Should baseball ban players from wearing Jasmine flower wreaths?

Every now and again we like to present the fun side of flowers and to inject a bit of humor into our scribes.  The last time we did this, we brought you the genetically engineered Pearl Rose on April Fool’s Day 2011.  See entry here.  There are many baseball fans at Starbright and many teams are represented here.  The New York Yankees take center stage.  Our very own Ted Dee has some thoughts about baseball and how flowers can enhance performance  and the game.  Read on!

Major league baseball has been battling an image problem for years.  The problem stems from steroid use by players seeking to get an unfair edge over their peers.  The public’s outrage over what were perceived to be cheaters was real.  Players were heroes one day and villains the next.  Major League Baseball reacted (a little too slowly) to the problem by implementing a drug testing policy.  Baseball claims its policies are designed to create an even playing field bringing the game back to its pure days.  The federal government jumped on this hot button issue and have spent millions of dollars trying to prosecute Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds.  Steroids have been proven to increase strength and speed.  However, their effect on hand-eye coordination is believed to be negligible.  If Major League Baseball’s goal is to level the playing field and allow us to fairly compare today’s players to our heroes of yesteryear, then shouldn’t they ban substances proven to enhance a person’s hand/eye coordination?

Baseball players are always looking for an edge over their rivals.  Thus the growth of the silly nylon wrapped titanium necklaces worn by many of the Boston Red Sox players.  Those necklaces have not shown any benefits other than a placebo like psychological boost.  Yet, Major League Baseball spent millions in deciding whether a ban should be proposed.

It is undeniable, based on numerous studies, that flower scents have a real and quantifiable effect on the people smelling them.  Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, has conducted numerous studies of the effect of various flowers scents on humans.  According to Dr. Hirsch, “Jasmine’s scent triggers beta waves in the front of the head…” and thereby increasing hand/eye coordination.  The scent of Jasmine has been proven to enhance athletic performance in sports requiring concentration and hand/eye coordination.  As a baseball fan eager to avoid another black eye on the face of the game’s legacy I urge the league to be proactive.  Waiting until a player dripping in Jasmine oil hits 100 home runs is too late.  Thus far, my warnings have fallen upon deaf ears at the commissioner’s office.  I hope something is done soon.  However, until something is done I will continue to send a bushel of Jasmine flower branches to the NY Yankees weekly.

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3 thoughts on “Should baseball ban players from wearing Jasmine flower wreaths?”

  1. i fell for the pearl roses…i will proceed with caution on the positive effects of jasmine. have a great day…and make every second count

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