Pantone Announces the 2017 Color of the Year!

With the fresh start of 2017, everyone at Starbright is thrilled with the new color of the year from Pantone called Greenery. And as (we hope!) your favorite florists in NYC, of course we would adore this color. A refreshing combination of greens and yellows, Greenery represents the optimism and all that is possible in 2017.

Greenery is the color of the season!
Greenery is the color of the season!


According to Pantone, Greenery is supposed to symbolize new beginnings, and in the spirit of Greenery, our floral crafters wanted to make that a reality for New York City. One of the ways that we’re doing that is by creating sumptuous flower bouquets in our Emerald Isle collection that incorporate Greenery into the mix. Of course, there is a bit of greenery to go with the Greenery!

Hydrangea in Greenery is a perfect foil for pops of orchids.
Hydrangea in Greenery is a perfect foil for pops of orchids.

Our lush Highlander floral composition is one example of how we’re bringing Greenery to Manhattan. An abundance of greens allows the different textures and hues of the flowers that are incorporated in the composition to take center stage, which will make a tremendous statement in a home of office in NYC. The grounding rocks at the base of the vase provide an unexpected richness and the surprising pop of white and burgundy orchids perfectly complements the beautiful Greenery.

Pantone notes that Greenery is evocative of the zesty, fresh breath of spring air and Starbright’s New York City florists adore this notion. Everyone at Starbright in NYC wanted to honor that spirit of vigor and peace by blending verdant Greenery with soothing, snowy whites. Starbright’s Calla River of Hope united these ideas of meditative zen in a crystal clear square vase, with the inspiration leaping outside the box! Our calla lilies rest peacefully alongside one edge, while lively blades of grass perk up the other side of the vase. Softening river stones at the base of the composition creates a beautiful foundation for all of this magic to spring from.

Calla lilies and blades of grass are combined to brilliant effect.
Calla lilies and blades of grass are combined to brilliant effect.


One of our favorite things at Starbright is how flowers can be designed to create so many different sentiments in NYC. Being true to the Greenery theme encouraged Starbright designers to dream of new and fascinating creations for our beloved New York City clients.

One of the ways we honored the Pantone color of the year of Greenery was by featuring green cymbium orchids to stand by themselves in our Zensational creation. Generally mixed into other compositions, the Greenery theme encouraged Starbright floral designers to consider color in a new light and use this terrific orchid in an exciting way. The green cymbium orchid is a proud and elegant flower that, on its own, is quite striking and dramatic. Everyone at Starbright was thrilled to have this beauty shine for others to admire.

Green cymbium orchid blooms create a sensational statement.
Green cymbium orchid blooms create a sensational statement.


As 2017 starts off with great excitement in New York City, we hope you fill your life with blooms that will make everyone smile. Greenery is the perfect color to usher in this new year and we would love to brighten your home and office with this color, and many more!

Starbright Floral Design has been spreading beauty through blossoms in New York City and beyond for over two decades. It is our honor and delight to thrill you with breathtaking floral compositions each and everytime.

As a full-service florist with a sweeping emporium located in Chelsea, you’ll find that Starbright is overflowing with fresh flowers, orchids, plants and so much more.

We understand that sometimes the only way to convey your thoughts and wishes is through flowers, so we offer same-day delivery in Manhattan, all of New York City and beyond.

Our floral designers and innovators are some of the best in the business. Starbright is honored to have earned the nickname “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” by over 200 concierges throughout NYC. We love to live up to that sobriquet by always going above and beyond for our friends and clients by ensuring that each floral bouquet is a magnificent creation.

We would be delighted if you visited us online or in our store and would love to make your floral dreams come true!

Warm regards from all of us at Starbright, “The Official Florist of the City That Never Sleeps”.

Flowers, Festivals and Celebrations – It is what we do!

Starbright Floral Design

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