A Great Floral Holiday Home Gift For NYC

Amaryllis Home Gifts are made For NYC’s Holiday Hosts

Blooming Amaryllis

Be the most welcomed guest this Holiday Season when you arrive with a potted amaryllis home gift!

Here at Starbright Floral Design potted amaryllis are flying off the shelves. Available in shades that range from Red to White, these potted plants are some the easiest to bring to bloom year after year.

In last week’s flower file, we reviewed some facts about Amaryllis blooms; like how they ended up with two names and where the name Amaryllis stems from. Popular during the holidays, these potted plants are an easy to care for lively addition to any home.

An amaryllis plant will keep you with a company of blooms for about 7-10 weeks. They’ll bloom for a longer time during the winter than if they open later in the spring.

Read on for instructions on how to care for an amaryllis plant. 
Potted Amaryliis
Potted Amaryliis

How to Care For An Amaryllis Plant

When the plant is in bloom

Through the holiday season keep potted amaryllis is a place with diffused light and cooler temperatures. When watering the amaryllis plant, be careful not to get the part of the bulb or plant that sticks above the soil wet. Keep the soil moist and fertilize as frequently as your favorite floral fertilizer suggests.

After the blooms have wilted

Later in the winter, the amaryllis will stop blooming. Cut the old flowers from the stem a bit below the wilted blooms. You’ll be left with some sword-like leaves and a long stem. As soon as the stem starts to sag, cut it off about an inch above the bulb. This triggers a growth period. Move the amaryllis plant to a sunny location.Continue to water and fertilize the potted bulb as normal for at least five to six months so that the leaves can reach their full potential.

When the plant is ready for storage

When the leaves begin to yellow cut them back to about two inches above the bulb. After the leaves are cut, remove the bulb from the soil and gently clean it off before storing it in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator for a minimum of six weeks.

WARNING : Don’t store amaryllis bulbs in the same space as apples. Apples will sterilize the bulb.

When the plant is ready to be potted

When it is about two months prior to when you desire the bulb to bloom again, plant the bulbs in fertilized soil. If the steam begins to droop under the weight of the flowers securing it to stick will support the steam. Then enjoy the beauty of the blooms as they open over during the

The bloom will appear again and again as long as these easy steps are followed. It’s a rinse and repeat process that will be enjoyed year after year.

If you’re not sure about how to best bring or send a host gift for the home check out this blog (Saying Thanks With Flowers) for some suggestions. Situated in the heart of NYC, we’re ready for your last minute orders in Manhattan.

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