Seasonal Sophistication

Holiday Flowers
Lotus Pod, Anthurium, and Pomegranate

Here at Starbright Floral we love the earthy elements that characterize this time of year. We’re all about leaves, pinecones, sticks – the whole woods and the whole harvest. But when you’re planning an event that isn’t holiday related, beware of seasonal stereotypes.

Seasonal sophistication is about incorporating an aesthetic without sticking to the standards. Go ahead and look past the pinecones and pumpkins – they’re not going anywhere. The fall/winter season offers a host of alternatives to the traditional floral fare. 

A few of Starbright’s favorites this year include:

Lotus Pods : These seed pods are exceptional. The wood-like appearance and organic texture is unlike most formal elements. The pods, which grow alongside lotus flowers, begin small and as the seeds grow, the holes in the pod increase to accommodate them. We’re not saying that every flower has to have a meaning, but the idea of growing into each other strikes Starbright’s fancy.

Fruits and Nuts : Generally speaking, using edibles in floral arranging is pretty traditional unless you go for the exotic types. We love using pomegranates and citrus for the shots of color and a festive nature.

Of course, any floral variety can be dressed up to fit a seasonal occasion with supporting details. Some of Starbright Floral Design’s favorite seasonal floral supporters include :

Curly Willow : Wrap vases or integrate curly willow into the arrangement for a refined version of rustic that will fit a sophisticated style. The rich sienna color also echoes the warm tones of the season without being seasonal.

Sprayed Seeded Eucalyptus : Ok, ok – this one isn’t at all natural, but we love it anyway. Seeded eucalyptus has a delicate appearance, and is a great filler for large flowers that want a little something more than greenery. The natural silvery green color of eucalyptus can soften the overall appearance of an arrangement. Our favorite ways to dress up the seeded eucalyptus are in gold, silver, copper, and black.

Deep Colors : Starbright loves the warmth and drama of saturated hues. Many floral varieties are available in deep shades of red including the anthurium (in photo), roses, carnations, and calla lilies. Check out one of our modern favorites

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