Areca Palm – How to Take Care of your Areca Palm

Welcome to the first entry of our new series on  taking care of your plants.  So often we want to have  some live greenery in our homes and all to often we are intimidated by the care requirements that a plant may have.  How many times have we said to ourselves, I can’t have it because around me it will die? Or the classic: “I don’t have a green thumb”!  Some people (I am sure you have heard) play classical music to their plants, others talk to them!  While I will never dispute the benefits of talking to a plant, I can assure you that making sure that your plant is in an environment that it is comfortable in, is far more important than conversation or musical genre!

In this and all entries that follow, we will offer simple no-nonsense easy to understand instructions.  We should not be scared of the care that plants require  and in fact, they don’t require that much care.   Today we introduce you to the Areca Palm!

This Areca Palm plant is about seven feet tall - Brought to you by Starbright Floral Design

Areca palms can live indoors quite comfortably.  They are tropical plants and they would thrive in that type of climate.  Generally in a bright, sunny airy room that you are comfortable in (room temperature, with no extremes) they become well acclimated.  Here are some basic care instructions for your plant:

  • Select a sunny location.   It is best to have the plant near a Southern or Western facing window.
  • Water the plant about once every ten to fifteen days.  If the soil feels dry and granular on the top layer it is time to water your plant.
  • When you water your plant, pour the water in slowly so  that the moisture is absorbed by the soil, rather  than running through the plant.
  • Do not water your plant too often or too much.  Most plants do not like living in a moisture  infested swamp.
  • Too much standing water attracts bugs!
  • Feed about every one or two months with your choice of manufacturer’s indoor plant food.  Follow instructions on the bottle / box.
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.  Do not expose the plant to drafts by doors that open and close to the freezing cold or scorching heat.
  • Keep the plant away from  the direct influence of a radiator (it will dry the soil and make the foliage crisp).

Areca palms can be purchased from small table top plants (12 inches tall) to really tall floor plants that are over nine feet in height.  The average is between four and six feet.  If you have any questions on how to take care of your plant or on which plant is best for you, please feel free to reach out to me at  You may also visit our website at  You can also email us a photo of your Areca for more thoughts on how to take care of your plant and correct a certain situation.

Lastly, don’t forget that Areca Palms make great gifts for a home or an office.  In the right space it will live forever and you will be remembered every time the person receiving your gift looks at its luscious green fronds!

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