Saying Thanks with Flowers

“Visits always give pleasure–if not the arrival, the departure.”
Portuguese Proverb


There’s lots of guides out there for our Holiday hosts and hostesses. We’ve been doing our research – there is a blog for everything. From cooking to cleaning, seating arrangements to after dinner activities for the kids…these guys have their work cut out for them.


To show our appreciation for all that hard work, and food, Starbright Floral decided to put some brain time into how to best show our appreciation with flowers.

Contained arrangements are great  host/hostess gifts, they allow for a quick pass-off and beauty...even days after you've gone!
Contained arrangements are great host/hostess gifts, they allow for a quick pass-off and beauty…even days after you’ve gone!

Saying Thanks with Flowers

The Problem : A bouquet looks best when unwrapped and ready to be admired. There’s nothing better than surprising a friend with flowers, seeing their face light up. But during the holiday’s, handing your host/hostess a handful of flowers, though sure to be appreciated, may cause inconvenience. 

The Solution : During the Holidays, it’s important to consider the timing and the recipient of your show of gratitude. Starbright Floral recommends these three alternatives that will surely go over with even the most harried host. 

Option 1 – Consider calling your host/hostess in advance of the party and voicing your interest in arranging flowers to show your gratitude. It is polite to inquire about preferred colors and a convenient time for delivery on the day of the party.

Option 2 – Arrive with an arrangement, unwrapped and in a vase. This is a great way to keep fuss time minimal for the recipient.

Option 3 – Sometimes the very best way to show your thanks is after the fact. Sending flowers the day after an event is perhaps the best way to treat the host/hostess. 

Tips and Tricks to getting it right.

1. Know your colors

Be aware of your host or hostess’s cultural traditions. Red and green arrangements are lovely, but they may get a funny look at a Chanukah party.  

2. Keep it odd

No, not the arrangement itself – the number of flowers. In the US, a dozen flowers, especially roses, will receive a warm welcome. But if your host/hostess is from elsewhere, an even number of flowers may be considered bad luck. For this reason, an odd number of flowers is generally considered best. Just avoid a bouquet of 13 flowers…many people all over the world consider 13 an unlucky number.

3. Be An Equal Opportunity Giver

Men and women alike appreciate flowers! No matter who is receiving the flowers, the trick to getting it right is to consider their personal tastes. If you’re giving flowers in advance of an occasion, consider their home and occasion theme. If you are sending flowers after the occasion, think about colors you’ve seen that person use. Is there phone case blue? Do they carry an orange wallet? These helpful details are useful guides for color selection.

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