2012 – Florist’s Look at the Year in Review

2012 Year in ReviewEvery year we grow and learn from the prior year’s events.  The following article is Diary of Events for the year 2012 with an emphasis on the role that flowers played.




A quick note from our attorneys:  Contents herein may be too intense for some readers.  No part of this publication should be taken seriously in any form or by any means. All the characters and events contained in this publication are based on real people but the events may have been altered for artistic, interpretive and entertainment purposes. This material should be approached with an open mind and studied carefully but forgotten soon thereafter if not prior to.  Author not responsible for direct, indirect or incidental damage to reader resulting from the perusal or study of the subject matter herein. Wherefore, the terms contained, delineated and otherwise implied herein are agreed to by the reader, indication of said assent being implied by the continuance of reading and/or breathing.

Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed in their new baby girl “Blue Ivy”.  Much was said about the choice of the name and its origin.  Those in the know are well aware that the name was derived from a Starbright Floral Design hospital flower green plant basket containing Ivy and wrapped with a blue bow. Although many celebrities choose Starbright as their florist, we never discriminate against the everyday American.  There are plenty of options in our catalogue for the ninety eight per centers.

The Grammy Awards are held with Adele being a big winner.  During interviews Adele repudiates claims that her heart wrenching songs were inspired by the unrequited love of her boyfriend.  She went on to explain that her pain was caused by the multitude of shoddy floral arrangements she had received.  Credit Starbright from preventing New York City from being a song writing hub.

A record $656 million Mega Millions drawing resulted in three very happy people splitting the winnings.  Numerous doctors have hypothesized that the closest most people will come to the euphoric feeling of winning a multi-million dollar lottery is by being the recipient of a beautiful, artistically designed floral arrangement by Starbright.

Millions of Americans feel the pain of tax day.  The IRS feels the heat from millions of angry Americans suffering the pain of tax day.  The agency responds by proposing a small floral bouquet accompany each refund check as a token of the agency’s appreciation.  The measure is later nixed when it was discovered they were planning on 1099ing each recipient.  Their actuaries assessed the value of the smiles induced by the flowers at $1,000.00.  Starbright recipients were to be assessed a surcharge for their increased enjoyment value.

Hugo Chavez informs the world that he has been re-elected president of Venezuela.  His inauguration address is flanked by bouquets consisting primarily of “King” flowers.

President Barack Obama is re-elected president of the United States.  Analysts theorize that the election was won due to the higher floral budget of the Democratic convention. Republicans lost sight of flower power.  Starbright was their florist of choice for the 2004 Republican convention.  Incidentally, it was the last time they won.  Coincidence?

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Happy 2013!!!

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