Peonies Coming Soon!!!

Is there anything more richly glamorous or lushly romantic than the overflowing blossoms of peonies? Although our plant and flower emporium in New York City is abounding with endless options, peonies are the spring flower that our designers always swoon over. With peony season right around the corner, we wanted to give our beloved friends and clients the inside scoop on the flower that sets all of our hearts at Starbright aflutter.  

The gradation of shades for peonies and their incredible petals are stunning.

Adored throughout New York City as one of the most romantic flowers (inspired, perhaps by their ubiquitous presence in the NYC-based Gossip Girl tv show), peonies are also one of the longest-used flowers in Eastern cultures. Known as the “flowers of riches and honor” in China, the bloom has been crowned the “King of Flowers” in Japan, and it is easy to see why. Their unique and stunning beauty can leave anyone breathless, in bunches or as a single, perfect bloom.

Indeed, the history of peonies is as rich and varied as their blossoms. There are many wonderful myths about peonies and the origin of the flower. One of our favorites is that there was once a beautiful nymph named Paeonia, who Apollo flirted with. When Paeonia realized that Aphrodite was watching them, she flushed and Aphrodite turned her into a peony, imbuing the flower with bashfulness. Why Aphrodite turned Paeonia into a flower, we aren’t sure — but we are thrilled to have peonies as one of our most cherished blooms in New York City!

Peonies make dazzling bouquets and are sure to delight the even the most discerning.

Peonies have long been associated with health and prosperity, so long, in fact, that water would be infused with the petals of peonies and drunk in the Middle Ages. Today, the petals are added to salads or beverages to add an unexpected, delightful floral essence. In England, children used to wear the root of the peony around their necks to ward off pain from teething. Peony seeds used to be swallowed to fend off nightmares, and while we hope it helped, we would imagine that a garden filled with peonies would do that, as well!

The generous bloom can range in size anywhere from 2 – 10 inches. While we must admit that we adore peonies when they are on the larger end of the spectrum, there is something particularly enchanting about the smaller peonies and how they infuse a bouquet with their precious intricacy.

The bright fuchsia in a peony is magical.

Peonies are like no other flower to be found anywhere in New York City. The depth and variation of their hues alone are enough to make Starbright’s designers wax poetic all season long. Traditional peonies range in color from the purest white to soft pinks, charming rose-colored and decadent reds. Today, we’re seeing an expansion of color offerings, including the endlessly fascinating coral, rich purples, deep mahogany and happy yellows. While we love all of the tints of colors that peonies come in, there is something so classically beautiful about peonies in pink that will always take our breath away.

Pink peonies are always among our favorites, though all of the colors are gorgeous!

We are thrilled to announce that with the start of peony season, there will be a new and dynamic section of the Starbright website that will be catering specifically to your peony whims. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on these exciting developments and hope that as peonies begin to bloom, so will your adoration of these truly incredible flowers.

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August Birth Flowers in NYC: Gladiolus


Gladiolus has been dubbed the flower of the Gladiators.   It represents strength of character, sincerity, generosity.  In the Victorian age with its secret language of flowers it was said to represent “love at first sight”. Gladiolus derives its name from the latin word for sword and is sometimes called the sword lily.  As a member of the iris family it contains about 260 species.   Only about 10 are native to Europe the rest are native to southern Africa.  The species vary from very small to the spectacular giant flower spikes you see in floral designs. The flower stalk of the Gladiolus contains an extended row of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers, all of which face in one direction. Their colors include pink to reddish or light purple with white, contrasting markings, or white to cream or orange to red.


Once upon a time Gladiolus were viewed as an upscale, highly sought after flower but fell into the sympathy arrangement niche.  However, we’ve recently seen a resurgence of the Gladiolus in NYC.    Many upscale restaurants and hotels in NYC have once again incorporated the Gladiolus in their floral decor.



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Roses, Roses, Roses: June’s Birth Flower

Roses in NYC are as plentiful as NYC birthdays.  Every year millions of roses are gifted in NYC for any number of occasions.  In June, the appropriate floral gift is the rose as it is June’s birth flower.  Rich in popularity as a symbol of love and romance it hasn’t always been so.   In fact, the rose was first looked upon as a symbol of war.  A civil war that raged on from 1455-1487 between the House of York and the House of Lancaster.   The House of York adopted a white rose, the House of Lancaster was represented by a red rose. The war has been dubbed “The War of the Roses”.  The winner of this war, Tudor Henry VII (The Tudors), merged his Lancastrian rose with the rose of his York bride and thus the creation of the Tudor Rose, the Rose of England.

Roses, Roses, Roses in NYC

In later years the rose evolved into a form of language creating a secret means of communication between lovers.   In the mid 18th century the wife of the British ambassador in Constantinople described this language in her letters.  Largely due to the publication of her letters after her death, we have the code necessary to decipher the intricate language of roses.  For example if you want to ask your love interest “will you love me?”, send an open white rose.    Want to ask  “Don’t you love me any more?” , send an open yellow rose.      Want to say “I respect and look up to you” then send a bouquet of white roses.   Red roses signify  “forever I Love You”.  However a bouquet of red and white roses state “Together we are one and united”.  Want to declare your attraction to someone but don’t want to go as far as declaring your undying love, then purple roses are the way to go.  Colors alone aren’t enough to deliver the complex messages of love.  In combination with the colors, the number and degree of bloom of the roses have also been assigned meaning.  A dozen roses says  “Be Mine”.   Thirteen roses tells someone we’ll be friends forever.  Three dozen roses expresses “I’m head over heels in love!”.  Six dozen roses or more says “my love for you is limitless”.  In addition to its Victorian assigned message, this last one says “I’m a Starbright Gold club member”!!!.

Regardless of its diverse assigned meanings, the one constant is the rose’s undeniable beauty.  The recipient of a beautiful arrangement of roses is always appreciative.

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Flower File : Anthurium


Quick Notes /

Technically an herb, Anthurium is found across Mexico, northern South America and the Caribbean. It features a tall, thin flower in the hip of a broad, flat leaf. Great for floral arrangements, anthurium will last a while.


Visual Notes /

Anthurium comes in a wide range of colors, across over 163 species. With anthurium, the sky’s the limit! Most typically, you’ll see the waxy leaves in green, white or red, with the flower usually being matching or yellow in color.


History /

In 1889, the first anthurium was brought to Hawaii from London. For over 120 years, the anthurium has been Hawaii’s most-exported decorative item – this includes beating sales of hula skirts, ukuleles and hula-ing bobble women.

Inside Info /

These are poisonous plants! Not a good call for environments with small children, pets or college kids experimenting with veganism.

Green Anthurium
Green Anthurium





Pincushion Protea
Pincushion Protea


With a wide variety of styles and typically larger bud sizes, a protea bouquet is a dynamic choice for situations that want a bold floral statement.
According to the language of flowers, proteas symbolize diversity and courage.
With over 1,400 cultivated varieties, there’s quite a bit of variance among members of the protea family. There are three dominant petal shapes – feathery spikes, leafy spades, and more stiff colored scallops. Buds come in a wide variety of colors, as well, with individual petals often showing color gradation. Overall, protea tends to be large enough to act as the focal point of an arrangement.
Named by the famed botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1735 for Proteus, a Greek water god who could change it’s form at will, to allude to the dizzying array of shapes the plant comes in. Native to southern and eastern Africa, protea are among the only flowers who’s nectar was used as a sweetener. The Boers of South Africa called sweeteners made from protea nectar bossiestroop, which was more-or-less rainwater and plant nectar drained from the flower into a bucket, cooked down into a syrup, and used to sweeten tea.
Pincushion protea are an especially interesting plant – the long spiky petals have enough structure that they are able to serve as creative placecard holders or picture frames.

November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemums, flower with an identity crisis…

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb in the 15th Century BC.  The flower was brought to Japan in the 8th Century and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal.  The flower was brought to Europe in the 17th Century and named from the Greek for “Gold Flower”, a reflection of its original color.

The Chrysanthemum - November Flower....

These days the flowers come in various forms and can be daisy-like, decorative pompons, or buttons.  In addition to the traditional yellow, other colors are available such as white, purple and red.

In the United States, Chrysanthemums are identified as cheerful holiday flowers.  Fall arrangements and Thanksgiving Day Flowers in NYC and throughout the country incorporate Chrysanthemums in their decor.  However, many European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Croatia) have identified Chrysanthemums with death.  Accordingly, their use in floral arrangements is limited to funerals or on graves.

Other Uses:

Be sure to bring Chrysanthemums with you when taking a walk in the jungle.  The flower is considered a natural source as an insect repellent.  The Pyrethins when extracted and applied on the skin in an oil suspension or as a powder can be lethal to insects such as mosquitoes.  The Chinese have used the flower for its antiseptic and antibiotic qualities for centuries.

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October’s birth flower: Good for the Eyes and Good for the Soul

The Marigold is the October birth flower.  Its list of uses is as long as its rich history.  However, its use in floral arrangements is not advisable.  Marigolds do not survive for long when cut.  Accordingly, birthday flowers for October babies play off the rich color of the flower and autumn floral arrangements are the norm.

The Marigold is native to southern Europe but do well in North America as well.  Seeds planted in April take root in any type of soil in full sun or medium sun locales.  Practically no care is required other than weeding and pruning. Marigolds bloom from June until the first frost kills them.  However, their death is short lived reappearing with young plants in the spring.

Religious Worship:

In India, the marigold is considered a sacred flower.  Hindus devote the marigold to gods and goddesses in religious ceremonies.

Medicinal Uses:

Plant pharmacological studies have indicated that Marigold extracts have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities.  Marigold solutions have been used topically to treat acne, reduce inflammation, control bleeding, and sooth irritated tissue.  The petals are edible and can be used fresh in salads or dried or used as a replacement for saffron.  Eaten in salad, Marigold petals have been shown to relieve abdominal cramping and constipation.

Demonic Evictions:  Sixteen century herbalists used the marigold to remove evil spirits from one’s head while simultaneously strengthening eyesight.  According to folklore, all Linda Blair and Emily Rose needed was a blossoming marigold plant placed in her bedroom (ironic that a marigold is needed in a rose bedroom).  Once the girls stared at the marigold petals their demons depart and would return to the wonderful little girls they were before their demonic possessions.  Coincidently, children throughout the New York area have been growing marigolds in classrooms and day care centers as classroom projects since I was a kid.  The stated scholastic reason is that it teaches the kids about germination.  However, many teachers have been heard branding our children as “little devils” (mine of course, can only be mistaken for angels).   Perhaps there’s something else going on.

This scribe is brought to you from all of us at Starbright Floral Design.  We are big supporters of all things to eradicate Leukemia.  We hope that you will join us in contributing to this fight.

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