NYC Flowers for Men – We Like Them Too!

Valentine’s Day is coming up – it’s already February 4th, so there’s only ten days to go. If you’re still looking for a special flower arrangement for the man in your life (or men!) you might do well going with a plant or floral arrangement from Starbright Floral Design.

This week we brought in a different kind of expert. We’re going to turn it over to Theo, a genuine Male New Yorker, to give you the straight skinny on floral gifts for men.

On a base level, giving flowers says “I want your world to be more beautiful.” Take it from a man – we like beauty, too. Sticking a nose in a bouquet of flowers, unwrapping those flowers and then putting them somewhere to look at is something everyone enjoys, regardless of gender. Ditto for succulent gardens – they can live forever with a just a little water and sunlight, and they’re basically ancient plants. Having a succulent on your desk is basically like a having a dinosaur on your desk, only without the risk of getting eaten.

Boys like flowers too
Apple Lime Ice from Starbright Floral Design

This is a great example of the archetypal “floral gift for men.” “This looks nothing like his grandmother’s rose garden,” says Theo. “Instead, we’ve got an eye-catching color paired with a strong, angular arrangement. This would look great in the home, NYC apartment or office. With green orchids, green grass and naturally-polished river rocks this is sure to be a pleaser.”



Boys like plants too!
Succulent Gardens

If you think the man in your life would enjoy tending to a tiny garden one of our Succulent Gardens is definitely the right choice. “New York City can feel like a concrete jungle sometimes – why not bring in some of the real jungle? This is the gift that keeps on giving, too – succulents last for a very long time, and even if he doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs these are pretty hard to kill.”



Starbright Floral Design
Falling for you

What about an arrangement for the man with an eye for a bit more color? “”Falling for you” is a great choice, with a structure reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge’s radiating support wires and arcing buttresses. Roses have been given to men since the days of Ancient Rome – this tradition fits into modern New York just fine.”

So there you have it! Men like flowers, plain and simple (and, in fact, it seems like they like their flowers plain and simple.) If you have any questions for us or Theo drop them in the comments below, or just call us up at the shop!


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