Spring Flowers


No more excuses. Pack away you’re wool sweaters and boots. Spring has shaken off it’s last chill and flowers are filling the air with sweet smells and spots of color. From the blossoming trees, to the planters on the street, and in the 1,700(+) parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities in New York City, Spring has sprung.


And ok, we know we’re all busy, but by now, hopefully, we’ve all remembered that Sunday, May 11th, is Mother’s Day. The weather report – sunny with a high of 77 degrees – makes it perfect weather to get outside. One of the things we’re excited about is seeing native flora as it grows in the “wild” of the parks scattered across the boroughs.  We used NYC Parks Bloom Guide to see what’s in bloom where. For May, the list includes locations to see a variety of blossoming trees, hyacinths, tulips, and crocuses. They’re oh-so beautiful after such a long and cold winter.  And part of that beauty is in that they exist in public spaces.


We have your back. It’s looking like an amped up garden over here at Starbright Floral Design. Each week is bringing exciting new shapes and colors; the cooler is smelling especially sweet. To celebrate the season and our mother’s who taught us so much we’d like to share a few of the photos from our new category – Flower Files (a floral information reference).


Lily of the valley
Lily of the valley
Sweet peas
Sweet peas
Hyacinth on the Starbright design table


If you’d like more information about each of these flowers and more, check out our Flower Files pages for weekly additions to our growing floral encyclopedia. Have a flower you’d like us to add? we encourage requests!


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Looking for flowers in New York City? Visit our Event Gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily selection at Starbrightnyc.com.



Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

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