, fruit and gourmet baskets, balloons and the like we are also a go-to florist for events both corporate and personal.  Flowers, Festivals & Celebrations…. It is what we do!

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August Birth Flower: Gladiolus (U.S.) or Poppy (U.K.)


Gladiolus has been dubbed the flower of the Gladiators.   It represents strength of character, sincerity, generosity.  In the Victorian age with its secret language of flowers it was said to represent “love at first sight”. Gladiolus derives its name from the latin word for sword and is sometimes called the sword lily.  As a member of the iris family it contains about 260 species.   Only about 10 are native to Europe the rest are native to southern Africa.  The species vary from very small to the spectacular giant flower spikes you see in floral designs. The flower stalk of the Gladiolus contains an extended row of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers, all of which face in one direction. Their colors include pink to reddish or light purple with white, contrasting markings, or white to cream or orange to red.



All species of poppies are attractive and most are cultivated as ornamental plants.   In Europe the poppy is a common weed and found in many locales including Flanders, the setting for the famous poem by the Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae “In Flanders Fields”.  However, A few species are cultivated as sources of drugs and foods. The opium poppy is so widely used, for both drugs and food, that its worldwide production is monitored by international agencies. It produces opium, opiates, poppy seeds and poppy seed oil.

Poppies have long been used as a symbol of both sleep and death.  Sleep because of the opium extracted from them, and death because of the common blood-red color of the red poppy.  In Greek and Roman myths, poppies were used as offerings to the dead.  Poppies used as emblems on tombstones symbolize eternal sleep.

In the United Kingdom poppies are traditionally worn on lapels each November in remembrance of those who died serving their country (symbol coming from Flanders Field).  In November 2010 the U.K.’s prime minister and his aides wore the poppies on their lapels during a visit to China nearly causing an international incident and damaging relations between the two countries.  The Chinese took offense because the poppy reminds the Chinese of the many Chinese who died at the hands of the English during the Opium wars fought in the 1800’s.  The Chinese insisted the Poppies be removed.  The Prime Minister informed the Chinese that poppies meant a great deal to them and the English people and refused to remove them.

Artificial poppies (called “Buddy Poppies”) are used by the Veterans of Foreign Wars as a source of financial assistance to disabled veterans who assemble them.  VFW conducted its first poppy distribution before Memorial Day in 1922, becoming the first veterans’ organization to organize a nationwide distribution. The poppy soon was adopted as the official memorial flower of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Today, VFW Buddy Poppies are still assembled by disabled and needy veterans in VA Hospitals.   The minimal cost of Buddy Poppies to VFW units provides compensation to the veterans who assemble the poppies, provides financial assistance in maintaining state and national veterans’ rehabilitation and service programs and partially supports the VFW National Home for orphans and widows of our nation’s veterans.

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July Birth Flower: Larkspur

The Larkspur

Never heard of it?  Ask a cowboy and chances are you’ll get an expletive filled description of this beautiful flower.   The flower is low maintenance and grows freely in the wild.  It’s when it makes its way to grazing pastures that cowboys have a problem with the larkspur.  It is highly poisonous to cattle and has led to untold numbers of deaths.  The larkspur is a tall beautiful flower variation of the delphinium.  The long spike of the flower reminded people of the nose of a dolphin.  Delphinium is Greek for “dolphin”. The spike also reminded some people of parts of the lark, thus the name larkspur (Shakespeare referred to it as lark’s heel).  Like characteristics of the people born in July the flower stands for lightheartedness and levity.

The larkspur is a great addition to any tall floral arrangement.  Its tall, beautiful spikes come in a variety of colors and accentuate the beauty of all its surrounding flowers or can stand on its own.   The flowers typically bloom in the summer months between  June and September.  Found throughout the world today, its origin can be traced back to the birthplace of civilization, Greece. Shortly after the death of Achilles, at the behest of Athena (Achilles’ mother) it was decided that his armor was to be given to the bravest Greek warrior.  Having proven himself in battle repeatedly and even personally rescuing the armor and body of Achilles from the Trojans, Ajax was the odds on favorite.  To the dismay of most, particularly Ajax, the armor was awarded to Odysseus instead.  Dejected and disgraced, Ajax killed himself.  The Scarlet larkspur began to grow where Ajax’s blood was spilled.  Today, the scarlet larkspur occurs naturally in coastal climates. Canyons and its surrounding areas are a favorite for the Orange larkspur. Blue larkspur is common in the southeastern United States.

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, larkspur has medicinal value as well.  The seeds are ground to a powder and used to treat toothaches.  In the civil war, soldiers used the powder in their hair to kill lice.  Transylvanians used the blue variation of the flower to ward off witches.  New Yorkers include it in their floral displays to ward off the blues.

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