Starbright Helps “Petal It Forward” in NYC

On Wednesday, Starbright Floral Design was thrilled to be part of the second annual Petal It Forward, a pop-up, surprise event in Manhattan where 4,400 floral bouquets were given away in bunches of two, to delight commuters. One flower composition was for them to keep and the other was for them to “Petal It Forward” and gift it to someone whose day they wanted to brighten in NYC, whoever that might be. There’s nothing like the fresh beauty of flowers to make someone’s day!

Petal It Forward was organized by the Society of American Florists (SAF), which is the national trade association to the floral industry, representing all segments, including growers, wholesalers and florists, like Starbright. We are thrilled to have been a member of SAF for more than a decade and love working with them to enhance the community in New York City through wonderful events like this.

Starbright’s team of “Happiness Ambassadors” for Petal It Forward.

Petal It Forward was inspired by research from Rutgers University which found that while 80 percent of people say flowers make them happy, 88 percent said that giving flowers to someone else makes them happy. Knowing that, Petal It Forward made many people’s day throughout NYC this week!

Starbright was honored to be asked to participate as “Happiness Ambassadors” in Petal it Forward — a role that we were only too delighted to fill. As Happiness Ambassadors, we gave away thousands of flowers from 7 AM – 11 AM in NYC, but we were up and getting ready since 4 AM, because we wanted to be fully prepared to make everyone in New York City smile! Everyone at Starbright was delighted to enjoy the morning with our fellow New Yorkers and see how happy they were to be the recipient of unexpected joy in their day.

Starbright delighted people passing by with beautiful bouquets.
Starbright delighted people passing by with beautiful bouquets.

While as Happiness Ambassadors we did our very best to brighten everyone’s day in Manhattan, it wasn’t just in NYC that Petal It Forward was taking place. In 225 cities in all 50 states, Petal It Forward was spreading happiness through 256 local events to shower the country in flowers. Starbright was thrilled to be part of this wonderful day.

Social media was abuzz with the the #petalitforward chatter and recipients posted photos of their beautiful flowers and the gifting of the other bouquet. This multiplying effect of being able to share the joy of beautiful flowers with others is one of our favorite things at Starbright, making Petal It Forward one of the most beloved events in our year.

The brightness of the flowers enhancing the dawning of a new day.
The brightness of the flowers enhancing the dawning of a new day.

We had a wonderful time with our friends from the SAF and everyone at Holland America Flowers who graciously donated the blooms to be used in New York City and the folks from Delaware Valley Floral Group, who arranged for the transportation of the thousands of flowers to Manhattan.

If we didn’t see you this year, we hope to next year! With Petal It Forward being such a success, plans are already underway for 2017 and we are looking forward to spreading joy and happiness throughout New York City once again.

Starbright Floral Design has been spreading beauty through blossoms in New York City and beyond for over two decades. It is our honor and delight to thrill you with breathtaking floral compositions each and everytime.

As a full-service florist with a sweeping emporium located in Chelsea, you’ll find that Starbright is overflowing with fresh flowers, orchids, plants and so much more.

We understand that sometimes the only way to convey your thoughts and wishes is through flowers, so we offer same-day delivery in Manhattan, all of New York City and beyond.

Our floral designers and innovators are some of the best in the business. Starbright is honored to have earned the nickname “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” by over 200 concierges throughout NYC. We love to live up to that sobriquet by always going above and beyond for our friends and clients by ensuring that each floral bouquet is a magnificent creation.

We would be delighted if you visited us online or in our store and would love to make your floral dreams come true!

Warm regards from all of us at Starbright, “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”.

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations – It is what we do!

Starbright Floral Design

140 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001


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