March Birth Flower: Oh That Daffodil Itch

Daffodil - Springtime is here!
The Daffodil Blooms as the First Flower of Spring

The Narcissus is synonymous to the Daffodil.  The Daffodil is simply the English name for the flower which derives its name from the Greek mythological figure called Narcissus.  Narcissus was a young man who was so obsessed with his own reflection in a pool of water that he fell into the water and drowned.  The Narcissus plant first sprang up at the location of his death and thus the birth of the Daffodil itch.  This Greek myth has led the Daffodil being a symbol of unrequited love.   China has a somewhat different view of the Daffodil.  It is revered and has become a symbol of Chinese New Year.  It is said if it blooms on Chinese New Years, you are in store for extra wealth and good fortune for the year.

In moderate climates Daffodils flower among the earliest blooms in spring. Daffodils often grow in large clusters and cover entire hillsides. Their rhythmic movements in the wind inspired the  famous poem Daffodils, by William Wordsworth.  “…And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”  All  Daffodil species have a central trumpet surrounded by a ring of six floral leaves.  The traditional daffodil consisted of a yellow color all over.  Today both in the wild and due to breeding, blooms range in colors to include yellow, white, orange, pink, red and green.

The Daffodil itch is not a term of endearment referencing the excitement of spring’s approach.  Instead, it is a term used by florists describing the itchy skin condition caused by exposure to the sap of the Daffodil.  The Daffodil contains alkaloid chemicals throughout making it very bitter and toxic if ingested.  The toxicity is dangerous if confused for an onion and ingested.  However it makes the Daffodil the perfect plant for those of you whose property has been overrun by rodents.  Deer and all rodents will leave the Daffodil unmolested.

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