“On the Fun Side of Flowers” – April Fools

Hi there! I am Nic, Senior Partner at Starbright Floral Design.  Sometimes I scribe on this page as The Official Florist.  That name came as a short version of “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” – a tag line that seems to have stuck pretty well over the years.

I have always been intrigued by the innocent fun that people have  with each other on April Fools Day.  I have followed the holiday with some interest over the years and I have been inspired by the fun that people and  companies have with each other on this one day when we invent the craziest things to say…

Why Google told us only a couple of days ago that they have developed an email program that works on hand signals.  Remember when Taco Bell convinced us that they bought the Liberty Bell (to help with the deficit) and they were renaming it? Or when Burger King told us all that they had created a Whopper specifically for the southpaw? The condiments were turned 180 degrees to accommodate left-handed people.  Sure.

We decided to have some fun this year and participate in the holiday (it is a holiday, right?).  A lot of planning went into what we were going to do.  Many nights of meetings, creative sessions and ideas were thrown around.  We were new at this “hoax thing” and we put a lot of man hours learning how to spoof.  Next year we think it will be easier.  We are Fool Experts now!

So “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” issued a press release late at night on the 31st of March (as a decoy) that basically stated that we funded research that was led by Dr. Aprilia Anoitou (Greek translation for April Fool) in which we were able to genetically engineer a rose so that it would behave like an oyster and produce pearls.   We were endorsed by a non-existent Dutch society that promotes flower buying.  To top it off Poisson D’Avril (French for April Fool) from a fictional tourism board in New York City endorsed this high-end rose as a gift for someone who clearly has everything.

I got congratulatory calls and emails from far away places.  Flower growers from Holland and importers from South America reached out to express their good wishes (the experts were dumfounded!).  A New York City radio personality wanted an interview (I declined) and several on-line publications carried the story.  Friends were even google-ing “The Pearl Rose” because they wanted to be in-the-know.  The spoof was supported by our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

Most marketers would call this a marketing success.  I suppose it was.  We set out to have some fun and did we ever!  The planning, the execution, the fooling, having to answer emails and queries.  It was all about The Pearl Rose.  On most holidays we work ourselves to the point where  work is tyranny.  We never get to celebrate Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas or anything else.  So finally we have found a holiday on a day that we are not so busy and we can enjoy a day of fun with the rest of the world.  This too will be ruined when some floral industry consultant decides to create a holiday around people sending one another Foolish Flowers! For now we are relaxed and looking forward to April Fools 2012.

The Pearl Rose is history for now.  Maybe someday someone will be able to cross-breed oysters and roses and pearls will be come from roses. Until then life is normal and we can all go back to being true romantics by wooing our honeys with vases and vases of the most gorgeous long-stemmed roses…

It really was The Fun Side of Flowers!

Starbright Floral Design is located in “The Heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District”.  We deliver the most amazing blooms and the coolest floral compositions imaginable to anyone, anywhere  and at any time (except in the overnight hours and to uninhabited places, war zones and to merchant marine vessels while sailing the high seas).

Give  us a call at 800-520-8999 or better yet visit our website at www.starflor.com or our e-commerce portal (where you can buy really great flowers) at www.starbrightnyc.com.  Stop by and  meet us, give us a call or drop us a line.  Tell us you want a dozen pearl roses and we will all smile!

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations – it is what we do!





Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again.  Time for introspection and goal setting for self-improvement.  Time for our New Year’s resolutions destined to fail.  All of us at Starbright are here to help.  Here are a list of the Top 9 New Year’s resolutions and our guidance in successfully accomplishing them.  Think of it as public service announcement…

1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape

Everyone knows the benefit of physical activity to one’s health.  A suggestion to help accomplish this very important, perhaps lifesaving, goal.  When ordering your flowers and/or gift baskets think about coming by in person rather than telephonically or via internet.  Centrally located in the flower district we are walking distance to Times Square.  For an added benefit try using the stairs as we are located on the second floor.

2. Find My Soul Mate

Romance is alive and well as more and more people are looking for that special someone, their soul mate who lights their fire, the ONE whom they love unequivocally and who shares their worldview.   This one is easy.  What’s better received by a romantic interest than a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Starbright (with an added benefit-zero calories)?

3. Find a Better Job

A new year provides a sense of getting a free do-over, so you can try again and get it right. Many people resolve to find better jobs or to take a new approach to the jobs they’ve already got.   What better way to help a friend take the leap of faith than with delivery of flowers and/or gift baskets with an encouraging message attached.  Disregard this resolution if your friend is a concierge at one of the many hotels who choose Starbright for their needs.

4. Stick to a Budget

Many people find it very difficult to stick to a budget. It does take hard work and a lot of self-discipline, at least in the beginning.   Again we are here to help with a helpful suggestion.  Come the New Year send yourself a regularly scheduled weekly arrangement with a motivational reminder on the message card such as “STICK TO YOUR BUDGET BUT DON’T FORGET TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES”.

5. Get Organized

Resolve this year to plan your days, reduce interruptions, and clean off your desk.   The benefits of getting more organized include being able to save time, as you no longer look for the same things over and over again or need to replace things you can’t find at all.  Starbright is here to motivate.   Just think how beautiful any of our wide array of floral arrangements would look on your freshly organized desk or clutter free home.

6. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends

Resolve to spend more quality time with family and friends this year.   This one is easy as well.  Starbright offers quick and courteous delivery with the purchase of any of our products allowing you to spend quality time with loved ones.

7.  Go Green

More and more people are resolving to “Go Green”.  Starbright is all over it.  As one of the largest retailers in NYC we have a large collection of green flowers.  Including Hydrangea, Jade Roses, Bells of Ireland, Spider Mums and Cymbidium Orchids.  However, our designers would urge you to accent these green flowers with others such as red/yellow/pink Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Carnations etc.

8.  Passion

Resolve to become more passionate.  No doubt an amiable goal in life is to attack every day with love and youthful enthusiasm.  What leisurely pursuit can be more rewarding than creating a thing of beauty such as a bouquet of flowersStarbright is open to the public seven days a week.  Come tour our facility and pick out the flowers that light that passionate fire within you.  Along the way our designers will happily give you suggestions and/or assistance as you need it.  Come choose from a multitude of roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, peonies.  Anything your passionate heart desires we have it.

9.  Decrease Stress

Resolve to lower your stress and the stress of the people around you.  It is impractical to send people you love fish tanks filled with fish.  According to a recent MSNBC article flowers are the new fish tank.  Fish have been shown to lower stress levels in people who don’t fear being confined in small places.  Getting lost in the beauty of colorful floral arrangement has been shown to lower the stress level in all.  Send more flowers to those you love and encourage them to send you flowers.  Your health depends upon it!  Starbright Floral Design (800) 520-8999 (the 911 for stress relief).

Just jump on Facebook and give us some of your New Year’s Resolutions and our team of floral designers (humanitarians) will endeavor to suggest ways on how Starbright can help.


Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and  we deliver flowers, love, passion and hope everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Now we deliver on New Year’s resolutions too!


Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….


Passionately yours,


The Official Florist


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Our Work Named on Facebook

Orchids in full bloom
Help us name this display of passion

Every so often we introduce a new composition on our e-commerce portal.  When we do, we ask our followers on Facebook to participate by naming our newest arrangement.  It is always loads of fun and the creativity that is unleashed is beyond imagination.

Our floral gifts have  gotten names like “Corona“, “Relaxing Calla“, “Purpleberry Lady“, “Orchid Alleycat” , “Red Dawn“, “Apple Lime Ice“, and so many more.  These are all names that have been given to our gift collection by our fans, our friends and our clients.  I am not sure if it is more fun being a florist and coming up with the next item on our catalog, or if the process by which our arrangements are named.

It is really cool to put it out there and let everyone contribute to the naming process.  We create something and we have no idea what we are going to call it!  We just let the ideas pour in… It is really a lot of fun!

Lately we have been on a love and romance scribe-a-thon.  We have added a few articles on how men should send flowers, why women should surprise their buds with blooms, and so on… To bring the conversation full circle we wanted to create something clean and modern that overflows with passion, devotion, love and to some even temptation.  The orchid stem in the bud vase conveys just that.  It is our interpretation of all things love.  Love of the moment, love of the person and love of eternity.

The names that have poured in so far on our Facebook page run the extreme spectrum of all things love.  I can’t wait to see what we are finally going to call this composition.  Baptize this beauty and we invite you to become part of  our growing Facebook Family.

Just jump on Facebook and name it now!

Starbright Floral Design is the “Official Florist of Romance” and  we deliver flowers, love, passion and all emotions everywhere in Manhattan and worldwide.  Give us a call, visit our website or pop on in!  We would love to meet you….

Passionately yours,

The Official Florist

Starbright Floral Design

Located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District

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How Do You Send a Man Flowers?

Sending two tone tulips to your man an all time favorite
Shake things up a little! Romance Therapy Starbright Style!


Flowers can be thought of as a romantic gift.  Traditionally it is a gift that is given to a woman from a man (most of the time).  Romantic men send flowers often.  The flowers and the men that send them are appreciated; they give smiles and make memories that last a lifetime.  A woman that receives flowers will remember them forever… “I remember when I was having this really bad day and so-and-so sent me this big bunch of tulips.  It turned my whole day around.”  The cards men write?  They are saved forever!

Well ladies… How about turning the tables on the man in your life?  Do men like receiving flowers as much as they like sending them?  Consider the following:

Your man may have never gotten flowers before.  What impact do you think your bouquet will have?  Will he remember them forever?  Chances are “yes”.  Will the flowers make him smile?  He will laugh, he will smile, and he will feel giddy and like a king amongst men.

Want to take your honey’s focus off his work and onto you?  Want to make him delirious for the rest of his workday?  Send him a big bouquet of “anything nice”!  His productivity will go down and he will love you for it.

Write a romantically witty card and you have doubled the impact.  You may embarrass him a little but that is OK.  Bring out his softer side just as you know that he is going out for happy hour drinks with the boys; or when you know that he is going somewhere to watch Monday Night Football.  What about when he got that big promotion, when he closes the big deal, or perhaps when he did not?  “I love you” is all you need the card to say; the flowers do the rest.

So what kind of flowers do you send your dude?  Do they need to be masculine, over the top rustic, dark colored with lots of pointy things, twigs and branches?  Not necessarily.  I would even suggest not.  Should they be super-pink and feminine?  Not that either!  Unless… he has a super sense of humor and the goal is to embarrass your construction worker on the jobsite!  If you want to be funny and he can handle it, then do send all-pink.

More seriously, what do you send a guy?  All flowers are beautiful so send him something beautiful!  There is no need to over try for “masculine flowers” (I don’t even know that there is such a thing).  Send him his favorite colors or scents that remind him of you.  Did you go to a romantic dinner and there was a bud vase on your table that became the topic of romantic conversation?  Send him a bouquet of those.

Here are a couple of “rules” in picking your flowers:

  • Make your bouquet with one type of flower.  Not a mixed bunch.
  • Make your flowers in a short vase.  Nothing too tall and not in a wicker basket.
  • No pastels…

Bright yellow or mango-toned miniature calla lilies, purple tulips, burgundy orchids, or even a tight nosegay of green roses will all achieve the results you dream of… To get his mind focused squarely on you and nothing else!

Men are just as capable of appreciating the moment, the beauty of the bloom and the heart of the person that sent them.  NEVER underestimate your man’s emotions.

So now you have an assignment –

a. Think about what your card will say.

b. Pick your flowers.

c. Send them…

When your mission is completed, go to our Facebook Page (click on this link) and tell us about your experience.

Starbright Floral Design is the Official Florist of Romance and has been voted by Citysearch as the top florist in New York City.  We are very proud to be the most reviewed and highest rated florist and  flower delivery service.  Please visit our website at http://starflor.com/ to gain a broader perspective on the work  that we do.  Additionally to send a gift you can visit our e-commerce portal To Send a Starbright Gift.

Love you all,


The Official Florist

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Starbright Floral Design – The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps

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Sending Flowers – How a Romantic Man Should…

Lavish her with flowers  of the season...
It is amazing how you will be remembered by the flowers you send!

Well this is the second time I am writing on this subject as the first article that was written and met an overwhelmingly positive response.  Ka-billions of folks read it.  So without trying to rewrite the same article over again, I wanted to offer up a different perspective.

GUYS – your interest in a woman should be shown on many different levels.  Women notice little things and they will catch not only your little mistakes but also the little things that you do right.  So make your flower purchases part of what you do right.  Blow her away with the unexpected!

Here are some ideas to think about (I called them “rules” and then changed to “ideas” because there really are no “rules”):

Don’t send flowers only on the typical flower holidays (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, etc.).  If you limit your flower sending to just those types of days, you look predictable.  You appear as though you only send flowers because you could not figure out what else to do.  I am not saying NOT to send flowers on those occasions, but mix it up.  “Just because” is the BEST reason to send flowers of all.  If you do not have the budget to send flowers on the special days and on the non-special ones, then skip the birthday (do something else) and send flowers on one beautiful August morning with a note that says “I love you” or “Cannot stop thinking of you”!  It will mean a lot more because it is so unexpected and who does not want to be surprised?

Secondly, FORGET the dozen roses!  Again, roses make you look predictable (“ah just send her a dozen roses, all women love roses”… yada, yada).  Be a flower connoisseur (or at least look like one).   What is her favorite color?  Purple?  Then make her a bouquet of “everything purple” and so on.  Spend time with your florist in person or on the phone.  If your florist is unwilling to educate you and won’t spend time with you to share his love of flowers, then find a different florist.  Certainly if you come to Starbright (www.starflor.com) we would love to share our passion with you and you will walk away with a Bachelor’s in Romance!  Learn the names of flowers, learn how long they last, what is in season, and so on.

You want to keep things interesting.  Imagine that if you send her peonies or hydrangea she will for the rest of her life remember only you when she sees this flower.  If you send roses (I hate to say this) but how many men do you think will come to mind?  Do you stand a chance of standing out?  Send interesting and unusual flowers!  There are enough varieties and colors for you to select from that you will never have to send the same flowers twice even if you send flowers ever week for an entire year.  Invest a little bit of time and your education will more than pay off.

Lastly, all these e-romance websites can claim all they want about having the best track record for bringing people together, making the most compatible matches and so on… While I cannot statistically prove this, I will claim that the following is true:

Send flowers to someone you love and the scent of the flowers will remind them of you for a very long time.  Flowers do keep romances alive, they make men sensitive and keep couples in love.  Make flowers your secret weapon and the special person in your life will be there forever.

Falling in love, Starbright Style is a truly unique experience.  We deliver fresh flowers daily anywhere in Manhattan or around the world.  Starbright is a full service florist and flower delivery service located on 28th Street in New York City in the heart of “New York City’s Historic Flower District.  Visit us at 150 West 28th Street (2nd floor), call us at 800.520.8999 or you can visit our website at www.starflor.com to gain a much broader perspective on the work that we do.

Starbright Floral Design is the most reviewed and highest rated florist in Manhattan (by Citysearch) and also was voted the Best Florist in our area for your wedding as voted by The Knot (dot com).

“The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps” is also “The Official Florist of Romance”.

With love,

The Official Florist

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Having a Corporate Flower Policy

Flowers are great for business!
Flowers bring appreciation, create strong bonds and boost morale.

Are you in Human Resources?  Perhaps an Office Manager? Perhaps you are the owner of a small to medium-sized firm?

Does your company like to send gifts to clients and employees alike?  Is it a cost that is outside of your normal budgets and you cannot seem to get a handle on how much money is being spent on flowers and related gifts?  If so, read on!

Starbright Floral Design (www.starflor.com) has helped many companies organize their gift giving so that it is both fair and a controlled expense.  Our clients send the occasion-appropriate gift and they always do so with great savings.  Here  is what you need to do:

  1. Pick ONE florist to do all your business with.  We would like it to be Starbright, but even if it is not, you still want to use one source and become one florist’s good customer.  It makes no sense to go to the yellow pages or to the  internet and say “gee, I wonder which florist I will pick today”.  By having one vendor you know that this person will take care of you.  You are an important client to the florist and you will get a few extra flowers, an upgrade and even issues that arise are more likely to be resolved in your favor.
  2. Standardize your occasions (both for employees and clients).  Do you want  to send gifts for maternity? sympathy? promotion? anniversary? get well? birthday?  If you know in advance what occasions automatically call for a flower gift, then there is no thought involved (should we do it? should we not?).  It is a task that has been pre-decided, delegated and the vendor has been pre-selected.
  3. Do you classify your team?  Executives, front line employees, new hires, etc. Do you want to plan on a certain expense for floral gifts based on an employees title?
  4. What about budgets? Typically in a Flower Policy, you will see something like: Sympathy – $125, Births – $75, Get Well – $50 and so on.
  5. You may also want to consider other offerings besides flowers that your local florist may have like Fruit and Gourmet Baskets, Plants, Orchids, Stuffed Animals, Balloons, and so much more.  The greater the specificity in your policy the more standardize the procedure becomes and the greater the chances of success.

Flowers are a great way to boost employee morale and a Flower Policy will take the guess-work out of the equation.  Oh! There is one added benefit – EVERYONE gets treated equally!  Imagine if one assistant sends a $75 get-well arrangement and the next assistant a $40 one! Employees talk… Employees wonder… Flower Policies are great!

Now that you have decided that you need a flower policy all of us at Starbright will be thrilled to help you write one and to work with you so that your program becomes a success.  We have helped many small and large, local and international organizations benefit from our experience  in this area.  Whenever  you have a free moment, please feel free to visit our website at www.starflor.com or our gift-giving portal at www.starbrightnyc.com.  All of us at Starbright will be thrilled to have the opportunity to be of service to you.

With our warmest regards,


The Official Florist

NOTE: You can also find us on Facebook!

Dutch Hydrangea in Short Supply…

Hydrangea From Holland
Hydrangea - Fantastical Love

Good day everyone…

We all love hydrangea and no doubt that this is the time of the year for it.  I just got word from our friends in Holland that the Dutch varieties are almost done for the year.  If you  are planning a wedding, have an event coming up and are planning to use these magnificent blooms, please consult with your team, your experts and you may want to consider a second choice.  Here is a verbatim copy of the notice I received in the past day or so…

Good morning, we just would like to update you on the Hydrangea situation as it is at this moment.

Hydrangea are getting more and more limited, and difficult to get good quality ones.  Especially the fresh colors like pink, white, blue are almost done.  They will be available for another week or two, but because they are so limited available, they are very, very, very expensive, please keep that in mind when you take wedding orders for these fresh colors!

The Green and Green-Red Antique ones are plenty available, green-red, red-green, antique red, antique green are all available, and in good quality, decent priced.

Antique blue is available pimpernel antique, really, really nice, but are expensive!

Antique pink is done, we really do not like the quality no longer of those.

This is an unedited note from one of our main suppliers in Holland and we are posting out there so that if anyone has made plans to use these varieties in  the next few weeks, please check with your supplier for alternate colors or alternative sources (South America).

All of us at Starbright are truly grateful for every opportunity that you offer us to be a part of your special events, to decorate for your corporate events, your weddings and to send every day flower gifts in New York City and worldwide.  We invite you to visit us at http://www.starflor.com or to give us a call at 800-52-8999.

Starbright Floral Design is “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps” and we are located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District – at 150 West 28th Street, Studio 201.

To send a gift anywhere  in the world you may do so by calling us or by visiting the E-Commerce  portal of our website by clicking HERE.

Have a great day (and sorry about the Hydrangea news!),


The Official Florist




Getting Married? Mistakes to Avoid With Your Flowers…

So you decided to get married? Congratulations!  Your special day is coming!  It is truly a big day for you, your partner, your family and your partner’s family!  A big congratulations to you all…

Tom and I were talking and in casual conversation the subject turned to what some of  the more common mistakes are that brides make when planning their wedding.  Well in his own words, some of the pitfalls… Read On!

Meet the Starbright Team!

In my humble opinion, the most common mistake couples make in regards to their wedding flowers is listing too much to other people’s opinions.  A wedding celebration should ultimately be a reflection of the couple and THEIR tastes, not a conglomeration of their friends and family’s style.

I often find myself repeating the mantra, “It’s your day, it’s about you two!”  Brides are commonly overly concerned with what their guest’s opinions may be and often fear being judged for making certain bold choices.   If your friends are critical and negative in regards to the choices you’ve made, are they really friends worth having?

Selecting décor that is opposition to the colors or architecture of the venue is another error that is common.  Don’t fight it!  Go with it!  It will always look better if you chose a color scheme that works within the room’s existing décor.  If you don’t have the budget to drape the room completely and create a blank slate, you will always have a more harmonious design scheme if you complement the surroundings.

You will spend less of your budget if you are not trying to distract from or cover over the undesired elements of the room’s trappings.

Here in New York City we have many venues with incredible views.  If your venue has stunning skyline or river views, why distract your quests with overly complicated, tall centerpieces?

Generally, you’ve paid a pretty penny for the view!  Why take away from that?!  I would suggest doing a lower centerpiece so that your guests’ eyes go toward that stunning vista.  Perhaps it would be better to create a composite style of arrangement with multiple vases that echo the skyline your quests will be spend the evening admiring.

A little bit about Starbright Floral Design… Starbright is a full-service florist that offers a wide array of services to its clientele.  We are located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District (on 28th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue).  We serve the general public, our corporate clientele and the Manhattan Hospitality and Special Events Industry all from one central location. Delivery of Flowers, Plants and all types of gifts is available from our store at 150 West 28th Street, by phone at 800.520.8999 or by visiting our website at www.starflor.com.  We hope to see you soon!

Starbright Exclusives…

Our new designs are here! Introducing the Starbright Exclusives…

We invite you to visit our website at www.starflor.com and once on our site click on the giant “G” for gifts.  There is an entire section devoted to Starbright Exclusives.  (It is listed on the top left).  In this section you will see new, modern and unique gift ideas that were created at our own design table.

Apple Lime Ice

These gift selections are not part of a mass catalog that any FTD-type florist can recreate.  Rather they are bespoke and created with individuality and to your taste.  The Starbright Exclusives section is a line of floral gifts that is available in New York City (within our own delivery area) and in most major markets where  we have developed strong partnerships with florists that adhere  to the same principles of design and customer service that we do.  This is a group of stores that has developed a code of standards that exceeds the typical flowers by wire environment.  By placing your flower order with us, you know that your request is in great hands and your gift will always be delivered just as you requested. Click on THIS LINK to see all our unique designs.

What is even more  fun, is that as our designs are being rolled out we are giving our clients the opportunity to name the arrangements!  Every time we are about to add a design to our collection, we will post the photo on our Facebook page and we will ask our fans (over 1600 at the present moment) to submit their ideas of  what we should call each composition.  Names have been created like “Purpleberry Lady”, “Orchid Alleycat” and “Apple Lime Ice” and they have all come from our friends and fans.

Exotic orchids, amazing calla lillies, elegant presentations of spring flowers and the most modern presentations imaginable are all there.  Have a look at our collection (CLICK HERE) and have a look.  We hope you find the presentations to be both refreshing and an interesting alternative  to common flowers!

Starbright Floral Design is a leading floral organization in the New York Metropolitan Area with our studio located in the Historic Flower District on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  We have been honored by our audience as the most reviewed florist in New York City (consistently earning five stars), recognized by Citysearch and The Knot as the top florist in New York City for 2009 and 2010.

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations.  It is what we do!
Cheers, Nf

Find us online, give us a call (800.520.8999) or stop on by.  We would love to meet you!

Step-by-Step Flower Arranging…

So you went to the local bodega or your supermarket and bought some flowers!  Designing a vase of flowers that you can enjoy at home for over  a week is both rewarding and great therapy…  It can become a fun hobby and it is not that expensive!  In the photographs below you will be able to follow some simple steps to make your first flower arrangement.  Have fun!

Step One: Take a long and broad leaf and insert it on the interior wall of your vase. This will prevent the murkiness of the water from showing through to the outside of the vase. Add water to your vase. Fill to about an inch from the top. Round cylindrical vases work best for starters. Your vase can be short or tall. After a little bit of practice you can experiment with different shapes of vases.
STEP TWO: Make a grid on the top of your vase using adhesive clear tape. You will notice that there is a ring of tape on the outer rim of the vase. This is there to get the tape to stick to the sides of the vase. This grid is kind of like "cheating" as this is where you will be placing your flowers in a later step!
Step Three: Get different forms of greenery that you like (fern, lemon, pittosporum are all good for practice) and place your greens in the vase first. You are going to completely fill the vase (using the taped grids as your guide) to create a bed of greenery. This will be the base onto which your flowers will be placed in the next step.
Step Four: Constantly rotatae your vase and place the flowers you selected in equal distance and in symmetry to each other. As you do this, cut your stems to the height that you would want them (one by one). Remember that you can always cut more stem off! BUT you can never add stem back. Dont cut your flowers too much. The length of stem that you need is trial and error. Cut a little and then cut a little more!
Step Five: Find your empty spaces and fill them. As you rotate your vase (like a Lazy Suzan at a Chinese Restaurant!) you will find spots that you missed! Take the flowers or berries or stems that are not directly around the missing spot and fill with those in order to keep everyhting symmetrical.
Step Six: Enjoy! Voila!!!

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