Step-by-Step Flower Arranging…

So you went to the local bodega or your supermarket and bought some flowers!  Designing a vase of flowers that you can enjoy at home for over  a week is both rewarding and great therapy…  It can become a fun hobby and it is not that expensive!  In the photographs below you will be able to follow some simple steps to make your first flower arrangement.  Have fun!

Step One: Take a long and broad leaf and insert it on the interior wall of your vase. This will prevent the murkiness of the water from showing through to the outside of the vase. Add water to your vase. Fill to about an inch from the top. Round cylindrical vases work best for starters. Your vase can be short or tall. After a little bit of practice you can experiment with different shapes of vases.
STEP TWO: Make a grid on the top of your vase using adhesive clear tape. You will notice that there is a ring of tape on the outer rim of the vase. This is there to get the tape to stick to the sides of the vase. This grid is kind of like "cheating" as this is where you will be placing your flowers in a later step!
Step Three: Get different forms of greenery that you like (fern, lemon, pittosporum are all good for practice) and place your greens in the vase first. You are going to completely fill the vase (using the taped grids as your guide) to create a bed of greenery. This will be the base onto which your flowers will be placed in the next step.
Step Four: Constantly rotatae your vase and place the flowers you selected in equal distance and in symmetry to each other. As you do this, cut your stems to the height that you would want them (one by one). Remember that you can always cut more stem off! BUT you can never add stem back. Dont cut your flowers too much. The length of stem that you need is trial and error. Cut a little and then cut a little more!
Step Five: Find your empty spaces and fill them. As you rotate your vase (like a Lazy Suzan at a Chinese Restaurant!) you will find spots that you missed! Take the flowers or berries or stems that are not directly around the missing spot and fill with those in order to keep everyhting symmetrical.
Step Six: Enjoy! Voila!!!

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