Dutch Hydrangea in Short Supply…

Hydrangea From Holland
Hydrangea - Fantastical Love

Good day everyone…

We all love hydrangea and no doubt that this is the time of the year for it.  I just got word from our friends in Holland that the Dutch varieties are almost done for the year.  If you  are planning a wedding, have an event coming up and are planning to use these magnificent blooms, please consult with your team, your experts and you may want to consider a second choice.  Here is a verbatim copy of the notice I received in the past day or so…

Good morning, we just would like to update you on the Hydrangea situation as it is at this moment.

Hydrangea are getting more and more limited, and difficult to get good quality ones.  Especially the fresh colors like pink, white, blue are almost done.  They will be available for another week or two, but because they are so limited available, they are very, very, very expensive, please keep that in mind when you take wedding orders for these fresh colors!

The Green and Green-Red Antique ones are plenty available, green-red, red-green, antique red, antique green are all available, and in good quality, decent priced.

Antique blue is available pimpernel antique, really, really nice, but are expensive!

Antique pink is done, we really do not like the quality no longer of those.

This is an unedited note from one of our main suppliers in Holland and we are posting out there so that if anyone has made plans to use these varieties in  the next few weeks, please check with your supplier for alternate colors or alternative sources (South America).

All of us at Starbright are truly grateful for every opportunity that you offer us to be a part of your special events, to decorate for your corporate events, your weddings and to send every day flower gifts in New York City and worldwide.  We invite you to visit us at http://www.starflor.com or to give us a call at 800-52-8999.

Starbright Floral Design is “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps” and we are located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District – at 150 West 28th Street, Studio 201.

To send a gift anywhere  in the world you may do so by calling us or by visiting the E-Commerce  portal of our website by clicking HERE.

Have a great day (and sorry about the Hydrangea news!),


The Official Florist




The Peak of Hydrangea Season

It is the peak of the season for hydrangea!  We have selected a few of the very interesting varieties and colors that are coming to us from Holland to showcase… Starbright Floral Design is showcasing these varieties of flowers for delivery anywhere in New York City over the course of the springtime.  To order these amazing blooms, you may need to pre-order and keep in mind that they are in short supply and very high demand.  For this reason we ask for your flexibility in delivery date, etc.  For more great ideas, please visit our website at www.starflor.com or give us a call at 800-520-8999.  Flower delivery worldwide.  Starbright Floral Design is located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District (on 28th Street in Manhattan).

Scroll down and enjoy the hydrangea!

The Emerald Classic Hydrangea By Starbright Floral Design
"Expression" a Springtime Favorite Hydrangea Variety - By Starbright Floral Design
The Harlekijn Hydrangea - Dutch by name, Starbright by Design
Verena Rose - a hydrangea variety like no other. Delicate and Soft... Brought to you by Starbright Floral Design
The Bela Hydrangea By Starbright Floral Design
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