Plant Care Series – Your Yucca Plant

Here we are again, this time we will talk about a great houseplant.  The yucca.  It is a lush green plant that generally grows on a bark.  It is found outdoors in the Southern California type of climates but is also a great houseplant pretty much in any climate or environment.

The Yucca is a very easy plant to take care of and you should give it with confidence even to those that do not have much of a green thumb.  It will thrive in almost any office environment, home or apartment.  Here are a few simple tips that you should know about the plant you have or that you are thinking of buying:

It loves the sun!  A yucca will thrive in direct sunlight. The sun promotes the growth of the plant.  By its very nature the Yucca is a slow growing plant.  In a not-well-lit area the plant will remain green and it will not lose it lushness.  However, it will not grow much at all.  If you want to see your plant grow, give it sun!

If you can, take your plant out of doors in the summertime.  Leave it in a back porch, a balcony or even a fire escape.  If you cannot do this, the plant will be fine.  But it does love basking in the sun.  By the same token, because the Yucca recognizes the seasons, if at all possible, give it a chillier than room temperature environment in the wintertime.  By no means am I talking about freezing!

Most people kill their houseplants by over-watering!  Do not bother your plant every five  minutes with water and nutrients!  The top layer of the soil must be completely dry before you add water.

When you do water the plant, pour the water slowly so that it does not drain straight through the pot.  You want the moisture to seep into the soil and become very moist.  So watering your Yucca is a slow process.  Stop watering when your plant’s soil cannot absorb any more water and drops of water start coming out the bottom drain of your pot.

When you have watered your plant, leave it alone until the top half inch is granular.  How long this will take and with what frequency your plant will need to be watered depends on your environment.  In dry/warm rooms the plant will need to be watered more often.

Transplanting your Yucca (from the greenhouse or florist’s plastic pot) into a decorative pot.  Because the Yucca tends to be top-heavy (do to its leaf structure), you need to maintain a low center of gravity so that the plant does not tip over.  To accomplish this, you will need to select a heavy clay pot or a ceramic pot.

Next, make sure  your pot has good drainage.  The bottom layer of the pot should be either broken clay fragments or about two inches of gravel.  This will permit the excess water to run through.  It is also a good practice to put a screen above the gravel and below the  soil.  This will ensure that the  soil and the stones do not become one (and potentially a cement mixture!).

That’s about it for your Yucca!  Sit back and enjoy!

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