Cherry Blossom Delivery in NYC-Time is Running Out!

New Yorkers view Cherry Blossoms as a treat of spring.  They’re splendor in nature is awe-inspiring.   They bloom briefly as puffs of white and pink, reminiscent of clouds, and their petals fall gently like snow.  If only there was a way to enjoy cherry blossoms in the comfort of your NYC residence.  That was the thought that sparked Starbright’s cut cherry blossom delivery displays.  Since the cherry blossom arrangements have gone online in NYC there has been proverbial run on the bank.  Whether for the home or the business, New Yorkers can not get enough of the  displays.  However, they won’t last for long, time is running out to enjoy these displays.

Cherry Blossom delivery in NYC

Fun Facts:

Cherry blossoms, sometimes called sakura, are from the prunus genus.  Cherry blossoms are widely appreciated for their beauty and grace – they’re not just viewed on the tree, but blowing in the wind and blanketing the ground as well.  For the interest of their patrons, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are protective of their blooms. Since removing anything from a New York City park is illegal, you won’t be able to take even a fallen blossom with you. That way, there’s more for everyone to enjoy.

But you may still want these bursts of spring sakura at home…

Cherry branch
Preparing an arrangement of cherry blossoms takes some elbow grease – leave it to the professionals

“The cherries’ only fault: the crowds that gather when they bloom”

— Saigyo, 12th-century poet

For generations and generations, cherry blossoms have been a source of inspiration and motivation, a sign of friendship and Spring.  They are referenced in one of the first novels, The Tale of Genji, and in countless poems and artworks.  Because of the brief duration of their blooming season, sakura are often used to symbolize the concept of mono no aware – which may be translated as an empathy towards the impermanence of things, life and love.  The cherry blossoms remind us to appreciate the fleeting nature of all things and to embrace the moment.

barbara with cherry blossom
Barbara fixing a very tall arrangement of branches with cherry blossoms

One of Starbright Floral Design’s favorite arrangements to make this time of year is composed of cherry blossom branches to help bring Spring to your home or office after a long, cold New York City winter.  But come in quick! The season is short and these arrangements are always in high demand.

If you decide to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the blossoms, or Starbright Floral Design NYC in order to take some home, we hope you’ll share your pictures with us!

Catch them if you can New York City!

cherry blossom petals
Cherry Blossoms don’t last long – catch them before they all fall down!

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC-Celebrate With Flowers!

LS025It’s March 17 which means it’s celebration time. Every year the Irish and the Irish for a day celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What began as celebration of the patron saint of Ireland has become a celebration of everything Irish. NYC is renowned for its incredible population increase of people who claim to be Irish on March 17. Festivals, parades, parties and feast throughout the world reign the day. What feast or celebration is complete without flowers? Although blue was initially the color of St. Patrick’s day it has universally been replaced by Green. NYC flower lovers and connoisseurs have always supplemented their traditional celebrations with flowers.

LS034Conclusion:  Flower gift giving on St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition that we humbly and hopefully submit should be universally accepted!  Enjoy the day everyone, with flowers or without (preferably with).

This scribe is brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, “The Official Florist of the CityLS041 that Never Sleeps”.  Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers.  Starbright delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.

Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and most of the time we deliver flowers, love, passion and SQ398_445x390hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Sometimes we deliver St. Patrick’s Day flowers.

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s day, it’s sunny, it’s raining-any day, give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….



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March Flower Files: Daffodils

“Daffodils” by William Warby

NYC Floral enthusiasts rejoice! The beloved daffodil is back in season. Here at Starbright, we’re prepping the stems and getting ready for Spring!


Daffodil Notes /

Daffodils are often considered to be some of the sunniest flowers around; they are among the first wild flowers to appear in Spring and are the official flower of the month of March. They are most commonly found in yellow or white, though orange and pink varieties exist as well. The unique shape of the bloom, with its six petal-like tepals surrounding a trumpet-shaped corona is easy to identify though it is called by many names including: narcissus, jonquil, and daffadowndilly.

Daffodils are native to the Mediterranean. They were initially brought to England by the ancient Romans who believed the blooms had medicinal properties…which is not at all true. The flowers have toxic crystals that can irritate the skin, repel garden pests, and even wilt other flowers in the same vase unless treated properly.


Inside Info /
  • Daffodils are some of the first flowers to bloom; they can actually grow straight through the snow
  • Bring a bundle of daffodils to a friend, but never a single bloom. One daffodil on it’s own predicts misfortune!
  • Daffodils are a symbol of hope and friendship today.


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NYC Flowers for Men – We Like Them Too!

Valentine’s Day is coming up – it’s already February 4th, so there’s only ten days to go. If you’re still looking for a special flower arrangement for the man in your life (or men!) you might do well going with a plant or floral arrangement from Starbright Floral Design.

This week we brought in a different kind of expert. We’re going to turn it over to Theo, a genuine Male New Yorker, to give you the straight skinny on floral gifts for men.

On a base level, giving flowers says “I want your world to be more beautiful.” Take it from a man – we like beauty, too. Sticking a nose in a bouquet of flowers, unwrapping those flowers and then putting them somewhere to look at is something everyone enjoys, regardless of gender. Ditto for succulent gardens – they can live forever with a just a little water and sunlight, and they’re basically ancient plants. Having a succulent on your desk is basically like a having a dinosaur on your desk, only without the risk of getting eaten.

Boys like flowers too
Apple Lime Ice from Starbright Floral Design

This is a great example of the archetypal “floral gift for men.” “This looks nothing like his grandmother’s rose garden,” says Theo. “Instead, we’ve got an eye-catching color paired with a strong, angular arrangement. This would look great in the home, NYC apartment or office. With green orchids, green grass and naturally-polished river rocks this is sure to be a pleaser.”



Boys like plants too!
Succulent Gardens

If you think the man in your life would enjoy tending to a tiny garden one of our Succulent Gardens is definitely the right choice. “New York City can feel like a concrete jungle sometimes – why not bring in some of the real jungle? This is the gift that keeps on giving, too – succulents last for a very long time, and even if he doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs these are pretty hard to kill.”



Starbright Floral Design
Falling for you

What about an arrangement for the man with an eye for a bit more color? “”Falling for you” is a great choice, with a structure reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge’s radiating support wires and arcing buttresses. Roses have been given to men since the days of Ancient Rome – this tradition fits into modern New York just fine.”

So there you have it! Men like flowers, plain and simple (and, in fact, it seems like they like their flowers plain and simple.) If you have any questions for us or Theo drop them in the comments below, or just call us up at the shop!


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NYC Flower Files: Ornithogalum

Ornithogalum arabicum
Ornithogalum Notes /

NYC flower shops love this unique bloom. The designer’s at Starbright are no exception.  To see an example of a NYC Flower arrangement containing Ornithogalum see herein. These readily available blooms are a favored addition to Starbright’s weekly flowers in NYC program for their extra long vase-life.   There are four common varieties of of ornithogalum that tend to show up in cut flower arrangements. The difference between these blooms is primarily in the shape of the flowering head. Conical and drooping or round like a button, most ornithogalum blooms have delicate white petals and a striking black center; the exception is ornithogalum dubium whose petals range from yellow to bright orange. Ornithogalum is native to Africa and Eurasia, but it’s long bloom-time and sweet smell have made it a garden favorite worldwide. However, with the help of pollinating bees, some of these garden varieties have crossed their fences and become invasive species.

Ornithogalum Flower Meaning/

Ornithogalum arabicum is often referred to as star of Bethlehem or Arabian star flower. Because of this biblical association, many people prefer this blossom for it’s symbolic representation of purity, hope, and happiness. Ideal for a romantic bouquet, ornithogalum is favorite of old-time romantics.

Ornithogalum Inside Info /
  • Some varieties of ornithogalum can be toxic if ingested and others may cause skin irritation if handled for prolonged periods of time. Be careful of this lovely bloom around children and animals.
  • Popular names for ornithogalum include Star of Bethlehem, Nap at Noon, Snowdrop, Arabian Star Flower,  Eleven-o’clock Lady, Sleepydick, Arabian Star Flowers.

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NYC Flower Files: Delphinium

Delphinium Notes /

NYC flower shops adore the delphinium for its vibrant blue hue.  The designer’s at Starbright are no exception.  They are a long lasting flower and are ideal to be incorporated in Starbright’s weekly flowers in NYC program. This popular bloom is commonly known as larkspur, but in the shop we call it Delphinium. Delphinium is a large genus of about 300 species of flowering plants that are all categorized in the family Ranunculaceae. Yes, that’s right, despite appearances, the Delphinium is actually a member of the buttercup family (as is the ranunculus, anemone and a bunch of other favorites flowers around the shop). There is a lot of variety amongst the Delphinium genus. Depending on the variety, a delphiniums bloom stalk can be as short as 4 inches to as tall as 2 meters. There are also a variety of colors available, though the classic blue is one of Starbright Floral Design’s favorites, Delphinium varietals can also be available in purple, pink, yellow, and white.

Delphinium Flower History/

Delphinium recieved it’s names from the ancient Greeks who thought that the shape of the nectary looked like that of a leaping dolphin. Many years later, in England, the Delphinium received a new nickname – larskpur – because the shape of the nectary resembled a larks claw. Their popularity increased from there and many hybrids were bred from Delphiums sourced from all over the world. Today’s common delphinium is a product of much cultivation. It is a common flower in gardening shows and is often featured in displays or specialized competitions.

Delphinium Inside Info /
  • Parts of delphinium plants have been used to create blue dyes and inks.
  • Delphinium is highly toxic to people and animals


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Starbright NYC Flower Files: Genisteae


Common Broom
Genisteae, Common Broom

Broom Commercial Use /

With it’s small flowers and slender greens, genisteae, also known as broom, has a uniquely airy appearance and sweet smell. Cut broom will last about a week in an arrangement. Top Florists in NYC, including Starbright Floral design, love to use this accent flower in arrangements calling for fragrance. To guarantee longevity of cut broom, and many other flowers, keep these blooms away from ripe fruits and drafty windows.

Broom Notes /

The Broom family of plants include evergreens (plants that are green year-round), semi-evergreens (plants that keep their leaves through winter, replacing them in spring), and deciduous shrubs. The Genisteae family – Brooms are a member – dates all the way back to the Paleogene Period. Genistae are native to many continents in one form or another, but the greatest diversity found among broom plants can be found in the Mediterranean. But wherever they grow, many broom plants share similar characteristics – small leaves and fragrant flowers fixed to flexible slender green stems. The broom flowers are generally yellow, white, orange, red, pink or purple.  

Broom History/

Wayyyy back in the 12th century Geoffrey V, the Count of Anjou, leaned over and plucked a yellow broom plant from the rocky ground and fixed it into his helmet before leading his men into battle. This gesture led to the nickname Geoffrey Plantagenet – Plantaganet can roughly be translated as “Plant Genistrae.” When Geoffrey V later became the Duke of Normandy through conquest, and then the husband of empress dowager Matilda, he became the father of the Plantagenet family. The Plantagenets would go on to rule Britain for 300 years. The conflict that ended their rule was called, believe it or not, the “War of the Roses.”

Inside Info /

Broom has a number of applications, here are some of our favorites :

  • Broom contains tannin, which once-upon-a-time was used to curing leather.
  • Broom branches are slender and flexible. This made them ideal for early sweeping utensils and basket weaving.
  • Though we now consider broom toxic, the seeds were once roasted and used as a substitute for coffee; young shoots were used to replace hops in beer production.
  • Broom can actually help the environment by removing nitrogen from the air.

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NYC West Village Flowers- Starbright’s Inspirations Series

Inspired by NYC's West Village
Inspired by NYC’s West Village

New York City flower arrangements and floral designer’s draw their inspiration from all that is beautiful.  NYC neighborhoods each have their own distinct vibe and beauty.  It is this vibe and beauty that our floral designers aim to capture in their NYC flower arrangements.  In this series, Starbright’s Floral designers bring their personal style to the table and mix up something special for their favorite neighborhoods in New York City. The above is an illustration of NYC West Village Flowers inspired by our designer’s artistic floral interpretation of the West Village in NYC available for flower delivery to the West Village NYC!   Watch as an original NYC flowers arrangement is crafted from beginning to end by one of our talented designers.

This week, Byron brings tropicals out to celebrate the life, love, and energy, which makes up the spirit of the West Village in New York City with flowers. First he begins with a classic layer of lemon leaves, followed by hydrangea, amaryllis, bells of Ireland, roses, calla lilies, anthurium, and orchids.

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NYC, The Roses are coming, the roses are coming!

NYC beware, Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Soon, roses in NYC will number in the millions.  Starbright Floral Design, is keenly aware of how roses in NYC are an integral part of Valentine’s Day floral gift giving.  In fact, Valentine’s Day flowers in NYC and red roses in NYC are synonymous to many New Yorkers.     Therefore we thought it’d be a good time to go over some rose history and get to know how some deep rooted traditions sprang up around these flowers that has NYC oh-ing and ah-ing come Valentine’s Day.

the appeal of red roses is pretty obvious to us!

Why are Roses sent

Roses in History

Roses are one of humanity’s oldest commodity goods. There are two main families of rose – Mediterranean and Oriental. The Mediterranean rose was extensively harvested by societies in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and the Greek City States. In general, the ancient world used the rose as decoration – in addition to a lovely visual, a rose also offers a strong fragrance, so it makes sense that the bloom would be adopted early as a go-to cultivar.

With the fall of the Roman Empire we would expect to see a fall of the rose – and in a sense, we sort of do. At this point in human history, monks and their monasteries are popping up to hold on to/pass-on the ancient world’s medicinal secrets – and the rose has a starring role. Rose oil, pressed from rose hips, has curative properties that ease many stomach concerns, and also help manage blood pressure. NOTE: YOU ARE NOT A MEDIEVAL MONK – IF YOU NEED MEDICAL ADVICE, YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR DOCTOR, NOT READ OUR BLOG! WE DO NOT SUGGEST YOU ACTUALLY TAKE ROSE HIP OIL WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR PHYSICIAN. This is very, very lucky for the rose – as Europe transitioned out of the Dark Ages and into the Medieval era, monasteries became the nodes that the rest of society would rebuild around. Think about it – you’re a merchant, your country has just about seen the last of the bubonic plague, and it’s time to go consolidate populations a little bit like ya do, when over half of the population gets wiped out by the plague. Where are you going to go? You’re probably going to set up near one of those medicine- and beer- and cheese-producing monasteries, because medicine, beer and cheese are all necessary things. This is where you’re going to get your flowers, too – and that’s where the rose comes in.

Roses are one of the prime commodity goods exchanged by upper-class European citizens from about 500CE-1875CE. They have utility (medicine), they are relatively hardy, and most importantly they can be endlessly hybridized. When you’re looking at a commodity’s value, what’s happening is you’re evaluating the average cost of that good in the market, in comparison to the quality of the good in front of you. With rose plants, you need to keep in mind that while the rose originally comes from warm climates, most of Europe is cold. Many hybrids make the plant hardier or longer-blooming, or maybe they’ll bloom more times per year, or maybe the hips are big enough that a short grow season isn’t awful, or…Roses are an interesting commodity. Today there are lots of varieties and lots of colors and even a lot of shapes and sizes.

The rose’s history as a commodity good is not dissimilar to that of an engagement ring. Both goods were originally given to help provide an economic foundation in times of extreme stress. With an engagement ring, for example, it was understood that the provider in the marriage might die. In that event, the ring could be sold and a new living situation could be arranged. Roses, too, are high-value gifts – although in the modern era, we cut our flowers, so this symbolism has been obscured by all the other romance of the occasion. Extravagance for extravagance’s sake never hurt anybody!

2015 Valentine’s Day Roses in NYC

Roses cleaning
Alex finds a new love for rosesValentine’s Day Roses 2015

So why are we bringing all of this to your attention? Nic Faitos, the founder of Starbright, has given us permission to clue you in, dear reader – the roses are going to be cheaper if you order them before January 20th. Roses are an “inelastic commodity” – there are only going to be as many roses available for purchase on February 14th as there were grown, picked and shipped by February 13th, and no matter what the vast majority of consumers will be after some roses. In this scenario – “there’s a rush on a thing who’s quantity is finite” – the single best move you can make is to get in early, so you can maximize your dollar’s value.

Rose Cleaning
Patti Ann cleaning roses at Starbright Floral Design

Right now, roses in NYC within e-commerce websites are being sold without regard to the inevitable demand driven cost increases.  The skyrocketing wholesale cost of the roses have a corresponding effect on consumer prices.   So if you have a special person you’re planning to send long stemmed red roses in NYC for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, placing an order with Starbright sooner rather than later can help you stretch your resources.






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Flower Notes /

Probably native to the Mediterranean, the carnation has been continuously harvested for over 2,000 years – along with jasmine and roses, carnations are among the three oldest “beauty” crops cultivated by ancient man. Carnations are very, very easy to grow – all they need is full sun, loose neutral soil and a little water. They’re full of symbolism, too – get them in white for someone who could use good luck, like a recent graduate, or for a going-away gift when someone changes jobs. The pink carnation stands for unforgettable love – especially from Mom! The purple carnation symbolizes unpredictability and wit, so it’s good for a birthday or bridal shower. Striped carnations symbolize regret – they’re ideal for funerals. The yellow blooms signify disappointment – this is the perfect bloom for a bouquet that says “I don’t want to date you anymore” (say it with flowers, right?) Be careful giving red carnations – while they stand for “deep love,” they also stand for “socialist” and “irregular military member,” depending on where you are.

Visual Notes:

Some people say that carnations almost look like folded tissue-paper, cinched in the middle and “fluffed up” around the cinch. Other people say these paper flowers look like carnations. Either way, carnations have a unique appearance and are available in a range of colors and patterns – this lets them stand alone in a simple arrangement, star in a busier arrangement, and support their fellow flowers when it’s another bloom’s turn to shine. They are the Ian McKellen of the flower world – they’re great in everything, and your grandmother probably loves them. And in case all the symbolism didn’t make it clear, carnations come in many different colors – your florist should be able to help you source exactly what you’re after.

Flower History Notes:

Since first being cultivated over 2,000 years ago carnations have become one of the most popular flowers in the world. The name comes from (most likely) one of two places – either from the ancient greek  “corone,” or flower garlands worn during formal ceremonies, or from the Latin word “caro,” which means “flesh” (the first carnations were light-pink). Not to get too political, but carnations are among the first GMO-crops – it didn’t take long before ancient farmer-scientists figured out how to breed (repeatedly and reliably!) a whole range of carnation colors.

Carnation Flower Fun For Kids or DYI Decor Needs :

You can make your own color changing carnations! All you need is some food dye, a glass of water (or two, for a special trick) and a white carnation. The basic principle is simple – cut flowers drink the water, the water carries the dye, the dye gets left in the petals. If you split the stem in two (make sure you use a good knife or pair of scissors – and make sure an adult does this part!) and stick it in two glasses with two different colors of water, you’ll get a two-colored flower. You can tell your young’n that the flower is drinking in response to evaporation. The plant is basically like a sponge – as water evaporates off the plant’s leaves and petals, more water moves up the stem to take the evaporated water’s place.


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