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There are many style of arranging flowers, but at Starbright Floral Design Ikebana is one of our favorites. Recognized for it’s emphasis on line, form, and shape, Ikebana arrangements often focus on stems, leaves, and twigs as often as flowers. Minimalist in nature, Ikebana arrangements are based on a scalene triangle, with three prominent points, generally two of which are twigs. Within these parameters, a world of creative expressions are possible.

Ikebana Lily Pad
Ikebana Lily Pad From STarbright Floral Design.

First practiced among Japanese Buddhist monks, and appreciated only by the imperial family and their retainers, Ikebana reached the people by the late 15th century. In the early stages, Ikebana was very simple, featuring a small number of flowers and evergreen branches. Books were written about the style and it was commonly featured in traditionally festivals and exhibitions.

Ikebana Pillar of Destiny
Ikebana Pillar of Destiny

In the 20th century, the three main schools of Ikebana, Rikka, Nageire, and Seika evolved into what is commonly known in Japan as Free Style. Other schools rose as well. Ikebana International shares,

“Koshu Tsujii, a follower of the new moribana, was invited to re-establish a flower school in the Daikakuji Temple in Saga, which still today operates his school as the Saga School. Besides ikebana, the Saga School teaches other Japanese arts such as calligraphy. Choka Adachi initiated an “Adachi Style”, using the moribana form “to arrange flowers like flowers.

At about the same time, another style which translates as the “literati style” began to attract interest because of its free and colorful approach. Originated by Issotei Nishikawa, it led the way to free creative arrangements.

The chief exponent of this free style was Sofu Teshigahara, who founded the Sogetsu School in 1926. Others in this modern movement — which resulted in ikebana being placed elsewhere than only in the tokonoma — included the founder of the Ichiyo School.

The three schools that predominate at the present time are Ikenobo, Ohara, and Sogetsu, but more than two thousand different schools of ikebana are registered with the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Ikebana Aquascape
Ikebana Aquascape

When you receive an Ikebana arrangement, take a moment to pause and contemplate the beauty of nature. These arrangements are meant to remind us that there is wonder in the world around us.

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