Starbright Visits Columbia University for Nuestra Magia

Everyone at Starbright wanted to bring a bit of beauty to your day and thought the best way was to share with you where our flowers have been and where we’ll be, in our gorgeous hometown of New York City.

We are very excited to be sharing our flowers in bloom with Bloomingdale’s at 6 59th Street in NYC for a floral arranging class! Limited to 45 attendees, a Starbright designer will lead the intimate gathering on November 19th at 1pm in the Housewares Department.

Meet us at Bloomingdale's for a fantastic flower arranging adventure!
Meet us at Bloomingdale’s for a fantastic flower arranging adventure!

The focus of the afternoon will be on how to flawlessly arrange flowers in a vase, with beauty, elegance and pizzazz. We’ll share tips and tricks on creating a floral bouquet that will take your breath away. A $25 reservation fee for the class will be created towards any purchase in the Homes section – and of course, the stunning floral composition that you create will also be going home with you. We hope to see you there and that this will be the first of much collaboration with Bloomingdale’s!

Two weeks ago, Starbright Floral Design had the distinct honor of being invited to adorn Columbia University for the Latinx Heritage Month Showcase of Nuestra Latina in New York City. Heralded as a groundbreaking platform for students of Columbia and Barnard to reflect on the issues faced by the Latinx community, the Showcase was also open to members of the public and very well attended.

The students put together an incredible event that featured music, dance and poetry, which was evocative of the diversity that the Latinx community cherishes in NYC and beyond. Starbright was thrilled to be part of this magical evening and provided the fresh flowers and lush plants to create a tropical oasis in the midst of Manhattan.

Our brilliant floral composers at Starbright sourced moss colored hydrangea to be the base of the bouquets for Nuestra Latina, so that our rich golden orchids, touched with a hint of tiger-print petals, could be the standout feature of the flowers to catch everyone’s eye.

Starbright's flowers created a lush, tropical oasis.
Starbright’s flowers created a lush, tropical oasis.

We were also delighted to weave Pin Cushion Protea and Anthurium together to create a tropical atmosphere for the programs of the Latinx Heritage Month to gently rest upon. Starbright’s floral designers knew that this combination of flowers would evoke the festive ambiance while letting the graphics created by the students be the focus.

Our festive floral compositions provided a gorgeous ambiance at Columbia.
Our festive floral compositions provided a gorgeous ambiance at Columbia.

Starbright wanted to make sure the entire venue was filled with the Latinx ambiance so we positioned two verdant  Areca Palm trees on the stage. Since palm trees are indigenous to many of the same countries that were being celebrated that evening, we thought it was only fitting include those towering palm trees to help the evening feel more reminiscent of the cultures being celebrated.

Starbright's stunning palms complimented the Latinx culture being celebrated.
Starbright’s stunning palms complimented the Latinx culture being celebrated.

Between the flowers and the plants that Starbright happily provided for the students at Columbia, the performers were encased in the spirit of the evening. Later, they told us that our involvement with their event made their night feel like the celebratory success that it was and we couldn’t be happier to have been part of such an enchanted evening.

One of the traditions that we hold most dear at Starbright is being a good friend and neighbor to everyone in New York City. We were elated to be at this event at Columbia University and to be a part of the fabric of this amazing institution and all of the events that we eagerly participate in year round.

Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

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