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Planning Florals for a Valentine’s Day Wedding in NYC

Roses and Valentine's Day are like Peanut Butter and Jelly
Roses and Valentine’s Day are like Peanut Butter and Jelly
Is there anything more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding in NYC?
The story of St. Valentine is one of hopeful love. During the time that he lived, soldiers weren’t allowed to marry under Roman law. That wasn’t acceptable for ol’ Val who (as we like to think) believed that if any two people wanted to get married, they should have the right to do so. He married many soldiers despite the harsh laws and harsher punishment – it was the right thing to do – but ultimately, for this practice, he was executed.
It’s been an exciting few years, but just because we all can get married in many states doesn’t mean everyone can get married everywhere yet. This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be looking to St. Valentine as an inspiration because we know there’s nothing more inspiring than watching two individuals embark on a lifelong journey of love and partnership.
So, flowers. Here’s the thing about Valentines Day and flowers – flower shops are pretty-much going to be jam-packed with roses – and sometimes, very little else. If you’re having an an event on Valentine’s Day and you don’t want roses, you need to let your florist know a few weeks in advance. Valentines Day is a bit of a stress on the gears that keep the industry moving – for about 96 hours, all anybody is going to want when they call up the shop is a dozen (or more) roses. All these roses get the shelf space that usually goes to the rest of the inventory – while other flowers are around, they’re in a bit of a short supply compared to the rest of the year. Flower biz is like any other biz – if you let your vendors know what you want with as much “time to go” as possible, you’ll get the flowers you want without any stress.
But, this is Valentine’s Day – you probably totally do want roses. They’re a great choice – your grandma and aunt will think they’re lovely, they’ll smell nice but not too strong, and when the event is done you’ll have a whooooooole bunch of rose petals to strew about everywhere. When you’re designing your rose centerpiece, keep in mind that roses come in lots of lengths, some on very long stems – this is great for creating arrangements with with a lot of height variance. Roses also come in many, many colors – it doesn’t have to be all red and white! You’ll find oranges, pinks, purples and yellows – again, just make sure to mention this to your florist a few weeks before Valentine’s, so they can order what they’ll need and schedule your event into their busiest time.
Composite Rose
Composite Rose bouquet by Sokratis
One of Starbright Floral’s amazing designers, put together this composite bouquet to match the latest floral trends walking down the runways. This is a carefully crafted piece made by wiring individual rose petals and arranging them into one giant rose. It’s high on impact, but deceptively low on fuss (in actuality, this takes a long, long time!). While this would make an amazing centerpiece, the time it takes may be prohibitive to the budget. For an alternative rose centerpiece, these pave styles are flawlessly refined.
Pave Roses
Pave roses sparkle as a centerpiece
Whatever is in your centerpiece should also be in your boutonniere (you can read all about boutonnieres here). If you’ve got a wedding party, make sure the folk getting wedded are in a different boutonniere from the folk standing up with the couple.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers in NYC: A Designer’s Perspective

Flowers delivered in NYC during the Valentine’s Day holiday the logistics of which rivals that of preparing for the Berlin airlift.  Preparation for a NYC Valentine’s Day starts well before the day itself. Now, as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I stop to ponder Gertrude Stein’s famous quote, “Rose is a rose is a rose.” During this time of year, our store is inundated with requests for red rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day. It is not atypical to have over 15,000, long stem, red roses in our fridge during the week of Valentine’s Day. While roses are gorgeous and will always remain a popular declaration of one’s love and devotion, I have to agree with Stein – a rose really is a rose.

Luckily, Starbright gives its designer’s the creative freedom to offer unique options with wide appeal. Why limit yourself to a vase of red roses? During the Valentine season, the price of roses can be shocking. Our wholesale cost goes up and customers can see that reflected in the price of a dozen roses. Instead of roses, consider sending a lush, hand tied, nosegay of eggplant colored calla lilies. With their sculptural shape that has been eroticized by artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Robert Mapplethorpe, calla lilies should evoke a passionate response from any recipient.

Orchid arrangements are another option that will both delight and inspire. The exotic shapes, textures, and colors of the orchid speak to the tropical fantasies of many lovers. During the winter months, wouldn’t it be wonderful to remind your loved one of your past trip to the islands? Perhaps the flowers will help to promote a future trip. One benefit of orchids that can not be overstated is their longevity. While long stem roses typically last an average of five days, fresh cut orchids will remain lovely for up to two weeks.  For a masculine approach to the orchid, a floating cymbidium stem artfully arranged inside a glass cylinder is a very modern choice. This option is long lasting and costs about $25 less than a dozen roses.

Orchid plants are another option as they are deceptively easy to care for and their beauty can brighten a room for months.  

If your other half is more traditional and may be disappointed if they don’t receive roses, let your florist use their creativity to come up with a special mixed arrangement. Rather than the typical tall vase, try a tight and compact cube arrangement. Not only will the flowers be easier to take home, they will last longer! Low and lush arrangements are a modern trend and appeal to most discerning consumers. Hydrangea, tulips, and roses make a romantic mix certain to please even the most pernickety lover. Because the roses are being added to other flowers, the cost will be significantly less then a solo vase of roses. While cost is often not the deciding factor when choosing a gift for someone special, in these times it is very nice to have some economical options.

As a floral designer, the scars and calluses I’ve acquired from years of thorns from Valentine’s Day roses may negatively influence my opinion of roses. However, I have the unique opportunity to see the wide variety of flowers available to customers during this romantic holiday. While roses are certainly the star of the show, there are many flowers that are waiting in the wings for their moment to shine. No matter what, when the flowers are sent with love, they transcend and aspire to more than Stein’s observation. “Rose is a rose is a rose…” unless it comes from you!

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