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At Starbright Floral Design, we understand just how much a gorgeous bouquet of tenderly curated flowers can brighten someone’s day. That’s why we take great pride in being a part of incredible charitable events in New York City throughout the year. In the last week, we were fortunate to be invited to adorn two different spaces with that special Starbright magic and we wanted to share our floral vision with you!

Starbright Adorns the Parent-Child Home Program

Everyone at Starbright Floral Design was thrilled to lend a hand to help celebrate the Parent-Child Home Program’s annual Literacy Champions Gala at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City. The Parent-Child Home Program helps our communities in NYC by providing under-resourced families with the necessary skills and tools to help their children thrive in school and in life.

The event was organized to support the organization expand into more communities within New York City and Starbright happily donated flowers to adorn the space for the Parent-Child Home Program so that more funds could be raised without this outstanding non-profit incurring an expense for the décor.

Over 300 people were in attendance at this fantastic event and Starbright’s imaginative floral designers wanted to WOW every person. To do that, we wove white roses with snow colored hydrangea and calla lilies to create a stunning first impression at the step-and-repeat wall at the entrance to the event. The roses and hydrangea were used again to create low, lush centerpieces for the tables, which allowed for spirited conversations with the soft scent of beauty in the air.

Starbright's stunning arrangements welcomed everyone to the Parent-Child Home Program.
Starbright’s stunning arrangements welcomed everyone to the Parent-Child Home Program.

The Parent-Child Home Program helps underserved children in NYC be school-ready by having intensive home visits with them and bringing a weekly gift of books and educational materials. They do such incredible work for NYC and Starbright was delighted to play a part in ensuring a brighter future for our youth through our support and donation.

The lovely centerpieces echoed the floral compositions at the entrance.
The lovely centerpieces echoed the floral compositions at the entrance.

Starbright Sponsors the Drama League of New York’s Fundraiser

During the same week, the Drama League of New York invited us to be a sponsor for their Musical Celebration of Broadway Honoring David Hyde Pierce at the historical Plaza Hotel in NYC and we were elated to accept.

Since 1916, the Drama League of New York has been at the forefront of the American Theater community, as they provide talent, audience and prosperous support. As one of the nation’s oldest continuously-operating, not-for-profit arts advocacy and education organizations, Starbright was only too happy to contribute by donating fresh blooms for the Drama League to enliven the atmosphere for their event.

The sumptuous black-tie gala in New York City entertained 300 guests and raised over $765,000 — a fundraising record! All funds will support the educational training programs of The Drama League Directors Project and the dazzling flowers Starbright provided were taken home by the guests so they could continue to relish in the floral glory.

The lavish flowers celebrated the Drama League's spectacular evening.
The lavish flowers celebrated the Drama League’s spectacular evening.

Through its programs, initiatives and events, The Drama League serves over 3,000 artists and 15,000 audience members each season with over 150 events and programs in New York. It was a distinct honor to be invited to be part of their celebratory evening, and we look forward to many more lavish evenings with the Drama League of New York, where their talent blows us away and we hope, our flowers inspire them ever more.

The Language Of Flowers – Part 1

“I’ll Be The One Wearing A Red Carnation, Because I Find You Fascinating”: How Flowers Can Send Secret Messages


Flowers aren’t just beautiful blooms with pleasing scents – the variety of plants available has led to the use of flowers to send coded messages at many points throughout human history. The practice of sending flower messages is called floriography.  NYC flower lovers have been practicing floriography since before there was a flower market in NYC.  The messages may be seem subtle and cryptic but Valentine’s Day flowers in NYC by Starbright delivers the message loud and proud for all to see “I love you!”.

References to flower codes go back as far as the Ancient Greeks, but very little is known about what the codes actually were – chances are the codes were passed on orally, their meaning transferred from one illiterate message-sender to another by word of mouth. Romans, Egyptians and Persians also used flower-codes to send messages, but just like the Greeks we know little about the codes themselves.

The Victorian-era world was obsessed with flowers – and Victorian-era England was obsessed with the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire, in the early half of the 18th century, was going wild for tulips – and had started using tulips to send very complex notes, with colors standing in for words and arrangement standing in for grammar. As England’s interest in botany grew, so did interest in the more dramatic side of flower history.

Lady Mary Morley Montagu is the woman credited with bringing flower codes to the British court. From 1716-1718 Lady Mary lived in the Ottoman Empire with her husband Lord Edward Montagu, British ambassador to the Ottoman Court. She wrote wildly-detailed letters back home to friends in London, capturing Ottoman life with a deeply revealing lens. Her letters detailed many mysteries – bath houses, women’s rights and flower codes. The flower codes captured Georgian-Victorian era attentions – by 1809, Joseph Hammer-Pugstall’s Dictionnaire du Language des Fleurs would present the formal code used by nobles across Europe, driving further adoption (and further dictionaries!) There were literally hundreds of dictionaries about – we found one digitized on Let’s take a look inside for some ideas to personalize your Valentine’s Day floral gifts!

Flower power
Flowers in NYC from Starbright Floral Design

Calla Lily – Magnificent Beauty – It’s clear how these flowers got their symbolic meaning, they’re simply magnificent!

Yellow Tulips – Hopeless Love – These are the perfect gift for your partner-in-life – sometimes, “hopeless” can be a good thing. If these are for you check out Solar Flair.

Amaryllis – Pride, Timidity, Splendid Beauty – These are a great gift for someone who likes to grow flowers inside their New York City apartment. Uptown, downtown, East Side, West Side – these flowers will do great anywhere. Starbright offers these blooms in both arrangements and potted. Check out this post for tips on taking care of an amaryllis plant in NYC.

Red Roses – Pure and Lovely – Note that these meanings are typically intended for lovers…if you’re giving roses to a family member, according to this book, it’s best to go with white (which means “innocence”) or bouquet of mixed colors. No matter the color, size, or shape – roses in NYC are a Valentine’s Day favorite. Check out this post for a look at the value of roses through history.

Dwarf Sunflower – Adoration – They must’ve chosen this one because the lil’ guys are so adorable! These guys are available in summer and fall, but they’re such a favorite that we wanted to include them anyway.

Next week we’ll take a look at some of the floriography traditions from Asian cultures!


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In a Day’s Work

All in a day’s work at our flower emporium… We hope you like the photos!

The shoes were the centerpieces at this event!
Tropical Flowers Galore!
Bouquets of early autumn...

From time to time we keep a camera at our design table to bring you the latest photos of our work.  These are actual pictures of compositions as they come off our design table and we post them to give  you inspiration for the next gift you send, the next event you host or even for your wedding day.

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