Starbright Prepares For 21st Valentine’s Day in NYC!

We’re up to our noses in flowers!

Flower Power
Emilio in the cooler at Starbright Floral Design


There’s no shortage of Romance in NYC this week! With Valentine’s Day 2015 just around the corner, New York City is abuzz with a Valentine’s Day glow that can just give you goose-bumps. The romance is so heavy in the air it’s practically steaming, just like the vapors of the Nuts’4’Nuts cart. Strolling through New York City you can almost hear St.Valentine himself, banging on the lid of a taxi as he crosses 6th avenue, yelling “I’m walking here!” as he scopes out another love-lorn hopeful with his old buddy Cupid. Whether you’ve got a special someone, several special someones, or several special cats there’s only good things about February 14th. There’s no end of things to do in the city – you can take in a Broadway show, go eat a romantically-lit dinner from anywhere in the world or see some hot jazz in a cool club.

If you’re in the mood to cheer on another couple’s real life love-story head over to Times Square. Nine happy couples will be getting married there this Saturday in front of the Times Square Valentine Heart Design winner, “Heartbeat,” by Brooklyn-based outfit Stereotank. This interactive beating-heart drum reacts to sound and movement and it’s pretty impressive (check it out on Bustler here).

Here at Starbright Floral Design, we’re pretty obsessed with Valentine’s Day too. It’s a great time in the shop; the floral coolers are full, most of the staff is smiling on-site and energy levels are high. To kick off the season right, the Starbright designers each created custom heart-shaped arrangements for our V-Day 2015 Heart Collection. These unique arrangements all represent the personalized style of our design team and pack a whole bunch of extra love. We’re also excited to be creating arrangements from the “helpfully” romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers Collection.


Every Valentine’s day serves up it’s own set of unique challenges. Last year, despite a foot of snow, Starbright was able to send out over 2,000 orders for Valentine’s Day. So how did we manage?

Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day


It all starts in the back. After unpacking, washing and shelving A LOT of vases, the guys begin adding greens for storage.


Greening Vases
Greening Vases

Vases aren’t the only thing getting prepared. Antonio works on planting orchids for clients looking for something that will looking for a lasting gift. Orchids are great for brightening up apartments or office spaces and they are pretty easy to take care of – here’s some tips for taking care of an orchid plant.

Orchid Preperation
Antonio preps an orchid for planting.

We have a couple first-timers at Starbright this Valentine’s Day. Emilia, one of Starbright’s designers, is excited for the days ahead.

Valentine's Day Smiles
Nothing to worry about here – Emilia is ready for the big day!

Byron checks some details in Starbright’s large catalogue of styles.

Byron checks an order at the front desk

Did we mention that Byron made the arrangements for the front table?

Lord Byron's Flowers
Pretty, huh?

To make sure you get the most from your Valentine’s Day flowers, check out this post for taking care of cut flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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Looking for flowers in New York City? Visit our Event Gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily selection at


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