Nice to meet you!

New York is full of opportunities and possibilities.  It rewards the curious, embraces the eccentric and teases the complacent.   With an open mind anything is possible.

I first wandered into Starbright Floral Design back in 2007, while I was a student at the nearby Fashion Institute of Technology.   That spring, I spent hours every week walking New York’s one block flower district on 28th street.  I loved the sights of the bright blossoms against the cold concrete, I loved the smell of the dirt popping up in midtown, I loved the sounds of the delivery men yelling across the street while the 1 train rumbled under my feet.  My New York dream was literally a concrete jungle.

After FIT, I did what one does with a fashion degree – I became a designer.  I did a couple seasons at Bryant Park and Lincoln Center, and realized the people who looked the happiest were the ones in charge of the flowers.  I decided to try my hand at getting into the flower biz.  The thing about working in New York City is that if you can back it up you can work wherever you want.  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than to return to the stomping grounds of my college years.

And a couple months later – here I am at a desk in the Starbright Floral Design office.  Thanks to Nic Faitos, the founder and senior partner here at Starbright, I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the experts.

Nic has given me permission to post about all of the knowledge I’m picking up on my journey to floral fluency.  A few times a week I’ll be sharing what we’re getting up to here at the shop and what I’m learning on the job.

The design table at Starbright Floral Design -look at all those beautiful fuchsia and white orchids!


Along with the blog, I’m also blowing off the dust on our Instagram – StarbrightNYC – so you all can get an in process look at what goes on here at the shop.  For finished examples of our work, visit our Pinterest at StarbrightFD.  And while you’re at it – ‘like’ our Starbright Floral Design page on Facebook.

Make sure to bookmark (ahem ctrl-d ahem) and add us to your feed readers.  We’re looking forward to letting you in on what we do – if there’s anything special you’d like to know about, leave a comment below or email me at (coming soon!)

See you all in a couple days!


Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

We are a team of dedicated professionals all entering as one. Starbright Floral Design is the company we are all a part of. The Official Florist sometimes is a designer, or a flower buyer, a partner, the marketing department or sometimes the guy who delivered your flowers! We invite you to visit our website and stay in touch...

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