Write a Card and only THEN Send Flowers!

A vase of mixed spring flowers with the right message, says it all...

It is impossible to count the number of calls we get where someone asks us to prepare a bouquet for a business associate, a loved one, a  friend in need of a cheer and everything goes as planned, EXCEPT when we ask “and what would you like the card to say?”!

Dumbfounded by the thought of writing a card, our client will say something like: “I don’t know… Love, your husband Mark” (like the recipient is likely to have two husbands and the clarification by name will eliminate the confusion!  Or we get – “You do this all the time, write something for me!!”.   There are countless scenarios to the above vignettes that we encounter daily.

Dear Client:  It is the message on the card your inscription that makes the gift all the more memorable.  Even IF you are a terrible writer (I submit there is no such thing), you can still think of something clever to say.  The problem is that we don’t plan the card.  Flowers are a spur of the moment purchase or a MUST DO like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day and we place our order without putting thought into the card.  Yes the flowers will perish; but a well said card, a clever card, will be saved forever.  A well thought card will make the scent and the colors of your flowers last a lot longer in the person’s mind.  Years from now, you will get one of these: “Honey, I remember back about five years ago when you sent me those really special flowers when I was feeling down…”  She does not remember the flowers as much as she remembers your words that remind her of the flowers and the way they made her feel.

Your card can be something as simple as a date from the past that leaves the person wondering of the significance… until you tell them.  It can be cleaver humor like “I love you but I am going to beat you!” sent the day before a competitive tennis date.  Or if you are a hopeless romantic – go ahead and spill the beans.  Let your card say what spoken words cannot.

It is far better to send a small token gift of flowers with a meaningful and memorable card than it is to send a big “over the top” bouquet signed “your husband”!  So take some time think about your special moments, think about what is cleaver to say and then say it!  A card without flowers does not say as much.  Flowers with a mediocre card, will keep you out of the doghouse.  Flowers with a really special message that is in words that are yours, will tidy up the whole package in a really nice bow and make the occasion super special!  It is the stuff that heroes are made of.

All of us at Starbright will always stand ready to help you with your gift selection and even to help you write the card.  The more information you give us about what you want to say and the more thought you have put into the occasion, the more can help.  It is all about how enthusiastic the WOW or the Thank You are after the flowers get there and how long the mood lasts!

A bit about Starbright: We are a full service florist and floral delivery service.  We occupy a loft space in the wholesale flower district on 28th Street in Manhattan.  Within our own delivery area we create all our own arrangements by our master designers.  In other locales throughout the US, we have partnered with selected florists that stand by the same code that we have.  It has taken us fifteen years to build our list of partners and we stand by each and every one.  This gives us the ability to bring you custom made floral creations in Manhattan and beyond.  We can be reached at 800.520.8999 or on the web at www.starflor.com.

Citysearch selected us as the #1 florist in Manhattan for 2009 and The Knot recommends us as the top selected shop to have for your wedding in New York City.  What makes us particularly proud of these accolades is that we live and work in a town that has many really-really good florists!  Of course, our work is only as good as the next bouquet we send for YOU!  We hope to hear from you soon and we will help you write the card!).

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