Celebrate the Holidays with Starbright NYC and Teleflora’s Homemade For The Holidays Collection

Nic and Jasmine at Starbright NYC
Nic and Jasmine at Starbright NYC

Starbright celebrates the holidays with Teleflora in New York City!

Hanging on various walls and scattered throughout the shop, are a number of plaques proclaiming Starbright Floral Design as one of the top 50 sellers in the Teleflora network. It’s a great place to be – in the Top 50 of a network including more than 15,000 member florists in the US and Canada. For over twenty years now, Starbright Floral Design has filled and sent orders to this network of talented florists. We’re all unique shops, many of us with our own unique styles, but together, with the stellar design direction of the Teleflora team florists all over are able to send exactly what you’re looking for. 

Earlier this week, Jasmine Corzo, a familiar face from the Teleflora design team, stopped into Starbright Floral Design with a camera crew, some clippers and a plan to introduce us to the Telefora holiday centerpieces and seasonal lineup collection for 2014.

Thomas Kinkade's Holiday Arrangement
Thomas Kinkade’s Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

The Teleflora arrangements this year remind us of being home for the holidays. The designs include traditional premium floral varieties, which bring out the colors of the season. Pieces like Teleflora’s Candy Cottage and Thomas Kinkade’s Meet Me Under The Mistletoe include winter greens like white pine and noble fir with snowy bright whites and velvety deep reds. Frosted pinecones and peppermint carnations, and big red berries are playful seasonal favorites that add great texture to these lush pieces. But it’s not just about the flowers!

Warm Wishes
Teleflora’s Warm Holiday Wishes Bouquet
Candy Cottage
Teleflora’s Candy Cottage Bouquet

Many of the Teleflora holiday arrangements are made to fit a special seasonal keepsake. While the premium flowers used in these arrangements have a great vase life, the vase they come in will surely be a longtime favorite. You’ll want to bring these cookie jars, mugs, and decorative vases out year after year and reminisce about when Aunt Ana, Grandpa Redd, or your nephew Hugo sent you flowers.

But Wait! There’s more!

As if the fancy flowers and festive vases aren’t enough, sending any item from the Teleflora Homemade For The Holidays Collection comes with a chance to enter their Holiday Sweepstakes to win a trip to NYC!

Starbright Logo

Looking for flowers in New York City? Visit our Event Gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily selection at Starbrightnyc.com.

Teleflora’s Super Bowl Spokesperson Exposed!

Starbright is a proud NYC president’s club member of Teleflora. Accordingly, we are privy to certain information not available to the general public. Every year millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl. Many viewers have little or no interest in the game. Rather, their sole interest lies in finding out who the new spokesperson will be on Teleflora’s Super Bowl Ads. This has been a guarded state secret, until now! We can no longer sit silent and watch our fans and patrons suffer through another Super Bowl just to watch a commercial. Accordingly we have decided to make this announcement: The new Teleflora spokesperson is super-model Adriana Lima.

Shop the new Adriana Lima inspired Teleflora NYC Valentine’s Day Collection here or our full range of Teleflora and Starbright’s NYC floral arrangements.

This has been public service memo brought to you by Starbright Floral Design, voted “The Best Florist of New York City”. Along the way we try to find and write about the fun side of flowers. Starbright delivers flowers all over the world for the endless romantics everywhere.
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