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Starbright Floral Design Kicks Off the “Pearl Rose”.   The Most Significant Product Launch since the advent of air travel and genetic engineered plants.

NEW YORK — March 31, 2011At a press conference at Starbright headquarters in the heart of New York City’s historic flower district,  Nic Faitos , Starbright’s Managing Partner,  in association with the Dutch Flower Marketing Association (an industry group whose mission is to promote flower buying throughout the world), announced the availability of the “Pearl Rose”.  A new rose varietal conceived by creative minds and designed through many years of collaboration between the finest botanists in the world with Dr. Aprilia Anoitou as the lead scientist.

Today’s announcement that the “Pearl Rose” is available to retail customers of Starbright and volume licensing customers marks the beginning of the most significant product launch in our company’s history and perhaps since Barbara McClintock’s discovery of “Jumping Genes”.  The “Pearl Rose” will be available to retail customers effective immediately.  Availability to NYC organizations with volume license agreements will begin shortly as well.  However, initial supplies are limited to retail customers.  Volume customers will be supplied for orders FOB New York City for delivery before Mother’s Day and beyond.

Through chromosome engineering and radiation mutation, more fully discussed in the science section herein, Greece’s premier botanist Dr. Aprilia Anoitou was able to develop a rose with mollusk traits.  The result is the growth of a white pearl within the pedals of a red rose.  Different varieties of roses have yielded different levels of pearl quality.  Currently the Pearl Rose is limited to the Darling Flame variety of rose.  Accordingly, the price of the Pearl Rose is for upscale clientele.

Customer feedback through Starbright’s web site, , guided product development.  “This is a game changing product,” Faitos said.  “It’s an incredible step forward in the floral industry with ramifications that are yet unknown but undoubtedly far reaching.  Accordingly, in a press release under separate cover, we’ve announced the formation of a joint venture between Starbright and The Dutch Flower Marketing Association to fully explore the wide ranging uses of this exciting innovation.” Said Faitos.

First Users See Clear Business Value

Joining Faitos at Starbright’s headquarters was Poisson D’Avril, the president of the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Greater New York.

“In the highly competitive and fast-moving hospitality industry, our advantage comes first from our people and second from everything NYC has to offer.  You can add the Pearl Rose to the list of incomparable NYC attractions.” Said D’Avril.  “Nic has allowed several of our higher end venues offer the Pearl Rose prior to its official release.  The response has been extraordinary.  Finally, something to give to that person who has everything!”

Original Science

“The ovules of a rose are megasporangia and typically develop into female gametophytes.  These gametophytes give rise to egg cells which, in a typical rose holds the pollen.”  Said Dr. Aprilia Anoitou.  “In the transgenic rose, called the Pearl Rose, through chromosome engineering and radiation mutation, our team was able to develop a rose that behaves like a typical mollusk.  The mature egg cells are split through chemical mutagens. The mature egg cells from radiated mollusks are combined with rose egg mutations through protoplast fusion.  The genetic recombination leads the rose to secrete nacre similar to that emitted by mollusks.  “  Dr. Aprilia Anoitou said.  Transcripts of Dr. Anoitou’s full procedures are available by request to

On the Road to the Future

“During the last decade, Starbright has built an impeccable reputation in the floral industry with unsurpassed customer service.” Faitos said. “Although we have been at the forefront of technology, the new product announced today is the most innovative product we’ve ever been involved with, and I believe it signals the beginning of a new wave of innovation that will have a profound impact during the next decade.” Said Nic Faitos, President of Starbright Floral Design.

Located in the heart of NYC’s flower district and founded in 1994, Starbright Floral Design has established the gold standard for customer service within the floral industry.  The Company has grown steadily every year since its inception.  The Pearl Rose and other innovative products being worked on currently, has Starbright on the threshold of exponential growth for the coming years.

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