Flower Power: Making My Job As A NYC Floral Designer A Labor Of Love

I tell all my wedding floral clients time and again that I am honored to be a part of their big day.  It’s likely that they get sick of hearing me repeat it!  However, I am truly being honest.  I find it to be a privilege to work with people on what is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives.  Customers often tell me how much they envy my job and the fact that I am constantly surrounded by beautiful botanicals.  My standard response usually involves complaining about my sore feet, dirty clothes and dry, cracked hands.  In my heart, I know they are right to be envious…  I am a lucky guy.

                When a bride sees her bridal bouquet for the first time, and all the months of planning and coordinating the flowers comes to fruition, I take pride in my role.  Sometimes tears, usually a hug and always gratitude are the rewards for my labor.  A bridal bouquet is a painstaking creation that often involves wiring and taping individual blooms.  It is the most personal and the most photographed element of the all the wedding flowers.  Each bride chooses the flowers for her bouquet carefully and most have given it a lot of thought.  Many brides tell me that they have dreamed of carrying a specific bloom.  I get to make their dreams come true!  How cool is that! 

                Romance and flowers go hand in hand.  Floral designers constantly get to play cupid.  Last Valentine’s Day, Starbright made over a thousand deliveries throughout the city.  That is a lot of love being distributed!  As a designer, I literally create a manifest and tangible representation of a person’s love for another.  Not only can I help a person with the art of seduction but I can help smooth over a lover’s spat or even aide in the celebration of a new life!  Whether it’s an engagement, birth, graduation, promotion, or retirement, flowers are always welcome.  The truth is, when people are at their happiest, flowers are often on hand. 

 I could go on and on about the joy flowers bring to world.  The colors, the fragrance, the shapes and the textures offer me inspiration and provide our customers with a gift that can help change the course of their days and sometimes lives.  My job is to make people happy using delicate, unique and perishable materials.  The art I am responsible for creating ultimately ends up in the compost heap!  That’s what makes flowers special.  Flowers don’t last forever; they are fleeting.  However, the joy the flowers bring is lasting and the gratitude I receive is palpable.  I truly spend my days doing what I love and that for which I have a passion.  Jealous?  You should be.  

This scribe is brought to you by Tom Sebenius.  Tom is Starbright Floral Design’s Creative Director and has been a part of the Starbright team for most of the modern history of our company. Tom has made countless brides happy with his wedding flower designs in NYC and beyond. Tom is our most published contributor to floral industry publications and probably the most reviewed floral stylist on all the major online review sites.  We consistently earn five-star reviews on the likes of Citysearch mainly through Tom’s insistence on quality and attention to detail.  A proud member of our team and a true artist. 

Starbright Floral Design is located in the heart of New York City’s Historic Flower District.  Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Manhattan and throughout New York City have been creatively designed by Starbright since our inception in 1994.  We are privileged to be the florist of choice for many NYC wedding venues for their wedding flower arrangements and wedding floral décor.

 To learn more about our organization and the work that we do, we would like to invite you to visit our website at www.starflor.com or you may call us at 800.520.8999.  Either way, we will be thrilled to hear from you and to be of service.

Wishing you a wonderful  day!

Starbright Floral Design

The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps.

website: starflor.com

to order flowers: starbrightnyc.com

by phone: 800.520.8999

150 West 28th Street, Studio 201, New York City –

Author: Starbright Floral Design of NYC

We are a team of dedicated professionals all entering as one. Starbright Floral Design is the company we are all a part of. The Official Florist sometimes is a designer, or a flower buyer, a partner, the marketing department or sometimes the guy who delivered your flowers! We invite you to visit our website and stay in touch... www.starbrightnyc.com.

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