Flower Files: Brunia

Quick Notes /

The Brunia flower is often overlooked in it’s natural habitat. The single-stemmed shrub it grows on vaguely resembles a pine tree, but is much softer, and grows between two and three meters tall. Brunia is characterized by small, spherical inflorescences that cluster at the end of a branch often disappear in the dark green foliage overhead.

As it is used in floral arranging, the petals of the Brunia flower have already fallen away to reveal a natural silvery cast that somehow seems both quirky and chic.


Flower History/

The Brunia albiflora is a tall shrub that is part of an ancient plant family. In northern Namaqualand, fossil pollen that matches modern Brunia pollen has been found in early Tertiary and late Cretaceous mineral deposits. If you’ve seen The Land Before Time…? This flower could’ve been Littlefoot’s lunch! But despite a very long history, this plant hasn’t spread very far, it’s native growth being isolated to southern tip of Africa.

“There is no indication where the ancestral stock originated, nor how it got to southern Africa. […] It could be that because this family is in a state of decline, its other relatives have already gone extinct and the southern African members are the only survivors.


But don’t worry that requesting this flower will contribute to it’s ultimate demise. Brunia flowers are commercially grown in Australia, California, or New Zealand.

As a decorative floral, Brunia is a fantastic filler! Because the flowers grow at the end of long branches, stem length is generally not a problem. These interesting florals last about a week, and will dry out nicely. Brunnia is most often available in silvery-white, but it also appears in yellow, green, and blush


Inside Info /
  • Brunia flowers are notoriously fickle about germinating. This is because the Brunia plant holds on to its dead flowerheads (which hold seeds) for up to 6 years! The seeds only drop and have the ability to sprout when a fire sweeps through and takes out the parent plant.
  • Sometimes used in the Language of Flowers for : Chivalry

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