Hey Man! Love your flowers!

Pods, hydrangea and orchids

Low geometric vase with Orchids and Calla Lillies

Vanda Orchids and Steel Grass Sculpted in a Rectangular Vase

Whether you’re considering sending your man a gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or to congratulate him on scoring that new promotion, flowers can be a wonderful option.  The key is understanding a man’s taste and sending him the right message.  Will tulips tempt him?  Do rose make him rave?  Do orchids send him into overdrive?  Knowing how to present your man with the perfect arrangement can be a challenging proposition.  Unless you take advice from your favorite florist, that is!

Flowers have a perception of being feminine, soft, romantic and altogether un-manly.  Taking this into account, you have two options.  Either you can embrace the feminine quality of the flowers or you can ask their floral designer to highlight the masculine shapes and features of the florals being sent.

If you chose to embrace the feminine qualities of the flowers being sent, it’s important to still keep in mind a man’s taste and sensibilities.  Sending a pale pink bouquet of sweet peas may not be the best approach.  Instead, mix bold colored blooms with scented flowers that just might trigger memories of your favorite perfume.  Freesia, stock, and lilies can create a fragrance profile sure to lift his libido.  If the flowers are appealing to his nose as well as to his eyes, mission accomplished!

Romance is inherent when it comes to flowers.   Red roses have always signified the height of passion in the world of flora.  While roses have always been popular, when trying to impress your man, send don’t send him the standard vase of red roses.  Let us get creative.  Why not send a modern pave of red roses in a moss lined vase?  Or perhaps we can whip together a tight cluster of red roses and burgundy cymbidium blossoms in a silver cube vase.  Embracing the romantic symbolism of the red rose is very practical.  Even wiser is using this powerful bloom to full advantage and appealing to the male sensibility.

If it’s imperative the blooms you are sending have a masculine vibe, ask us for a simple, modern arrangement.  Men tend to dislike flowers that are too fussy or overdone.  Clean lines and architectural details are elements that are more likely draw a man’s appreciation.  Ask your florist to create a swirl of darkly colored mini calla lilies.  Or perhaps a simple hand tied bouquet of leopard spotted Mokara orchids would make your man’s day.  Using elements such as stones or metal wire can add a very rustic and manly esthetic to even the most delicate of blossoms.

Between your knowledge of your man’s taste and the help your florist should provide, the perfect floral gift is just a phone call away.  Call us at Starbright and we’ll be happy to help you create something truly special for that special guy.

ABOUT STARBRIGHT FLORAL DESIGN – We are a full service florist located in the heart of New York City’s historic flower district.  Our studio is located on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  You can learn all about the work that we do at www.starflor.com or by calling us at 800.520.8999.  We deliver our floral designs in Manhattan and around the world.  Give us a call for the most exquisite blooms you can imagine!

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