Glorious Greens – NYC, have you stopped to smell the myrtle today?

Glorious Greens
From Left : 1.Spiral Eucalyptus 2.African Boxwood 3.Myrtle 4.Italian Ruscus 5.Pittosporum                                           6.Acacia 7.Seeded Eucalyptus 8.Broadleaf Dusty Miller 9.Lace Dusty Miller

Glorious Greens

So, design. When it’s good, it’s usually great – and when it’s bad, it’s usually “ugh, awful, no way!” This is true across the board – fashion, graphic design, food, flowers, you name it. Many people think that the trick to good design is “having a great concept” – those people aren’t wrong, but they’re missing the secret: a good design covers all the details. When it comes to flowers, one of the details we almost never hear customer’s mention is the Green Stuff.  But any floral designer with an attention to detail knows better.  Starbright’s designer’s are fully aware what a difference upscale greens can make in an elegant flower arrangement for NYC floral consumers.

They may not be the star of the show, but these glorious greens can have a huge impact on the “vibe” of an arrangement. They are also a great way to personalize the standard Valentine’s Day fare of “a dozen roses”. Whether your looking to send something light and airy or lush and full – the greenery is a great place to make it your own.

Some of Starbright Floral Design’s favorite greens :

1. Spiral Eucalyptus : These “dusty” green shoots are ideal for filling in lofty arrangements and adding height. One of Starbright Floral Design’s favorite uses of seeded eucalyptus is with long-stem roses. This classic combination creates an airy elegance perfect for the minimalist in your life.

2. African Boxwood : Notable for it’s fine-toothed leaves and reddish tint, this green is a great compliment to all sorts of arrangements. The little, but lush clusters of leaves will fill in a lot of space and add a slightly “fresh-from-the-garden” feel to your arrangement. Boxwood has a long-vase life and will dry-out nicely as well.

3. Myrtle : This is another fantastic green to accompany your long-stem roses for Valentine’s Day. The bright jewel-green leaves and wood-like stems also have a sharp, clean smell and will stand up nicely in taller arrangements. In ancient Greco-Roman times, Myrtle was considered sacred to Venus, the goddess of love, and used to decorate wreaths and make garlands.

4. Italian Ruscus : Ruscus is an interesting addition to any arrangement. The large leaf-like cladodes are a brilliant green that matches the green stem; the tonal color makes these waxy greens look almost too perfect to be real.

5. Pittosporum : These are one of the more common greens that appear in short and mid-height arrangements. The plain leaves are bright green while the variegated variety is a softer shade of green with ivory details around the edges. But our favorite part about working with this green at Starbright Floral Design is the sweetly scented leaves.

6. Acacia : This unique green isn’t as common around the shop as some of the others, but it’s always worth asking. Acacia has a unique appearance that makes it great for tall arrangements. The thin branches are entirely covered in sharp triangular leaves, while pre-flowering yellow pods sprout wildly on the top third. In the language of flowers, the acacia signifies secret love. Check it how Starbright Floral Design used acacia in this arrangement to add height and texture :

Acacia makes a fantastic backdrop for delicate flowers while adding height

7. Seeded Eucalyptus : This eucalyptus variety has a softer appearance than the spiral eucalyptus. The leaves of this variety are slightly larger and droop romantically around cluster of lighter, and brighter seeds. If you’re looking for something softer that could potentially be described as “dreamy” – this is the eucalyptus for you.

8. Broadleaf Dusty Miller : These leaves are prized for their uniquely sliver appearance and soft felt-like texture. Another “romantic” green, broadleaf dusty miller looks great in low arrangements where it’s short stems can get to water.

9. Lace Dusty Miller : Another variety of dusty miller, known as silver ragwort, which is perfect for adding extra romance to an arrangement. The leaves of this variety also have a soft felt-like feel and silvery color.

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller adds a complimentary “softness” to any arrangement


Next time you call the shop and order some flowers, feel free to give us some hints about the whole arrangement. We want you to be 100% happy with your flower purchase – the best way for us to do that is to give you exactly what you want!


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Starbright Exclusives…

Our new designs are here! Introducing the Starbright Exclusives…

We invite you to visit our website at and once on our site click on the giant “G” for gifts.  There is an entire section devoted to Starbright Exclusives.  (It is listed on the top left).  In this section you will see new, modern and unique gift ideas that were created at our own design table.

Apple Lime Ice

These gift selections are not part of a mass catalog that any FTD-type florist can recreate.  Rather they are bespoke and created with individuality and to your taste.  The Starbright Exclusives section is a line of floral gifts that is available in New York City (within our own delivery area) and in most major markets where  we have developed strong partnerships with florists that adhere  to the same principles of design and customer service that we do.  This is a group of stores that has developed a code of standards that exceeds the typical flowers by wire environment.  By placing your flower order with us, you know that your request is in great hands and your gift will always be delivered just as you requested. Click on THIS LINK to see all our unique designs.

What is even more  fun, is that as our designs are being rolled out we are giving our clients the opportunity to name the arrangements!  Every time we are about to add a design to our collection, we will post the photo on our Facebook page and we will ask our fans (over 1600 at the present moment) to submit their ideas of  what we should call each composition.  Names have been created like “Purpleberry Lady”, “Orchid Alleycat” and “Apple Lime Ice” and they have all come from our friends and fans.

Exotic orchids, amazing calla lillies, elegant presentations of spring flowers and the most modern presentations imaginable are all there.  Have a look at our collection (CLICK HERE) and have a look.  We hope you find the presentations to be both refreshing and an interesting alternative  to common flowers!

Starbright Floral Design is a leading floral organization in the New York Metropolitan Area with our studio located in the Historic Flower District on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  We have been honored by our audience as the most reviewed florist in New York City (consistently earning five stars), recognized by Citysearch and The Knot as the top florist in New York City for 2009 and 2010.

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations.  It is what we do!
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