Starbright NYC Flower Files: Genisteae


Common Broom
Genisteae, Common Broom

Broom Commercial Use /

With it’s small flowers and slender greens, genisteae, also known as broom, has a uniquely airy appearance and sweet smell. Cut broom will last about a week in an arrangement. Top Florists in NYC, including Starbright Floral design, love to use this accent flower in arrangements calling for fragrance. To guarantee longevity of cut broom, and many other flowers, keep these blooms away from ripe fruits and drafty windows.

Broom Notes /

The Broom family of plants include evergreens (plants that are green year-round), semi-evergreens (plants that keep their leaves through winter, replacing them in spring), and deciduous shrubs. The Genisteae family – Brooms are a member – dates all the way back to the Paleogene Period. Genistae are native to many continents in one form or another, but the greatest diversity found among broom plants can be found in the Mediterranean. But wherever they grow, many broom plants share similar characteristics – small leaves and fragrant flowers fixed to flexible slender green stems. The broom flowers are generally yellow, white, orange, red, pink or purple.  

Broom History/

Wayyyy back in the 12th century Geoffrey V, the Count of Anjou, leaned over and plucked a yellow broom plant from the rocky ground and fixed it into his helmet before leading his men into battle. This gesture led to the nickname Geoffrey Plantagenet – Plantaganet can roughly be translated as “Plant Genistrae.” When Geoffrey V later became the Duke of Normandy through conquest, and then the husband of empress dowager Matilda, he became the father of the Plantagenet family. The Plantagenets would go on to rule Britain for 300 years. The conflict that ended their rule was called, believe it or not, the “War of the Roses.”

Inside Info /

Broom has a number of applications, here are some of our favorites :

  • Broom contains tannin, which once-upon-a-time was used to curing leather.
  • Broom branches are slender and flexible. This made them ideal for early sweeping utensils and basket weaving.
  • Though we now consider broom toxic, the seeds were once roasted and used as a substitute for coffee; young shoots were used to replace hops in beer production.
  • Broom can actually help the environment by removing nitrogen from the air.

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