The Starbright Team – Barbara


We spent some time recently getting to know the office staff of Starbright NYC. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a special office member who also holds it down on the design table – Barbara:

How many years have you been working at Starbright? Can you mention something about when you started? 

[Barbara Mele] I’ve been here since 2009, so five years. I started as a freelancer, to assist with one of Starbright’s biggest and most beautiful weddings ever. It was at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

What is you position at Starbright? 

[Barbara Mele] Design and Events Manager


If you take sales calls, what is your favorite advice to give the undecided client looking for a (1) romantic arrangement or (2) something to give to a guy or (3) in general.

[Barbara Mele] 1) People have varying ideas of “romantic”- it isn’t always red roses! So it is good to discuss a little bit what kind of romantic they have in mind. Classic? Modern? Soft? Then use those descriptives to shape the design and what varieties are involved. 2) For guys, you can not go wrong with primary colors. You don’t necessarily have to use red, blue AND yellow- it can be only two of those- but try to break up red and yellow with some green or orange, so it doesn’t look ketchup and mustard. 3) Even the most indecisive client has an idea of what they want, you just have to help them find it. A designer can take her cues by asking about the recipient or sender’s favorite color, flower, season, holiday, adjective, place to visit…there are so many sources of inspiration!


What’s your favorite flower? color?

 [Barbara Mele] I have many, many favorites. A long time favorite has been lily of the valley. My favorite color is Orange.


What’s your favorite floral style?

[Barbara Mele] Gardeny, wild.


Name one thing you love about working at Starbright. 

[Barbara Mele] It is definitely a family here.


What languages are you able to speak with clients?

 [Barbara Mele] English and Spanish, a very few words of Greek, haha.



Coffee or Tea?

[Barbara Mele] Coffee unless I’m sick, then tea. In winter, I drink tons of both.


Go to the theater or a movie?

[Barbara Mele] I love the theatre, but don’t often have a chance, or am able, to drag someone to go with me. So, movies.


Sesame seeds or poppy seeds?

[Barbara Mele] Why not both?


Pop or Soda?

[Barbara Mele] Neither. Seltzer! : ) 


Thanks Barbara!

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