Our Very Own Tom S. in the Rose Bowl Parade!

This year, like every year, Tom S. (Creative Director at Starbright Floral Design) takes a two week sabbatical and goes home to California.  While there he works with the organizers of the Rose Bowl Parade and directs the floral decor of several floats.  This year he helped create three floats and two of the three won major awards!

Check out the photos that Tom shared with us of his great work!  We are so proud to have him on our team!  For many of our clients, Tom has directed their weddings, their corporate events and even retail displays throughout Manhattan.  Tom is an integral part of our organization, a graduate of Fordham University, one of our most commented team members on Citysearch and just a great human being.

All of us love Tom and we love working with him.  We hope you like his work as much as we do! Go Tom!

From The Official Florist!

Orchids from Holland are in Season!

Look at all these amazing colors that Cymbidium Orchids come in!

It is January and that means that orchids from Holland are back in season!  They are available in an amazing array of colors!  Selecting the colors you like is probably the hardest part!

Orchids make great gifts, modern stylish and striking floral compositions… They are also used for corsages, bridal bouquets, etc.  Give  us a call at 800.520.8999 or visit our website at http://www.starflor.com.  Ideas galore!

May the year that just started, be the best ever for everyone!

The Official Florist

A Simply Divine Wedding

The centerpieces at the reception...

Not all the centerpieces at the reception were tall...

The bride is walking down the aisle...

The centerpiece for the cocktail hour...

Tom, our Creative Director writes about a “simply divine” wedding that we decorated about a month ago…

“Several weeks ago, Starbright Floral Design participated in an an amazing event at the Brooklyn Museum.  It was a wedding that was simply divine.   It was an incredible experience  for all of us at Starbright and it provided us the opportunity to show just what we are capable of with creativity, teamwork and patience.  From cocktails to the ceremony to the elegant reception… the evening showcased florals that were simply out of this world.

What made the evening even better was seeing our clients’ joy and delight.  Not only were they relishing the overwhelming happiness of new marriage;  they were unbelievably pleased with our hard work.  That is what makes our jobs worthwhile.   Adding to what is already to what is already one of the happiest and most memorable days in a person’s life is a true and rare gift.”

To visit with Tom, or any one of our team members about your most magical wedding day or for any other event, please call us at 800-520-8999 or visit our website at www.starflor.com.  All of us at Starbright Floral Design will be thrilled to hear from you and to be of service in every possible way.

The Chuppah
For the ceremony...

Weddings! Destination NYC….


A Bouquet for a UK Bride...

At Starbright we are involved with many destination weddings for brides from all over the world.  It is amazing how many folks come to New York City for their special day… One such bride wrote us a note of thanks for our assistance on their wedding day.  Included with the note was the above photo of the bouquet we created and the note in part read:

Hello Nic, I am a month overdue on this but I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us on our very special and first visit to New York.  Arranging the flowers for my friend was such a joy and came with such ease and I must thank you for that.  You and your team greeted me with such professionalism.  The flowers were perfect and we could not have asked for more.  I’m not sure how often you get to see your creations in action so I thought I would share a couple of pics with you.

Thank you again for the great service!

Cheers, Dena


Whether you are coming to New York City for your wedding day, or if you are a native New Yorker, we will always look forward to hearing from you and assisting in every way possible…

For more information on our organization visit our website or give us a call at 800.520.8999.  You can always send an email directly to me as well…at nic@starflor.com.

With my warmest regards,


Nic (The Official Florist)



The USS New York (LPD 21) is Comming!

USS-NYOn the 5th of November we are proudly involved in the making of history at New York Harbor.

The USS New York is coming to town and is being commissioned on the West Side of Manhattan.  The newest ship of the United States Navy has its bow stern made of over seven tons of steel from the World Trade Center.  For all of us at Starbright Floral Design it is a very special moment.  We will see the the ship rise and sail the waters of the world from what once was.

This is a special time for all of us At Starbright.  On the 12th of September in 2001 we were at the Red Cross Relief Center in Lower Manhattan and we helped provide comfort to all the volunteers who worked at Ground Zero from the very first day.  Our work there ended during the December holiday season when we decorated all of the areas that were affected.  Together with the Port Authority we did everything we possibly could to bring seasonal spirit and joy early on.

We witnessed the steel leaving the site knowing that it was going far away and never to be seen again.  Now almost a decade  later,  the memory has come full circle and we are all very proud of what has become now of what was then.  Starbright Floral Design has been designated an official “Friend” of the USS New York Commissioning Committee and we will be providing the decor (balloons, flowers) for the festivities that will be taking place at the top floor of Seven World Trade on the 5th of November.

There are many interesting, fun and historical events that are taking place over a ten day period in New York City.  We highly recommend that you join the fun and be a part of this history making event.

To learn more about the USS New York and the calendar of events surrounding the commissioning of the ship, please visit the website at www.ussny.org.  It is really interesting.

To order great flowers, or to learn more about Starbright Floral Design, well we have a website too! www.starflor.com

Fall Has Arrived!

The colors of the fall season are  here and autumn is in full swing!  It will not be long before the season changes to winter and the terracotta tones, the browns, the rusts, the twigs and the amber colors are all gone for 2009… Enjoy them while they are here!

This year year’s favorite fall accent color? Green.  The above photos were provided to a client for an autumnal photo shoot and we are  sharing them with you too… Enjoy the season, get out, go to the country, see the leaves change color, find a hay ride somewhere, pick a pumpkin, be a kid again and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

Happy Fall!

Nic and the Entire Starbright Team…

A little bit about Starbright.  We are a corporate and retail florist based in New York City.  Since 1994 we have been delivering flowers, gifts and floral decor all over the world.  To learn more about our organization, please visit our website.  CLICK HERE or give us a call at 800.520.8999.  We would love to hear from you!

TWO WEEKS UNTIL “Bride on Buck”!

Meet Giovani Ravello!
Meet Giovani Ravello!

In two weeks HOUSING WORKS is hosting an amazing sale of Bridal Proportions!

Bride on a Buck Wedding Dress Sale and Vendor Extravaganza returns on Wednesday, October 21!   $300,000 worth of deeply discounted designer wedding dresses and other bridal goodies are on sale! The list includes dresses from:

Giovanni Ravello
Peter Langner (valued at $7,300)
Monique Lhuillier (valued at $6,200)
Ulla Maier (valued at $4,900)
Jenny Yoo Collections (30-plus gowns)
…and veils valued at $1,000 slashed to $250.

Through it all the best part is that the event is sponsored to support an amazing cause!

ABOUT HOUSING WORKS: Housing Works is the largest community-based AIDS service organization in the United States, as well as the nation’s largest minority-controlled AIDS service organization. Since 1990, we have provided lifesaving services to more than 20,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. For more information visit www.housingworks.org

All of us at Starbright Floral Design are proud to be sponsoring this event.  Come on over! Check out the fashions, enjoy your favorite beverage and meet everyone! Starbright design consultants will be on hand.  We would love to see you there…

Click on the photograph above to get more information on the event.

About Starbright Floral Design – we are one of New York City’s premier florists and floral design organizations.  We can deliver your gift of flowers, balloon or gourmet goodies anywhere anytime and on very short notice.  We would love to hear from you!  Visit our website at www.starflor.com or give us a call at 800.520.8999.

See you soon!  AND DON’T FORGET TO BUY A WEDDING DRESS (even if you don’t need one! It is for a great cause!)…

Nic (The Official Florist)

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations

This was a gala event on the last evening of a conference for Enterprise (Rent-a-Car)
A gala event on the last evening of a conference for Enterprise (Rent-a-Car) at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

So you want flowers for your event but are not sure of what to do? Are you looking for a place to start? Are you trying to find a way to simplify the process?  Perhaps a checklist?

Give us a call! That is the easy answer.  We will be more than happy to help…. But until you do, here are a few things that you need to consider –

Is this a corporate function or perhaps a social one (like a wedding or a family gathering)?

How do you plan on using flowers?

Will there be entryway décor? Is there a stage that should be accented with plants, or maybe a display in front of the podium?  How about the tables? Will there be centerpieces with florals?

A good place to start is your budget.  Once you set it, you should be flexible enough to be able to adjust for a concept that “WOW’s” you but rigid enough to be able to stick to your principles.  If you do not, the organization of your event will deteriorate (fall apart).

What is the most important floral element that you must include?  In some instances it is the stage because that is where the attention needs to be drawn.  The stage can be a focal point.

Other events that we have been involved with give greater attention to the entryway décor.  The “front of the house” is the first thing your guests will see.  It sets the mood, gives momentum to the evening.

The easy answer is to focus on the table centerpieces – simply because there are so many of them and everyone sees them throughout the entire evening.  Centerpieces can be memorable and often times are an item that everyone desires to take home as a memento.

Is there a theme to the event? Perhaps you are organizing a “casino night” theme.  The décor will be completely different than if we are planning a luau-type event.  The floral décor should always play into the theme, NEVER detract from it and should always be supporting of the theme NOT overpowering it.  You should also consider the fact that your guests should “get it”.  They should look at your décor and understand that they are at a beach party and not a Broadway-type “Great White Way” event.  All of this takes thought and planning.

You should pay attention to elements like your linen, your china, your chairs, chair cushions or covers with ties.  All of this should compliment and either make the event more formal or more casual and always on point.

The venue plays a big part of your theme too.  Many of our events are in the middle of the Hudson River on yachts like World Yacht or Spirit Cruises that sail the waters around New York City.  Our advice to our clients is ALWAYS that on a venue like that, the greatest décor that is going for the event is the skyline of Manhattan and its twinkling lights.  Do not diminish this and besides it is FREE décor!  Flowers on such a venue should be an accent thought and not designed to keep you away from looking out the window!

Give us a call or stop by our store.  We will always be happy to visit with you and answer any questions that you have.  We will be thrilled to lend our expertise at any capacity.

Flowers are our passion.  Events are the highlight of everything Starbright!

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