The Starbright Team – George B

George Baklava


We figured it was time to let you get to know some of the people who work in our office – operating the day to day activities in our client support, as well as making sure the flowers get where they’re going. Today, we’d like to introduce you to George B:

How many years have you been working at Starbright? Can you mention something about when you started?

This is my fifth year here at SFD.  I had moved back to NY in January of 2010 and was sending out applications to colleges in the city and working here part time.  I ended up being accept to CUNY’s Hunter College the following year, to pursue my degree in Economics and I’ve been going to school full time and working full time ever since! Sounds like fun right? J


What is your position at Starbright? 

Currently, I’ve been working closely with our Senior Partner, Nic, to increase our overall sales by strengthening existing client relationships and developing new ones.  You could say I’m a sales manager of sorts.  Nic is a phenomenal mentor and he has, quite literally, built our brand single handedly over the course of two decades.  We are now working together to bring exceptional service and quality flowers to as many people as we can.


If you take sales calls, what is your favorite advice to give the unsure client?

Overall, I generally recommend simply leaving it to our creative team to do something appropriate for the occasion.  It’s really amazing to see what they can do when you just give them a theme to work with.


What’s your favorite flower? color? 

The King Protea! Green – all shades of green


What’s your favorite floral style? 

Modern arrangements are definitely the coolest and in my opinion showcase our designer’s creative capabilities more so than any other style. And anything with earthy tones or all green is also a favorite.


What languages do you speak?

I’m bilingual in Greek and English and conversational in Spanish. I’m also currently taking classes to learn Mandarin.



Go to the theater or a movie?

Theater – you can watch a movie at home.

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds.  That seed is responsible for a lot more than the humble sesame seed.

Thanks George!

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