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We figured it was time to let you get to know some of the people who work in our office, manning the phones and making sure the flowers get where they’re going. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Constantine:




How many years have you been working at Starbright? Can you mention something about when you started?

I’ve been here at Starbright for quite a while actually. I started working here in the winter of 2005, so we are approaching the 10 year mark. When I started here, we were downstairs at ground level and had a different feel entirely. Being here my whole adult life, I’ve seen this company grow as well. The company has expanded leaps and bounds, and in that time I’ve grown as well … both personally and professionally.

What is your position at Starbright?

My title at Starbright is Director of Accounting. I handle all the administrative aspects of the company and work hand in hand with both Nic and Stephen on various aspects within the company.

 What’s your favorite flower? color?

I would say my favorite color is Lime Green. A nice deep Blue is a close second but I think the Lime takes the cake. As far as a favorite flower goes I am a big fan of Cymbidium Orchids and Chocolate Cosmos (not placed together, but beautiful in their own right)

What’s your favorite floral style?

I love a modern design style in a floral arrangement. Very clean, very simple and very elegant. I am a big art lover, and usually my preference is usually the older the better (Old Master, etc.) but when it comes to a floral arrangement I am on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

Name one thing you love about working at Starbright.

It’s like a giant family here. Everyone is so nice and has their own unique thing they bring to the table. As far as a boss goes you couldn’t do better than Nic. Not only has he been a mentor to me, he has been a father figure as well and completely taken me under his wing. Stephen is like a brother to me, also being one of my closest friends outside of the workplace. It’s nice to come to work every day and be able to see one of your best friends.

What languages do you speak?

Besides English, my Greek is horrible (definitely one of my goals is to brush up on it, would absolutely make my family happy) and I have a basic Spanish (whatever I remember from Middle and High School).



Wear jeans or chinos?

Mostly Jeans, but I can definitely say I have a few pairs of chinos in the wardrobe as well. So I don’t think I can take a side.

Go to the theater or a movie?

Movies definitely! Was a film major in college, so I like to think I have a good understanding when it comes to the silver screen.

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds?

Just like Elaine from Seinfeld … totally on Team Poppy Seed.

Pop or soda?

Soda … I guess I am a snooty New Yorker, whenever I hear it referred to as pop it makes my skin crawl a little.


Thanks Constantine! 


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