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Hello Friends!

After a long hiatus from our blog and as our scribes grew stale, we needed to jump-start our adventure all over again.  I wanted to title this entry “Starbright is Back” but that would not have been accurate as we never went away.  Our amazing flowers have been around all year-long and our decor has graced more venues than you can possibly imagine.  We have really had a fun year so far.

So much fun in fact that while we did not forget to blog, the truth is that we lost our stride.  Our fingers clamped up and the writing side of our brain stopped thinking (or writing what we thought!).  Anyways, here we are and  I almost would  like to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves, who we are and what we do….

Starbright Floral Design ( was started in 1994 fifteen years ago as a premier floral provider to the special event and hospitality markets of New York City.  Since then we have grown to offer world-wide delivery of flowers, plants, orchids and gifts of all  sorts.  We have  won many awards and  accolades (both local and national), but what we are the most proud of is the reviews that you will see about Starbright online.

If you  go to Citysearch, Yelp or even Google, you will see that we are one of the most reviewed florists nationally and certainly the most reviewed in Manhattan.

Stay tuned for many great articles that are getting ready to come down the pike.  In the meantime, if you would  like to send someone amazing flowers give  us a call at 1-800-520-8999.  Or you can visit our website at www.starflor. com.  We would love to hear from you and help in every way that we can.

Many thanks to all our friends and  clients.  We will always look forward to being of service.

Warm regards,

The  Official Florist.

Starbright Floral Design – The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps

We are  located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District.  On 28th Street, in Chelsea – between 6th and 7th Avenue.


Getting Married? Mistakes to Avoid With Your Flowers…

So you decided to get married? Congratulations!  Your special day is coming!  It is truly a big day for you, your partner, your family and your partner’s family!  A big congratulations to you all…

Tom and I were talking and in casual conversation the subject turned to what some of  the more common mistakes are that brides make when planning their wedding.  Well in his own words, some of the pitfalls… Read On!

Meet the Starbright Team!

In my humble opinion, the most common mistake couples make in regards to their wedding flowers is listing too much to other people’s opinions.  A wedding celebration should ultimately be a reflection of the couple and THEIR tastes, not a conglomeration of their friends and family’s style.

I often find myself repeating the mantra, “It’s your day, it’s about you two!”  Brides are commonly overly concerned with what their guest’s opinions may be and often fear being judged for making certain bold choices.   If your friends are critical and negative in regards to the choices you’ve made, are they really friends worth having?

Selecting décor that is opposition to the colors or architecture of the venue is another error that is common.  Don’t fight it!  Go with it!  It will always look better if you chose a color scheme that works within the room’s existing décor.  If you don’t have the budget to drape the room completely and create a blank slate, you will always have a more harmonious design scheme if you complement the surroundings.

You will spend less of your budget if you are not trying to distract from or cover over the undesired elements of the room’s trappings.

Here in New York City we have many venues with incredible views.  If your venue has stunning skyline or river views, why distract your quests with overly complicated, tall centerpieces?

Generally, you’ve paid a pretty penny for the view!  Why take away from that?!  I would suggest doing a lower centerpiece so that your guests’ eyes go toward that stunning vista.  Perhaps it would be better to create a composite style of arrangement with multiple vases that echo the skyline your quests will be spend the evening admiring.

A little bit about Starbright Floral Design… Starbright is a full-service florist that offers a wide array of services to its clientele.  We are located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District (on 28th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue).  We serve the general public, our corporate clientele and the Manhattan Hospitality and Special Events Industry all from one central location. Delivery of Flowers, Plants and all types of gifts is available from our store at 150 West 28th Street, by phone at 800.520.8999 or by visiting our website at  We hope to see you soon!

Opening the Eventi Hotel

On the 08th of June it was a very special day in the history of hotels and hospitality for New York City.  The newest hotel opening in our city took place.  The Eventi officially opened its doors with a spectacular opening bash and a party for the press and everything travel, tourism and hospitality.  The hotel opened in the center of New York City’s historic flower district and the property naturally has a flair for “everything flower”.

On the opening day, we were involved with many areas of decor throughout the hotel.  Here  are some examples of what we did:

There was a “Flower Garland” cutting ceremony instead of a ribbon cutting ceremony.

We supplied thousands of flower blooms that were on display in compositions throughout.  The lobby of the hotel, the meeting rooms, the suites and even the spa were all decorated…

The front sidewalk of the hotel was converted into a public flower market where the general public walking past the hotel was  welcomed with rare seasonal blooms.

The hotel ballroom was decorated with flowers, balloons, champagne and votive candles in the theme of a New Year’s party to depict the start of a New Era in hospitality for New York City and beyond.  We want to thank our partners who invited us on the team to be a part of this historic day at the Hotel.  The Eventi (a Kimpton Hotel) and M. Silver Associates ( the PR agency that we worked so closely with to make so much of this happen and to make it a reality.

Here  are some photos of the day – enjoy!

Starbright Floral Design ( is a full service floral design studio in New York City.  We carry the most amazing seasonal blooms and deliver gifts daily (seven days) up to 8PM.   In addition to local flower deliveries, we also handle worldwide flower requests, special events, press junkets, plant care and much more.  Give us a call (1.800.520.8999) or visit our website ( to learn more about our organization and the work that we do.  We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you soon!

An Event Planner’s Prespective on the Weekend..

Over  the years I have  had the honor to know and work with one of the true professionals in the Event Planning and Destination Management industry.   Anthony Napoli of Briggs NYC is a pro’s pro.  He is the go-to person for “everything Manhattan” and “everything beyond”.  His clients are in for a New York City experience like no other!  For more years than I can count on one hand we have had the privilege to be the florist for the events that are organized by Briggs.   Because of Tony and this amazing organization we have decorated at the United Nations, at Ellis Island, at Gotham Hall and countless other landmarks.

Tony has a unique perspective on this weekend and when I received Tony’s February newsletter, I asked him for permission to reprint it on our blog…  (thankfully he said “yes”!) – Apropos of Valentine’s Day, here is Tony’s perspective on what to do this weekend – enjoy!

“The stars have lined up for a multiple holiday weekend this February 12th to the 15th.  The festivities start off on Friday, February 12th the traditional date for celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday (before Congress passed the Monday Holiday Act – of course they left the Fourth of July alone!).  And that evening you can toast Honest Abe while watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Saturday is a major day to celebrate Mardi Gras or as we call it in NYC, Carnevale! Sunday is a double header: Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year’s – the Year of the Tiger! We can all rest up on Monday, Presidents Day! Happy Birthday George! So get out your patriotic songs, beads and doubloons, fortune cookies and dancing shoes cause it’s all “ashes ashes all fall down” for 40 days of Lent!. What a weekend!”

To learn more about Anthony Napoli and  his amazing team, please visit their website at

About Starbright Floral Design: We are a full service florist located in the heart of New York City’s historic flower district.  We are  known as “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” but this week Cupid took over and we are “The Official Florist of Romance”!  Give us a call at 800.520.8999 or visit our website at  We are open and delivering flowers all the time!

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