NYC Valentine’s Day Roses: A Romantic’s Guide to the Meaning of Roses

NYC and Manhattan residents are renowned lovers of roses.  A NYC Valentine’s Day is a virtual harvest of the world’s rose bushes. Each year there are millions of roses delivered in Manhattan and throughout New York City.   Millions of roses are not enough.  Every year the incredible demand for roses creates a shortage that drives the prices through the moon. The colors of roses sold in NYC are as diverse as Manhattan itself; ranging from the traditional red rose, yellow rose, white rose to the hybrid blue rose, NYC roses  on Valentine’s Day never disappoint.

Singles in Manhattan and NYC have a secret rule book of dos and don’ts of dating decorum that is fervently abided to.  Accordingly Starbright gets many inquiries about the symbolism of roses. 

Each Rose color has a different meaning and message:

  • Red Roses:  Romantic love, sincere, respect, passion, courage.  Message :  “I Love You”
  • Pink Roses :  Appreciation, admiration, happiness.  Message: “Thank You” or “Please believe me”
  • Yellow Roses : Joy, friendship, delight.   Message: “I care” or “Remember Me”
  • White Roses: Reverence, Innocence.  Message: “I admire you” or “I am worthy of you”
  • Yellow with Red Tip: Friendship for now.  Message: “I am falling in Love”
  • Lavender Roses: Love at first sight, attraction.  Message: “I loved you at first sight”
  • Orange Roses: Desire, passion.  Message: “I would like to pursue a relationship”
  • Peach Roses: Appreciation, sincerity.  Message: “Let’s get together”
  • Blue Roses: Unattainable, mysterious.  Message: “Anything is possible”





Combination colors

  • Red and white: unity.  Message: “We stand together”
  • Red and yellow: joy and happy feelings.  Message “You make me happy”

What the Number of Roses Mean 

  • 1 Rose: The one and only love
  • 2 Roses: Shared and deep love
  • 3 Roses: I love you
  • 6 Roses: I want to be yours
  • 7 Roses: Infatuated with you
  • 9 Roses: Eternal love
  • 10 Roses:You are perfect
  • 11 Roses: The one I love most
  • 12 Roses: Satisfied
  • 13 Roses: Secret admirer
  • 15 Roses: Forgive me
  • 24 Roses:Always thinking of you
  • 33 Roses: “I love you profoundly”
  • 36 Roses – Memories of romance
  • 40 Roses – Genuine love



Starbright Floral Design is the “Official NYC Valentine’s Day Florist of Romance” . We deliver flowers, love, passion and smiles everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  

Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….

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