BOO-tiful Bouquets for Halloween!

If there’s one thing we know at Starbright Floral Design, it’s how to make a stunning statement with flowers and Halloween is no exception! We love getting into the Halloween spirit here in NYC and wanted to share some inspiration with you on how to use flowers, pumpkins and a few well-placed props to give your decor that pop that will make it look like it might go bump in the night…

Pumpkins and Halloween are perfect together. We strive to create an eerie elegance in our Halloween displays and pumpkins are a fantastic foil that allow us to do just that. Using them to enhance our floral compositions is one of our favorite ways to evoke that spooky spirit that everyone is searching for this time of year, in New York City and beyond.

The rich coloring of pumpkins provides a great background for flowers and greenery that we at Starbright relish. Lush succulents and king protea flowers brighten up this humble gourd and transform it into a festive Halloween centerpiece. We framed this pumpkin with harvest corn to evoke a nostalgic yet refined ambiance, wonderful for the autumn season.


Twilight lavender calla lily flowers create a vivid exclamation point on our scary squash, while the draped succulents known as amaranthus give a creepy-crawly sensation as they ooze down the pumpkin’s side. A burst of color through the hypericum berries on the side evoke the orange of the pumpkin while making you wonder if they are poisoned or not.


But not all pumpkins need to be scary! We carved one up to give it a friendly grin and added a mix of festive fall flowers including dahlias to give the jack o’lantern a perfect coif. Part of the elegance of this floral composition is hidden by the pumpkin itself, for a vase can be stored inside the pumpkin and filled with fresh water to keep your flowers looking fresher for much longer.


At Starbright, we love to delight our clients with the unexpected and so we had a wonderful time building this luscious composition. We combined a traditional gourd with an eccentric one to highlight the unique attributes of the green squash. The fun sprays of verdant branches built heightened interest in this composition, with the succulents softening the entire look.


One of our clients was looking for something to spook on sight and we had just the special visitor to liven up an otherwise friendly bouquet. A spray of mango toned calla lilies echoed the spiderwebs that wove their way through the flower composition of calla lilies and euphorbia. We’re sure that whoever received this bouquet was given quite a fright!


Halloween is one of Starbright’s favorite times to feature whimsical components in our compositions to make a spooky statement. If you’ve carved your pumpkins and hung up the decorations but there’s still something missing, stop by our shop in Manhattan on Halloween. You’ll be able to find that missing floral masterpiece while seeing the staff of Starbright dressed up for the day. We’ll be giving away candy while we create chilling delights!

Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

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