Happy Holidays To All….

May the warmth of the season touch everyone’s heart.  We wish to thank all our friends and clients for your incredible support throughout the year.  Without you, we would never have come this far since  1994 and certainly we would not have survived the unique challenges of 2009l

With all of our hearts we wish you lots of X’s,  O’s, Ooooh’s and Ahhhhh’s for the holiday season and every day ahead…

The Official Florist and the Starbright Team

A Day Trip to a Vineyard!

Spend the Day at a Vineyard!
Spend the Day at a Vineyard!

All of us at Starbright Floral Design are fans of the Three Tomatoes.  This is an amazing group of ladies that enthusiastically embraces all that life has to offer.   It is a “how to” a “guide” that makes everyone an expert at navigating New York City.  Take a moment and check out their website – http://www.thethreetomatoes.com/.  Check out Tomatoes In The Trenches!  My personal favorite.

Anyway – on the 11th of October the Three Tomatoes are going to Long Island’s North Fork for a day trip in the Vineyards.  Everyone will visit three fine vineyards, wine tastings, picnic lunches, jazz and a local farm stop!  It should be really cool! Cost is $85 and there is luxury bus transportation too.  There is a deadline to sign up, but you have to click here to find out the details.  Cheryl and gang are really great friends of mine and big supporters of Starbright.  I am passing on the word and I hope you are on the bus!  See you then!

Did you know that Starbright Floral Design has been voted the top florist in New York City?  Visit our website at www.starflor.com and learn more about the type of work that we do and the services that we provide.  Same day delivery of the freshest seasonal blooms is always available.  Give us a call at 800-520-8999 to find out more!  We look forward to being At Your Service.  Nic and the entire Starbright Team.

Handbags of Bamboo

I just wanted to share this website with everyone.  This is a friend that I have met through business.  Their company makes and distributes handbags made of bamboo.  Some of the designs are really cool and they are eco-friendly too!  Check them out – here is a link: