The One Year Anniversary of Same Sex Marriage in New York City

The Mayor’s Press Conference. Nic Faitos, Senior Partner at Starbright Floral Design is about to be introduced and will speak about the effect this law has had on local businesses.

On the one-year anniversary of the Marriage Equality Act, Starbright’s senior partner, Nic Faitos, was invited to speak on behalf of New York City’s business community about the Act’s positive impact on the floral business and the city in general. As part of NYC & Company’s participating wedding services, Starbright has had a finger on the pulse of the city’s weddings, which have certainly increased in the past year. A year ago New York joined the other states that endorse same-sex marriage. An increase in the number of marriages occurring in New York means many things. The fact is, the city has felt the recession which has gripped the nation for the past several years, so its leaders cannot help but be enthusiastic about anything which boosts the economy. As an epicenter of the U.S., anything which boosts New York City will hopefully help encourage the national economy as well. New York has attracted many non-residents to marry within our state, which brings in additional revenue. More weddings undoubtedly also mean more work for those who offer goods and services in the wedding industry. But the most important ramification of all is the increase in the amount of joy felt and shared amongst all involved in a wedding.

Every wedding is a happy occasion. Despite the often stressful number of details which go into planning a wedding, when the day itself arrives, there is no bride or groom who isn’t overcome with happiness, smiling ear to ear as their lives are joined with the recognition and blessings of their loved ones. How much more poignant must such a union be for a couple whose relationship could not have publicly been thus consecrated, up until a year ago. The details of such major life events are what add up to give us the feel of the whole, and flowers have always been an integral part of weddings. The more traditional aspects of a marriage that are employed in same-sex marriages, or any marriages, for that matter, the more universal of a declaration those weddings are to their witnesses. Starbright has and will proudly offer our floral design services to all those couples who would like to declare their devotion to each other in front of others, regardless of sexual orientation. We’re just glad the rest of New York can now officially participate.

Marriage Equality: (More) Cause for Celebration!

I know exactly what I want my wedding flowers to look like.  Considering that I have met with and executed the flowers for at least a hundred brides during my career as a floral designer, I’ve definitely had the opportunity to formulate my own ideas about my big day.  It was only until a couple of weeks ago that the fantasy was granted the chance to become a reality.  The New York State Assembly voted to extend the right to marry to same-sex couples, thus allowing the dreams of countless loving couples to finally come true.   No, I haven’t recently become engaged.  I will still have to be content with making other people’s boutonnières and centerpieces.  However, now my pool of potential brides and grooms will include a lot more grooms and grooms and brides and brides!  Talk about a reason to celebrate!

Many times I am asked what the differences are between a same-sex wedding and the standard wedding we have been accustomed to.  Truthfully, there isn’t a difference.  Of course, if two men are getting married, it is likely I will not need to make a bridal bouquet.  Other than that, the differences are hard to find.  The emotions, politics, logistics, and ultimately the flowers are practically the same.  Color schemes are agonized over, seating charts are adjusted and the merits of orchids and roses are debated by couples no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

It’s important as a wedding vendor to keep compassion and equanimity in mind when dealing with gay and lesbian couples.  This new marriage equality should inspire equal treatment and consideration across the board.  Most couples will be looking forward to meeting and speaking with a vendor who is as excited about the big day as the couple themselves.  Florists would be wise to be inspired by the joy and new sense of validation and empowerment that their same-sex couples will exhibit while planning their wedding ceremony and reception.  What a beautiful gift our care and enthusiasm will be for these formally disenfranchised pairs.

Of course I am totally biased on this subject.  Growing up, I would have never thought that gay marriage would be a reality.  That certainly never stopped me from contemplating what color peonies I would match with purple Dutch hydrangea for my centerpieces.  I’ve also been blessed with a loving boyfriend who I know wouldn’t judge me for wanting to hold a bridal bouquet if we were to ever get married one day.  (Do you know how many bridal bouquets I’ve made???!!!  I get to have one of my own!!!)  I’m lucky that I’ll never have to risk meeting with a vendor who would try to talk me out of what I want and what I’ve dreamed about for my wedding day.  I hope and pray that the same will be true for all the other gay and lesbian couples who wish to celebrate their union with their friends and families.  Best wishes, Mazel Tov and congratulations to us all.

This scribe is brought to you by Tom Sebenius.  Tom is Starbright Floral Design’s Creative Director and has a part of the Starbright team for most of the modern history of our company. Tom has made countless brides happy and has created some truly magical Starbright moments.  Tom is our most published contributor to floral industry publications and probably the most reviewed floral stylist on all the major online review sites.  We consistently earn five-star reviews on the likes of Citysearch mainly through Tom’s insistence on quality and attention to detail.  A proud member of our team and  a true artist.  Everyone  at Starbright is thrilled that we will one day witness Tom’s ceremony and cannot wait to see  what his creativity brings out on THAT special day! Stay tuned….

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