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We figured it was time to get to know some of the fine folk who work in our office – operating the day to day activities in our client support, as well as making sure the flowers get where they’re going. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Mariana:


How many years have you been working at Starbright? Can you mention something about when you started?

I’m actually coming up on a year in a few months! I started at Starbright this past Valentine’s Day and it was probably one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever been a part of. Valentine’s Day is so amazingly busy for us, that I just had to dive right in and get comfortable in the office pretty quickly.



What is you position at Starbright?

Well, my official title is “Client Success Advocate”, so I will do just about anything that needs to be done to make sure an order is fulfilled to the best of our abilities – whether it be taking pictures of an arrangement or running out to get a cake, I’ll do it! I also take orders over the phone and work closely with Stephen and Nic with whatever they need.

What’s your favorite flower? color? 

My favorite color is blue, but when it comes to flowers it would have to be purple or pink.  One of my all-time favorite flowers is purple stock – it always contributes something sweet and simple to an arrangement.

What’s your favorite floral style?

My favorite floral style would probably be romantic and modern mixed together. I really like the shapes that we create when an order calls for something modern. And you can never go wrong with something romantic!

Name one thing you love about working at Starbright. 

The environment, definitely. Everybody in the store gets along and we know how to have a laugh during a stressful time, and then get back to work when we need to. I know if I ever have a bad day, someone in the office will be able to cheer me up.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English, Spanish and a lick of Greek. My Spanish is pretty good, since I lived in Chile for a year and my mom is a native speaker. I can say cake in Greek, which let’s face it, is really the only word you need to know.



Wear a sweater or sweatshirt?

Can’t go wrong with a big, comfy sweater!

Go to the theater or a movie?

Movie, definitely. Biiig movie geeks in my family.

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds?


Thanks Mariana!


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